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Cartagena 5 day bootcamp on Meeting Architecture general presentation


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Cartagena 5 day bootcamp on Meeting Architecture general presentation

  1. 1. Mee#ng  Architecture     5-­‐day  boot  camp  
  2. 2. Welcome       introduc#on  of  the  boot  camp   Bienvenidos  
  3. 3. Who  we  are     and  what  we  do  
  4. 4. Who  we  are   Maarten  Vanneste     President  Mee4ng  Design  Ins4tute   Founder  and  CEO  of     ABBIT  Mee4ng  Innovators     Belgium   Stefania  Con4-­‐Vecchi     Founder  and  CEO  of  EVENTagist   Marke4ng  manager  and  coordinator     Interna4onal  Educa4on  Events  Mee4ng  Design  Ins4tute       Italy  
  5. 5. Why  Mee#ng  Architecture  is  important  for  you  
  6. 6. Who  are  you?  
  7. 7. A  good  mix  
  8. 8. What  we  do  
  9. 9.     The  future  of  mee#ng  effec#veness   From        to  
  10. 10. Personal  and  professional     development     As  a  member  of  an  interna#onal  network  of   Mee#ng  Professionals,  you  will  be  able  to  learn   from  others,  share  experiences,  develop  co-­‐ marke#ng  ac#vi#es  and  explore  opportuni#es  for   future  collabora#on  and  innova#on.     64     members  
  11. 11. Bring  your  event  to  life   Mee4ng  Design  Ins4tute     is  a  one-­‐stop  resource  for  innova4ve  solu4ons,   tools  and  techniques  on  Mee4ng  Design     MDI  supports   Planners  and  suppliers    
  12. 12. Training,  presenta#ons     and  consultancy   !  Tradeshows  educa#on   !  Mee#ng  Architecture  One,  Two  or  Five-­‐Day  Training   !  Sessions  and  Keynote  presenta#on   !  Consultancy    
  13. 13. The  MDI  Knowledge  Base     The  Mee#ng  Design  Ins#tute   Knowledge  Base         New  services  and  ideas  on  the  content   side  of  mee#ngs.  
  14. 14. Video  Corner     !  Content  capturing  and  sharing   !  Exposure  opportunity  at  the  biggest  industry  tradeshows  in   Europe  with  a  professional  interview  about  your  exper#se  or   your  products  or  services.      
  15. 15. The  Learning  Carousel     The  Learning  Carousel  allows  Mee#ng  Planners  to  discover  many   tools  and  services  in  a  short  amount  of  #me!       The   Learning   Carousels   or   Mee#ng   Design   Quick   tours   are   held   during   the   main   industry   tradeshows   and   during   the   FRESH   Conference.    
  16. 16. The  Toolbox  Catalogue   The  TOOLBOX  Catalogue  is  about   tools,  services  and  professionals   that  can  increase  the  impact  of  the   mee#ng,  conference,  event  or  a   stand.     For more fresh stuff: V5.0 - Nov 2013 2013 2014 The Toolbox for meeting & event design TheToolboxformeeting&eventdesign Download the latest version
  17. 17. The  FRESH  Conference   The   Fresh   Conference   is   an   annual   conference   dedicated   to  mee4ng  professionals   2  days  educa#onal  program  that  refreshes  conferences,  mee#ngs  and  events  and   increases  their  effec#veness    
  18. 18. The  FRESH  dinners     The  FRESH  dinner  is  where  you  meet  new   professionals  with  an  interest  in  the  content  side  of   mee#ngs.       IMEX  Frankfurt  and  Las  Vegas  EIBTM  and  AIBTM…      
  19. 19. The  programme     of  the  5  days  
  20. 20. Day  1   The  Mee#ng  Architecture  Process  methodology     Mee#ng   Architecture   Process   is   about  designing  mee#ng  based  on   objec#ves  
  21. 21. You  will  learn  about:   IDEA  part  I    -­‐  IA   !  In  phase  one,  you  will  learn  to  assist  (or  lead)  your  mee#ng  teams  or   clients,  to  iden#fy  the  objec#ves  for  the  coming  mee#ng  or   conference.     IDEA  part  II  –  DE   !  In  phase  two,  you  will  learn  to  facilitate  the  design  process  for  the   mee#ng  based  on  those  objec#ves  with  a  7  steps  process.  
  22. 22. Day  2   The  CHATTY  Toolbox  part  I:  CHA   The  second  day  is  dedicated  to  the  first  part  of  the  CHATTY  Mee#ng   Architecture  toolbox:  CHA       !  Conceptual:  mee#ng,  session  and  presenta#on  formats,   and  their  requirements.  Programme  #ming,  venue,   techniques   !  Human:  the  mee#ng  team,  facilitators,  actors,  speaker   trainer,  producer  entertainer   !  Art:  music,  pain#ng,  colours,  ac#ng,  drama,  design,  lay-­‐ out,  mee#ng  ID,  produc#on  
  23. 23. Day  3   The  CHATTY  Toolbox  part  II:  TTY   The   third   day   is   dedicated   to   the   second   part   of   the   CHATTY   toolbox:  Technical  and  Technology     !  Technical:    A/V  &  produc#on,  theming,  video,   presenta#on  techniques.     !  Content  Capturing:  webcast,  video  recording,    photography   !  Technology:  show  case,  Mobile  apps,  iPad  apps,  vo#ng,   online,  social  media.     !  Hybrid  Mee#ngs  
  24. 24. Day  4   Science  &  knowledge   The   forth   day   is   dedicated   to   science   &   knowledge   to   design   effec#ve  mee#ngs  and  events.     Par#cipants   will   learn   about   sciences   impac#ng   on   the   Mee#ng   Industry:     !  par4cipant  involvement     !  communica4on  &  social  media   !  science  &  learning  networking  mo4va4on,  neuro-­‐ science   !  final  case  study  assignments  and  group  work  
  25. 25. Day  5   The  case   Last  day  is  the  day  when  you  will  rehearse  what  you’ve  learned  and   will  make  their  group  presenta#ons  and  role  play.     It’s  a  prac#cal  test  to  experiment  and   to   put   in   prac#ce   the   Mee#ng   Architecture   Methodology,   tools,   techniques   and   knowledge   you   learned.    
  26. 26. Housekeeping     !  We  start  every  day  at  8:30   !  2  coffee  breaks     !  10:00  to  10:30   !  15:30  to  16:00   !  Lunch  break  2  hrs  12:00  to  14:00   !  We  end  every  day  around  17:30  
  27. 27. Methodology     During  the  day:   !  Sessions   !  Presenta#ons   !  Tools  demonstra#ons   !  Group  work/Case  work  and  feedback     !  Q&A  -­‐  Prac#cal  takeaways  at  the  end  of  every  session   At  the  end  of  the  day:   !  Evalua#on  of  the  day     !  Housekeeping  
  28. 28. Group  work   Rules  for  discussions     1.  Agree  on  a  note  taker   2.  Every  idea  has  value   3.  Ask  the  trainer  if  the  task  is  not  clear   4.  Listen  and  say  thank  you  if  you  can  use  it   5.  Invite  everyone  to  contribute   6.  Don’t  dominate   7.  No  sales     8.  Stay  on  topic  
  29. 29. Social  media   Use         Follow         Take  pictures,  share  videos  and  tweet  about  the  training,  cotribute  to  our   storify   #eventprofs     #   Mee#ngArchitecture   @  MtgArchitecture