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The FRESH Conference programme - Copenhagen, 26-28 January 2014 - #FRESH14


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This is the programme of the FRESH Conference, the conference about Meeting Design that will be held in Copenhagen from the 26th to the 28th of January 2014 - #FRESH14

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The FRESH Conference programme - Copenhagen, 26-28 January 2014 - #FRESH14

  1. 1. FRESH14  PROGRAMME   Sunday  26 Everest  I/II 13:00 1:00 Session  leader: 14:00 1:30 Everest  III Disclaimer:  The  organiser  reserves  the  right  to  change  any  part  of  the   program  at  any  time  without  prior  warning. MSI  member  lunch    &  meeting   Lake  Geneva  (2nd  floor)   Sandwich  lunch  with  introductions.   Pre-­‐conference  sessions  for  MSI  members,  Lake  Geneva   2nd  floor Session  leader: Kristin  Brandt-­‐Nygaard  (Kiss  the  Frog)  and  Mireia  Iglesias MSI  2013  review:    What  did  we  do,  new  projects,  ideas,  …  Maarten  Vanneste +  Open  Space  roundtables.  Including  CEO  round  table  for  MSI  members:   Pernille  Boge  and  Steve  Bather  (MeetingSphere) Facilitation: 15:30 16:00 0:30 1:00 Break  -­‐  Foyer OPENING:    Connecting    FRESH13  to  FRESH14  and  the  overall  FRESH   context.   What  did    we  do  in  the  previous  two  FRESH  conferences  and  how  are  we   curating  and  distributing  that  content?  How  FRESH  is  creating  new   educational  foundations  and  content  for  meeting  design  and  how  this   FRESH  conference  relates  to  that  bigger  plan.   Session  leader: 17:00 17:30 0:30 1:30 Maarten  Vanneste  and    Erik  Peekel BREAK  (with  aperitif…)  Foyer OPENING:  Storytelling  round  the  campfire  -­‐  Are  you  ready  for   the  next  two  days? Great  meetings  are  all  about  great  people  -­‐  not  just  the  delegates  but  the   owners,  the  designers,  the  planners,  the  crew  and  the  talent  -­‐  and  great   people  management. In  this  campfire  session  we'll  get  to  know  each  other,  tell  stories  and  open   our  eyes  to  the  qualities  and  skills  that  great  meeting  designers  and   planners  possess  that  make  them  great. Session  leader: Facilitation  and  format: 19:00 4:00 Erik  Peekel Martijn  Timmermans  and  René  Blom  (Red  Line  Project),  Fritha  Knudsen Welcome  dinner  in  the  Everest  Foyer   Page  1  of  5
  2. 2. Monday  27 7:15 0:20 Session   leader 8:30 0:45 Everest  I/II Pilates/Stretching  session,  Lake  Geneva  room Sabine  Bonora,  Head  of  International  Conference  management  MED-­‐EL Building  and  leading  a  successful  meeting  team How  did  Korean  Airlines  go  from  having  one  of  the  worst  accident  records   in  the  world,  to  one  of  the  best?  Team  resource  management  has  changed   the  way  that  airlines,  Emergency  Rooms  and  even  motor  sports  function.   These  sectors  rely  on  assembling  and  managing  teams  of  specialists  to   deliver  perfect  results  every  time,  often  against  tight  deadlines,  sometimes   in  difficult  circumstances.  Does  that  sound  familiar?  What  are  the  critical   lessons  from  these  environments  that  we  can  apply  to  meeting  design  and   delivery? Speaker:     9:15 9:30 0:15 1:30 Kurt  Mauerhofer Lobby  :  start  of  WeConference  workshop Building  and  leading  a  successful  meeting  team In  the  meeting  industry,  people  rarely  die  if  we  fail  to  perform;  but,  as   professionals,  perfection  must  be  our  goal.  In  this  WeConference  session   you  will  explore  how  the  experiences  of  other  industries  apply  to  meeting   design  and  delivery. The  WeConference  at  FRESH14  is  the  first  in  the  world!  And  it's  your  call:   Do  you  want  to  exchange  knowledge  and  shape  new  initiatives  with  6   other  FRESH  participants?  Or  would  you  rather  talk  to  individuals  in  the   lobby  about  their  experience  with  meeting  teams?  Or  both?  Every  25   minutes  you  make  a  decision:  shall  I  network  or  shall  I  groupwork?   The  results  will  be  presented  during  the  closing  session  on  Tuesday  at   14:35. Session  leader: Experts: Facilitation  and  format: 11:00 1:00 Erik  Peekel  and    Bänz  Ledin All  participants   Erik  Peekel  with  WeConference  format  and  technology  by  SpotMe. Break    +  Learning  Carousel    part  I This  is  your  opportunity  to  learn  more  about  the  tools,  the  technology  and   the  Human  Tools  on  display  at  FRESH14  -­‐  and  vote  for  the  best  of  the  best.   It's  "exhibition  meets  speed-­‐dating":    the  presenters  have  just  five  minutes   to  pitch  their  product  or  service  -­‐  and  that  includes  time  for  questions!    The   audience  is  split  into  small  groups  to  make  the  format  more  personal  and   effective. Session  leader: Experts: 12:00 1:00 Elling  Hamso  (European  Event  ROI  Institute)    and  Mireia  Iglesias SpotMe,  etouches,  DoubleDutch,  EventMobi,  Conferize,  Klewel  and  Scopia,  Kiss  the  frog,   Whales  on  Waves,  Cascade  Productions,  Actor  Factory,  MeetingSphere,  CatchBox,  Sendsteps,   Superevent,  Topi  and  Edison. Growing  up  to  be  a  Meeting  Architect A      Is  Meeting  Architecture  a  discipline  or  a  profession?  What  is  the   difference  between  meeting  design  and  Meeting  Architecture?  Where  can   we  learn  to  become  one?  How  are  schools  doing?    MAP  courses  and  the   MAP  workbook  presented.  CMA  Certificate  in  Meeting  Architecture:  do   wee  need  one?   Co-­‐creation  session  where  to  take  the  MA  courses  next? Session  leader: Experts: Facilitation  and  format: 13:00 1:00 Everest  III Kaj  Voetman   Polo  Looser:  as  a  lecturer  in  Switzerland  and  Austria  he  uses  the  MA  materials Alan  Wight:  Gave  his  entire  team  tools  &  training  in  Meeting  Architecture   Steen  Moller  (Visit  Denmark:  How  a  destination,  embraces  meeting  design... Miguel  Neves    (IMEX)  The  future  of  Meeting  Architecture  at  the  Industry  tradeshows. Maarten  Vanneste:  Growing  the  MA  body  of  knowledge,  courses,  books,  etc. Kaj  Voetmann  with  the  Appreciative  Inquiry Lunch Page  2  of  5 H Y B R I D
  3. 3. Everest  I/II 14:00 1:00 Everest  III Driving  the  message,  Telling  the  story:  how  do  speakers  and   panels  support  the  communication  … Corporate  Executive  Round  Table,  starts  at  13:00  with  a  lunch,  Loch   Ness  Room   C  In  2013,  over  500  executives  and  meeting  industry  professionals  took  an   This  is  a  closed  session  for  corporate  executives  only  –  offering    an   opportunity  to  experience    a  meeting  format  for  executive  challenges.   Participants  are  Marketing  Directors,  Meeting  Managers  and   equivalent  from  corporates  and  organisations. electronic  survey  about  the  effectiveness  of  the  panel  format.    In  this   session,  Kristin  will  share  the  results  of  the  survey….is  the  panel  format   dead  or  alive  and  what  can  you  do  as  meeting  architects  and  planners  to   ensure  a  lively  and  informative  discussion.      Watch  out…you  might  be   surprised  at  what  you  discover  through  this  highly  interactive  session! (Prior  registration  required) Co-­‐creation:    '10  Guidelines  to  Help  your  Speakers  Shine!'  Whether  you  are   using  a  professional  speaker,  industry  expert  or  internal  subject  matter   expert,  you  need  your  speakers  to  convey  their  expertise  with  eloquence.     As  meeting  architects,  we  are  imminently  positioned  to  help  our  speakers   be  more  effective  on  stage.  In  this  session,  we  will  generate  the  best  ideas   on  how  we  can  influence  our  speakers  and  increase  their  ability  to  meet   your  meeting  outcomes. Session  leader: Experts: Facilitation  and  format: 15:00 1:00 Kristin  Arnold Polo  Looser  (MCI) Kristin  Arnold  on  speakers  and  panels;  announcing  the  data  from  her  industry  survey Alan  Wight  (Cascade  Productions)  how  production  supports  speakers. Elling  Hamso  (EERI)  On  how  speaker  coaching  helps  the  entire  project  improve. Steve  Bather  with  MeetingSphere:  create  FRESH  guidelines  making  speakers  shine.   Break    +  Learning  Carousel  part  II This  is  your  opportunity  to  learn  more  about  the  tools,  the  technology  and   the  Human  Tools  on  display  at  FRESH14  -­‐  and  vote  for  the  best  of  the  best.   It's  "exhibition  meets  speed-­‐dating":    the  presenters  have  just  five  minutes   to  pitch  their  product  or  service  -­‐  and  that  includes  time  for  questions!    The   audience  is  split  into  small  groups  to  make  the  format  more  personal  and   effective. Session  leader: Experts: 16:00 1:00 Elling  Hamso  (European  Event  ROI  Institute)    and  Mireia  Iglesias SpotMe,  etouches,  DoudleDutch,  EventMobi,  Conferize,  Klewel  and  Scopia,  Kiss  the  frog,   Whales  on  Waves,  Cascade  Productions,  Actor  Factory,  MeetingSphere,  CatchBox,  Sendsteps,   Superevent,  Topi  and  Edison. The  Designer's  Approach  to  Creative  Content' D  Designing  a  good  opening  session  (show?),  visualising  or  enacting  a  great   meeting  theme  .  What  is  the  role  of  a  (creative)  producer?  Is  the  producer   becoming  the  Meeting  Architect?  Or  is  a  producer  a  more  creative   personality?  Are  producing  a  video  and  producing  a  stage  setting    the  same   thing?   Session  leader: H Y B R I D Capturing  conference    content.  And  Distribution? How  do  we  best  record  what  is  presented  or  produced  at  a   conference?  We  have  many  options  such  as  recording  sessions,    text   reporting,  sound  recordings,  voxpops,  conference  photography,  …   How  to  coordinate  and  get  it  sponsored.  What  are  we  doing  at  FRESH? 17:00 1:00 Session  leader: Experts:   Facilitation  and  format: 18:00 19:00 1:00 19:30 22:00 David  Clement   Steve  Bather  and  Erik  Peekel Alan  Wight  (Cascade  Production),   Erwin  Dielens  (The  ROC)   Alan  Wight  (Cascade  Productions),  Joke  Emmerechts,  Steve  Bather  (MeetingSphere),   Mael  Guillemot  (Klewel),  Paul    Vanherck  (Abbit),    Bänz  Ledin(SpotMe),  Mike  Coumans   (Sendsteps),  Martin  Ferro  Thomson  (Conferize),    Kristin  Nygaard  Brandt  (Kiss  the  Frog), Who  are  these  33  technicians  at  FRESH  and  why  do  they  count? Healthy,  green  and  well  designed:  sustainable  meetings. B  Builders  or  -­‐  in  case  of  meetings  -­‐  the    technicians  play  an  increasingly   important  role  as  presentation  technology,  more  demanding  meeting   owners  and  spoiled  participants  and  hybrid  meetings  complicate  the  AV   and  technology.  At  FRESH  we    have  a  huge  number  of  technicians  and   some  people  ask:  do  we  really  need  this?  To  try  to  answer  this  question,   the  producer  takes  us  'backstage'  and  presents  each  function.  Co-­‐Creation:   To  end  this  session,  the  group  creates  a  long  list  of  functions  that  they   used...   Experts: What  connects  meeting  design  and  sustainability?  How  does  "green"   work  in  Meeting  Architecture?  What  is  a  green  venueand  what  is  a   sustainable  one?  The  ESEC  is  back-­‐to-­‐back  with  FRESH  and  gathers   specialists  in  sustainability.  The  FRESH  Conference  takes  place  in  one   of  the  worlds  greenest  hotels  and  a  tour  around  the  venue  is  planned   after  this  session. Erwin  Dielens  (The  ROC/Abbit), Mikey  Weinkove  (The  People  Speak)  and    Ed  Gillespie  (Futerra)  Paul  Vanherck  (Abbit),    and  all  the  crew…. Karen  Van  Rijn(Crowne  Plaza) Steen  Moller  (Visit  Denmark/Meetovation),  ... Guy  Bigwood  (MCI) Dale  Hudson  (IMEX) Ole  Sorang,  (Radisson  Blu) Talkaoke  meeting  format   David    Clement  +  SpotMe +    Backstage  (Hybrid)  tour.  What  tech,  AV  and  IT  is  used  at  FRESH  for   online… Free  time Sustainable  Transfer  to  the  Radisson  Blu  Scabdinavia  Hotel  (Metro  +  500m   walk) Dinner  at  Radisson  Blu  Scandinavia  Hotel  +   Brain  Food  Experience  Lab Page  3  of  5 After  the  session  we  will  have  a  back  of  the  house  tour  of  the  Crown   Plaza,  one  of  the  world’s  most  sustainable  hotels.   Radisson  Blu  Scandinavia  Hotel  Copenhagen Address:  Amager  Boulevard  70,  2300  København,  Denmark
  4. 4. Tuesday  28 7:15 0:20 Session   leader 8:30 0:45 Everest  I/II Pilates/Stretching  session,  Lake  Geneva(2nd  floor) Everest  III Sabine  Bonora,  Head  of  International  Conference  management  MED-­‐EL Experts: Robert's  Secret  App  Lab How  can  you  get  28  people  into  one  online  meeting  room  all  WITH  video?   Not  with  Skype,  Goto  Meeting  or  Google+!  FRESH  shows  what  can  be  done   with  the  latest  technological  evolution.  Webcasting  got  cheaper  again.   What  is  the  difference  between  a  webcast  and  an  online  meeting  system?   How  can  we  work  around  the  delay?  What  is  the  risk  and  will  it  ever  be  risk   free?  Interaction  for  the  on  line  'viewers'  a  pest  or  a  must? Session  leader: Hybrid  meetings  update Learn  everything  about  apps  and  what  other  meeting  organisers  and   meeting  designers  do  with  them.    Learn  from  case-­‐studies  and  best   AND  worst  practice  -­‐  and  share  your  own  experiences.  A  co-­‐creation   session  that  results  in  knowledge  for  you  and  a  secret  document:  The   Ten  Commandments  for  app  improvement. Gerrit  Heijkoop Robert  Daverschot  (Sendsteps) Paul  Vanherck  (Abbit),  Gerdie  Schreuders,  Stefania  Conti-­‐Vecchi  (Eventagist),  Martin  Ferro-­‐ Thomson  (Conferize),  Gerrit  Heijkoop  (HCIBS)    … David  Aubespin  (Topi),  Thorben  Grosser  (EventMobi),  Bänz  Ledin  (SpotMe),  Zubin   Bhettay  (DoubleDutch),  Marcel  Wassink  (Superevent),  Stefan  Uytterhoeven  (Whales  on   Waves) Robert  Daverschot  and  Mike  Coumans  (Sendsteps)   Facilitation  and  format: 9:15 1:00 The  value    of  entertainment?  Or  is  it  edutainment? E  Why  do  we  use  entertainment  and  can  we  -­‐  should  we  -­‐  make  it  more   educational?    Some  say  entertainment  is  a  waste  of  money,  others  claim   the  opposite.  Jennifer  Lem  has  a  background  in  conference  educational   entertainment  and  is  now  trying  to  find  the  truth.    What  has  been  the  most   effective  entertainment  you  experienced  at  an  event?  What  is  the  value  of   entertainment  in    production?  Practical  advise  to  put  entertainment  to   best  use?  Pair  sharing  moment  on  top  entertainment  stories. Session  leader: Experts:   Facilitation  and  format: 10:15 10:45 0:30 1:15 H Y B R I D Erik  Peekel Professor  Walter  A.  Philips  PhD  on  The  role  of  humour  in  effective  communications Jennifer  Lem  (Influate)  on  the  added  value  of  entertainment André  Shahrdar  (Barkley  Kalpak  Agency)  New  York  City Bo  Kruger  (Moving  Minds)   Pair  Sharing Break   Session  leader: Experts: Facilitation  and  format: 12:00 1:00 Who  is  a  facilitator?  And  (why)  do  we  need  one?   The  future  -­‐  and  innovation  in  meetings F    What  is  the  difference  between  a  facilitator,  a  moderator  and  an  MC?    Is   a  facilitator  a  professionally  trained  group  coach  or  someone  that  craves   stage-­‐time  and  attention?    Can  a  facilitator  do  any  kind  of  facilitation  or  do   we  have  to  select  facilitators  that  come  with  a  rigid  set  of  techniques?  How   do  we  select  a  facilitator?  Are  there  any  professional  bureaus  or  agencies   like  for  speakers?  What  skills  are  we  looking  for  in  a  facilitator?  How  is   technology  supporting  or  taking  over  facilitation? Is  social  media  going  to  last?  Will  robots  start  to  represent  people  in   conferences?  Is  the  FRESH14  approach  the  right  one?  How  can  we   marry  the  conflicting  needs  of  on-­‐site  and  on-­‐line  participants?  Will   people  still  travel  in  ten  years  from  now?  Where  will  the  internet  be?   Will  Google  be  Big  Brother  as  foretold  in  1984?  Several  speakers  show   the  newest  innovations,  share  their  visions  and    report  on  future   research.   Jan  Lelie  (and  his  Meta  Praxis  roadmap),  interviewer  and  panel  of  facilitators Thorben  Grosser  (EventMobi) Panel:  Erik  Peekel,  Kaj  Voetmann,  Henk  Korevaar,  Steve  Bather,  Thomas  Krog, Martijn  Timmermans,  René  Blom,  Kristin  Nygaard  Brandt,    Pernille  Boge,   Jan-­‐Jaap  In  der  Maur  ,  Gerrit  Heijkoop  ,  Gerdie  Schreuders. Rosa  Garriga  Mora  about  The  EIBTM  innovation  zone  and  MyQaa  research   David  Aubespin  (ex-­‐Google  now  CEO  of  Topi),   Martin  Ferro-­‐Thomson  (Conferize)  sees  connection  to/by  participants  differently     Polo  Looser  (MCI)  on  the  business  and  economic  future Xavier  Guardia  and  Albert  Roca  (Moove) the  Cyborg  Participant   Jan  Lelie:  Mini-­‐pitches,  Open  School  with  a  table  carousel. LUNCH   Page  4  of  5
  5. 5. Everest  I/II 13:00 0:45 Everest  III Summing-­‐up  ABCDEF:  People-­‐Experts-­‐Professionals    in  Meeting   Architecture Do  the  six  categories  cover  all  ground?  Are  they  sufficient?  Did  we  miss  any   professionals?  How  do  you  feel  about  categorising?  Can  we  call  them   Human  Tools? What  else  is  in  the  toolbox  and  what  is  Meeting  Architecture  doing?  In  the   last  part  of  this  session  participants  will  use  Lego  Serious  Play™  and   imagine  meeting  design  and  Meeting  Architecture  in  the  coming  years... Session  leader: Experts: Facilitation  and  format: 13:45 14:05 14:15 14:25 14:35 0:20 0:10 0:10 0:10 0:30 Maarten  Vanneste All  participants   Micael  Buckle  (IntHRface)    Thomas  Krogh  (Inthrface)  with  LEGO  Serious  Play  +  SpotMe  for   notes. Philip  Walkate    speed  training  on  how  to  sell  this  to  your  boss/client. Dominika  Fudala:  FRESH14  evaluation  (SpotMe) Elling  Hamso  Fresh  Awards. Thorben  Grosser:  introducing  eventmobi  for  FRESH15 ART:  the  theme  of  FRESH15 A  co-­‐creation  session  about  the  FRESH15  programme. ART  is  the  third  category  in  the  toolbox  for  meeting  design.  ART  will  be  the   centre  of  our  program.   Jennifer  Lem  will  warm  us  all  up  by  sharing    her  experience  with  art  and   how  to  use  it.  She  will  connect  it  to  Theory  U  and  show  some  exemples.   Than  the  group  goes  to  work. How  do  we  use  art?  Is  production  an  art?  Or  is  it  music?  acting,  role  play,   theatre?  Is  it  writing,  scripting,  or  video  production,  entertainment?    Is   group  painting  or  group  music  of  value?  Who  did  we  use?  what  are  the  key   topics  in  art  and  meetings? The  FRESH  team  wants  to  end  this  session  with  a  programmme,  session   titles  and  some  possible  session  leaders,  authors  or  academics  as  speakers. Session  leader: Experts: Facilitation  and  format: 15:05 1:00 Erik  Peekel  and    Maarten  Vanneste Jennifer  Lem  (Influate)  Theory  U SpotMe  to  collect  ideas  for  FRESH15 Building  and  leading  a  successful  meeting  team  (conclusion) A  highly  successful  meeting  designer  and  planner  will  report  back  on  -­‐  and   make  sense  of  -­‐  the  results  of  Monday  morning's  WeConference  session,   while  sharing  her  own  experience  of  building  and  leading  successful   meeting  teams Session  leader: Experts: Facilitation  and  format: 16:05 0:25 H Y B R I D Erik  Peekel Fritha  Knudsen,  an  experienced  producer  from  Virgin  Galactic  and  more Banz  Ledin:  Conclusions,    WeConference. Break  with  transition  session… Transition  session  -­‐  FRESH  hands  over  to  ESEC   Guy  Bigwood  and  Maarten  Vanneste 16:30 1:45 Opening  session  of  ESEC  (free  entry  for  all  FRESH  participants)   16:30 FRESH  participants  are  welcome  to  stay  as  guests  in  the  opening  session  of   ESEC,  courtesy  of  the  sponsors  of  ESEC. Guy  Bigwood  (MCI)  and  keynote 18:15 ESEC  Welcome  reception Wednesday  29 ESEC  conference  day Page  5  of  5