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This is a simple power point showing different topics about pekignese dog.

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  1. 1. By: Lauren Harris(Featuring Harley David Harris)
  2. 2.  Pekingese are usually a golden brown color but they can be black or white too. They are one main color and then around their muzzle they are a little darker colored. Pekingese can also either be short haired or longhaired.
  3. 3.  The breed Pekingese originally came from china. The breed is said to be over 2,000 years old! The Pekingese was originally bred for being lap dogs. They are a very stubborn breed of dog. The Pekingese is called the lion dog because of it’s unusual fur.
  4. 4.  Although the Pekingese might look small on the outside, they are very mighty on the inside. They are called the lion dog because if a large dog approaches them, they growl or bark thinking that they are as big as a giant. They only weigh 8-10 pounds full grown. And they only end up being as long as a piece of notebook paper. When they are puppies, they are smaller than your palm.
  5. 5.  LikeI said earlier, Pekingese can either have really long hair, or really short hair. They need to be groomed at least once a week. Same with taking baths. Their toes need to be clipped regularly and they can be the laziest things in the world or they could be bouncing off of the walls.
  6. 6.  My dog Harley got his name from his favorite blanket that my parents got him when he was a puppy. He used to have a sister named Gizzy but she passed a way before I was 2. When Gizzy was alive they would do everything together. If Harley took one of Gizzy’s toys she would scare him and he would run away. Then Gizzy would take her toy back. Gizzy was about a year older than Harley. Sometimes while Gizzy was sleeping, Harley would snuggle up against her for protection. When Harley wanted to play, My parents put him up on their bed and they would point to a place on the bed and Harley would jump up and nose dive into that spot on the bed. When Gizzy died, for a long time Harley wouldn’t play anything. You could tell he was really upset. Now he is fifteen years old and doesn’t do much but I still love him anyway.
  7. 7.  Where does this breed come from? How do you spell this breeds name? How long do they typically live? Name one color that this breed can be. What are my dog’s first names? How regularly have to groom them? How much do they weigh? What did I compare their size to? How big are they when they are puppies? How long do people say they have been alive? What would Gizzy do if Harley took one of her toys? Why is this dog called lion breed?
  8. 8.  Thank you for watching my presentation I hope you learned a lot. Just remember that if you take good care of your Pekingese they can be great long lived companions! They usually live up to 15 years old. They do get a little feisty though if you put your hand anywhere near there face. Results may very and be sure to get you Pekingese from a good breeder. I would recommend getting one.