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U-SQL Learning Resources (SQLBits 2016)


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U-SQL Learning Resources (SQLBits 2016 ADL/U-SQL Pre-Conference)

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U-SQL Learning Resources (SQLBits 2016)

  1. 1. Michael Rys Principal Program Manager, Big Data @ Microsoft @MikeDoesBigData, {mrys, usql} U-SQL Additional Features and Learnings
  2. 2. Additional capabilities
  3. 3. Additional resources • Tools: • • Blogs, videos and community page: • (Link to Github with code samples) • • • • Documentation and articles and slides: • • • • • ADL forums and feedback • • •
  4. 4. Unifies natively SQL’s declarativity and C#’s extensibility Unifies querying structured and unstructured Unifies local and remote queries Increase productivity and agility from Day 1 forward for YOU! Sign up for an Azure Data Lake account and join the Public Preview and give us your feedback via or at!