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Helpful Tips for Your Vacation to Ireland


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Mickael Marsali shares a presentation discussing helpful tips for enjoying a vacation in Ireland.

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Helpful Tips for Your Vacation to Ireland

  1. 1. Helpful Tips For Your Vacation to Ireland
  2. 2. Traveling anywhere outside of your home city, state, or country for the most part is an exciting and difficult task. If you have or anyone you know has not been to the place you are traveling before, finding the pertinent information you need may seem daunting and sometimes, almost impossible.
  3. 3. If you’re traveling to Ireland any time soon, you’re in luck! Below are some helpful tips for planning and enjoying your Ireland vacation.
  4. 4. When should you go?
  5. 5. It’s tough to advise travelers on when to visit Ireland as it is widely known for it’s unpredictable weather.
  6. 6. During the months of May- August, the days are longer and the weather is mostly pleasant. However, the cost of traveling at that time is higher. July and August are particularly popular months to visit, so beware of long lines, large crowds, and higher hotel rates around this time.
  7. 7. Airlines
  8. 8. Travelers can get direct flights from Britain, Europe, and the United States that will transport them to Dublin Airports main hub. It is recommended that travelers leaving from the East Coast of the United States fly into Belfast’s regional airport instead of Dublin.
  9. 9. Other regional airports are include: Shannon Cork Knock Belfast
  10. 10. How long should you stay?
  11. 11. As with any vacation, the length of your stay has more to do with the type of experience you wish to have. Try to fit as many activities as you can during your stay.
  12. 12. Note: A visa is not required for United States citizens. A valid passport is enough for a three-month stay.