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IndoorAtlas - indoor navigation using magnetic field


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The secret of positioning based on the earth's magnetic fields has been hidden inside various animals for millions of years. IndoorAtlas, headquartered in Palo Alto with 3 professors and 12 PhDs in Finland, has unlocked the secret. By going live with Baidu to 270 million monthly active users, magnetic has become the global leader in indoor positioning. The compass in any smartphone senses the steel and compares it to the unique fingerprint of that building. The result is a magnetic solution that requires no infrastructure and has a total cost of ownership 4x lower than BLE and 10x lower than Wi-Fi and 10x the accuracy. IndoorAtlas can provide an unprecedented accuracy level of 1-2 meters at 90% confidence level. Infrastructure savings are potentially billions of dollars in the mapping and retail industries alone. Wi-Fi does not have the accuracy, does not work on iOS, PDR has drift, while Bluetooth does not answer the key question: "Where am I?" since it's a proximity solution. Therefore, IndoorAtlas is well on its way to reach the vision of becoming the GPS of Indoor with 20 essential patents filed.

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IndoorAtlas - indoor navigation using magnetic field

  1. 1. without magnetic you’re lost
  2. 2. Use cases • blue dot + way-finder • product search • advertising proximity • buddy finder • scanning bar code XY • shopping list & routing – find your way to the POIs, advertising, buddy finder, scanning bar code
  3. 3. : Magnetic Positioning WHERE AM I INDOORS? • 1-2 meters accuracy. • No beacons, no routers, ZERO infrastructure • Total Cost of Ownership: 4x < Bluetooth, 10x < Wi-Fi. • Wi-Fi worse than GPS; no iOS. • Bluetooth no moving blue dot, micro-fence only. • Magnetic = Only scalable answer. .
  4. 4. Traction & Validation • $15M funding; $10M from Baidu. • 20 patents filed; 4 granted. • 35 staff; 3 professors; 12 PhDs. • Commercial roll-out with Baidu • 270 million monthly active users • Pilot projects with top retailers
  5. 5. Magnetic = Foundational Magnetic Wi-Fi / BLE PDR / sensor fusion Outdoors Indoors GPS Wi-Fi Mobile signals
  6. 6. Thank you!