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  1. 1. Introduction :Telenor is the largest telecommunication company in Norway. During the late90’s it has beenderegulated and changed from fully government owned into a public limited company.However the government retained substantial stakein terms of shares. Since deregulationbegan in EU, the telecommunication industry is facing tough competition from new entrantsand this is the case for Te l e no r a s we l l . T h e c om p an y i s spl i t i nt o f ou r gro ups :M obi l e o pe r at i on , Telenor fixed, Telenor broadcast, and others activities.Internal Environment of Telenor:Internal Environment refers to the exchange information and ideas with inorganization. In Telenor, mostly information is exchanged internally by email fax,phone, and intra net.I n t e r n a l E n v i r o n m e n t h e l p s e m p l o ye e s t o d o t h e i r j o b s ,d e v e l o p a c l e a r sense of an organization mission and identify and react quickly topotential problems.To maintain a healthy flow of information with in Telenor. 1. Board of Directors  Svein Aaser (Chairman)  Liselott Kilaas (Deputy Chairman) 2. CEO and Group Executive Management  Jon Fredrik Baksaas (President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)  Richard Olav Aa (Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)  Sigve Brekke (Executive Vice President and Head of the Telenor Asia operations)  Kjell-Morten Johnsen (Executive Vice President and Head of Telenor’s European Operations)  Rolv-Erik Spilling (Executive Vice President and Head of Digital Services)  Hilde M. Tonne (Executive Vice President and Head of Group Industrial development)
  2. 2.  Berit Svendsen (Executive Vice President and Head of Telenor Norway)  Morten Karlsen Sørby (Executive Vice President and Head of Strategy and Regulatory Affairs)  Jon Erik Haug (Executive Vice President and Head of Group People Development) 3. Employees of Telenor  Telenor have 33,220 employees all over the world because Telenor worked for the employee’s safety and well-being . Telenor focus on eliminating or controlling work- related hazards and risks, and on promoting health at work. As a global company, with operations in a number of emerging economies, this is a challenge we are making a priority in all our operations worldwide. 4. Shareholders of Telenor No. of % of Shareholders shares total1 GOVERNMENT OF NORWAY 841 829 056 53.97 %2 FOLKETRYGDFONDET 76 592 644 4.91 %3 FRANKLIN RESOURCES 62 123 442 3.98 %4 UBS 25 636 692 1.64 %5 DNB 21 937 852 1.41 %6 BLACKROCK 21 598 262 1.38 %7 MANNING & NAPIER 19 790 971 1.27 %8 ALECTA 19 623 722 1.26 % FIDELITY MANAGEMENT & RESEARCH9 19 553 491 1.25 % COMPANY10 SAFE INVESTMENT COMPANY 19 419 987 1.24 %11 STATE STREET CORPORATION 19 245 363 1.23 %12 WELLINGTON MANAGEMENT COMPANY 12 779 110 0.82 %13 KLP 9 771 266 0.63 %
  3. 3. No. of % of Shareholders shares total14 APG ASSET MANAGEMENT 9 496 760 0.61 %15 SVENSKA HANDELSBANKEN 8 213 887 0.53 %16 STOREBRAND KAPITALFORVALTNING 7 741 881 0.50 %17 VANGUARD GROUP 7 496 979 0.48 %18 STANDARD LIFE 7 286 115 0.47 % LEGAL & GENERAL INVESTMENT19 7 148 461 0.46 % MANAGEMENT20 KUWAIT INVESTMENT AUTHORITY 6 669 052 0.43 % 1 223 954 Total 20 largest 78.47 % 993 Others 335 992 813 21.53 % 1 559 947 Total shares 100.00 % 806External Environment of Telenor:The External Environment links the organization with the outside worldof customers, suppliers, competitors and investors. Telenor have an effectiveenvironment with people outside the organization that helps in creating a goodreputation and have a positive impact on its ultimate success.  Task Environment: 1.Competitors *Warid *Ufone *Zong *Jazz
  4. 4. 2.CustomersThe success of a global telecom operator depends on two factors: its ability to adapt to customerneeds and the ability to leverage on its scale. Telenor Group is among the first in the industry tointroduce a unique cross-border billing platform initiative, built around both objectives. Threebusiness units in Telenor Group, with a combined total of 60 million customers, will deploy acommon solution for billing and charging. The result is, simply put, increased competitiveadvantage.3.Media and Government on TelenorThe Federal Anti-Monopoly Service has dropped a case against Norwegian telecoms firmTelenors increased stake in VimpelCom, the agency said."The Russian Government has decidedto withdraw the case brought by the FAS before the Moscow Arbitration Court which wasseeking to annul the transaction by Telenor in VimpelCom shares," the FAS said in a statementFriday."We are grateful to the shareholders of VimpelCom for their cooperation and patiencein this complex dispute, and we are very glad it is over," FAS chief Igor Artemyev said, Interfaxreported.The FAS brought the case in April challenging a deal between Telenor and Egyptiantycoon Nagib Zafiriss Weather that saw the Norwegian company up its stake in VimpelComto 36.36 percent. Telenor subsequently further increased its share of the company to 39.5percent.  General Environment: 1. Cultural Forces Telenor advocates open culture and is a form believes of freedom for its employees to share their ideas and encourages creativity and innovation. Telenor perhaps an only company in world where no person has an office. Telenor believes in equality and as such promotes this trait by issuing similar stationary and office supplies to all of its employees. 2. Social Forces Telenor Foundation is particularly active in the activities concerning the socially jeopardized categories. For the third consecutive year, the company supported the Christmas Bazaar, which actually represents a humanitarian project of the International Womens Club, whose entire income is forwarded to the socially jeopardized categories in Serbia. The End