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Treatment for TV advert


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Treatment for TV advert

  1. 1. Treatment for TV advert AQEEL MUGHAL
  2. 2. Classification/Genre  The classification within the campaign TV advert is a campaign for working rights, for teenagers. It is a very useful and relevant classification as it shows specifically the story that most teenagers are trying to tell. The genre is a kind of reality genre which shows situations which happen in real life to some people, so the documentary thoroughly shows to the audiences what the documentary is about. This classification is a popular one that many producers and directors use to create a specific kind of documentary, one that provides useful information about the events and facts of the topic.
  3. 3. Archived Material  The archived material used can be some pictures which show more than the audience has to see.  The conditions some teens live in and what they have to work through to earn money.  Some teens may believe they don’t get enough fairness and equality at their job, so they aren’t being treated right. Which means that they don’t have any rights at their job.  The rights for 16 year olds at work aren’t seen as important, rather the rights for 18 year olds are more important to the government, as they are portrayed as adults.
  4. 4. Duration  The duration of the TV advert should be 30 seconds – 1 minute, as that is a suitable time period for me to show all the events and factual information that I need to show.  Some clips and videos I will show would be cropped and edited to make sure they don’t take up the whole production  The advert will have some real footage to show the views of the characters and actors.  I will set it up in a way that the advert will have an equal amount of clips and factual information on it. So it can appeal to the audience when they watch it.
  5. 5. Content  The content of the advert will be a relevant and important content, I am filming the stories and lives of some young workers so it can produce more formal facts and is self-explanatory.  I am filming a young 16 year old and am interviewing them to show their story and the things they have to go through.  What we are trying to find out is, what affect working and studying continuously has on 16 year olds compared to 18 year olds. And what I'm leading up to is how your age doesn’t determine the amount of money you get paid and how long you work for.  The location I will film in is a room with seating areas so I could interview the interviewee face to face. So it makes it more professional. The difference it makes is that it can show how it is like and entertaining and informative advert.
  6. 6. Recce  The location of the advert should be in the college as I am filming a student that goes to college and a student who goes to university as I am filming an elder student as well.  I need another location such as; a busy street and the buildings that the students work at.  I have chosen this location as it is a popular setting to film in and will attract the audiences attention.  I have chosen a classroom to interview the students when I need to, so it is more quiet and better to interview someone.
  7. 7. Audience  My target audience will be 16 to 18 year olds, they can be any gender and they must be employed or looking for a job. So I can show them the rights and the things that they are promised when they start working.  I have chosen this audience as they are relevant to my campaign and they seem to be the most popular audience to talk about in this type of campaign.  This audience seems like it is a suitable audience as it will show the other audiences how this audience is treated at work.
  8. 8. Price/Budget  The price that I will get is a suitable price as it will be enough for me to get all the equipment and props for this production and campaign.  The interview would be free as I just ask questions to the interviewee and that doesn’t take that much effort.  The cost for transport would be more though as I need to travel to locations outside of college like central London, oxford street. So I need money for that.  A budget to pay for the camera and camera stands when I need to hire them to use them.
  9. 9. Equipment  I will have to use a camera to film the clips and specific parts of the characters life so it makes it look professional and appropriate to use as a production.  The camera will be placed on a stand to keep it stable and make it look like a still shot. So the camera doesn’t move too much. I will use this for the interviews.  I will have the camera held in hand for when we record where the character works and the other locations, where we have to do that.  I need a mic for the character to speak into so the production can have a voiceover, so the audience can listen to what they have to say.  I need props such as; chairs to sit on when interviewed, the costumes for the interviewee to use and a script.
  10. 10. Actors and production team  The actors that I need are a 16 year old with a job and an 18 year old with a job.  A director  A producer  A script writer  A camera and mic-man  An editing team