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Bisecting angle technique


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Intra oral radiography

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Bisecting angle technique

  1. 1. Hawler Medical University College of Dentistry Department of Radiology 4th Stage Group C Seminar : Bisecting angle Technique By : Mohsen M. Mirkhan
  2. 2. • Intraoral radiography 1. Bisecting angle technique 2. Paralleling technique 3. Bitewing technique 4. Occlusal Radiograph • Extra Oral Radiography Periapical radiography
  3. 3. Periapical Radiography
  4. 4. Short- Cone technique Long-Cone technique
  5. 5. Rules of the Technique
  6. 6. Overlap Is the superimposition of part of one tooth with part of adjacent tooth If the horizontal angulation is not aligned properly
  7. 7. Shortening or lengthening of the teeth depend on the vertical angulation Increase vertical angulation decrease the length of teeth and vise versa
  8. 8. Film cone-cut X-ray Beam not cover the entire film lead to white area formation on the film
  9. 9. Thank You!