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Film Trailer Treatment


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Treatment for my film trailer ideas

Published in: Education
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Film Trailer Treatment

  1. 1. Film Trailer Treatment Molly Chapman
  2. 2. Ideas Initially, I wanted to make a music video because I listen to music very often so know a lot about different genres. However, I realized that without a fairly large budget, it’s quite difficult to make a music video look professional Therefore, I am going to create a film trailer for a dance documentary; I dance myself and have been for 14 years so this topic is something I’m really interested in. I feel like I will be able to connect with this project more than I would with a music video It will be similar to Dancer and First Position, both of these are quite different documentaries however.
  3. 3. Working Titles Me/Dance Against the World Eva’s Pointe Leap Taking the First Position/Step First/Last Dance
  4. 4. Dancer vs First Position It will be similar to Dancer in the way the film trailer is structured, it is quite fast paced despite the genre of classical ballet. This is due to the song used in the background which lifts the pace so I am going to use a song throughout the trailer which builds up and eventually gets louder when the ‘star’ is dancing a solo It will also be similar to First Position in the sense that it follows the life of a young child dancer whereas, Dancer is about a grown male ballet dancer who goes down the wrong path.
  5. 5. Purpose The purpose of this trailer will be to engage more children in the UK to dance. In America, dance is such an important sport however, in England there are not as many opportunities. For example, in the US there are over 700 postsecondary institutions that offer dance minor or major programs however, in the UK there are less that 300 courses with dance as a subject area In recent years there has been a surge of new dancers in the UK with the help of organizations such as Dance UK however, with a documentary film trailer targeted to the younger generation, it could help increase these numbers
  6. 6. Talent Main Dancer – Eva Burling She dances for Junior Masters and The Royal Ballet School in London and is also a cheerleader meaning she has the performance level and charisma to be in the trailer
  7. 7. Locations As it’s a trailer, a variety of different scenes will need to be shown meaning there needs to be many locations
  8. 8. Opening Scene – dance studio (RBS) using drone to establish scene and fast pace of dancers life. Also the business of London which is England's heart of dance
  9. 9. Dances & Interviews – Amanda Restell Dance Academy & Masters
  10. 10. My Ideas It is about the life of a child prodigy ballerina age 9 who dances for the Royal Ballet School in London showing the highlights of her young career at competitions as well as vigorous training and injuries As it’s a trailer for a documentary film, it will feature interviews from dance experts, narration, shots from competitions and inside the studio as well as the journey to London for the Royal Ballet School Key Scenes from trailer: Voiceover at the beginning of Eva dancing in the studio, dance moves correlating to narration ‘leaps, turns, jumps’ Described as a prodigy, clips that look like they are from the news with narration from news clips ‘child prodigy, Eva Burling, to win All England Dance Competition’ Growth of experience and ability from when she was little, started dancing at 18 months Training in studios all over the country Preparation, makeup & hair for competition – backstage and the rush of it – ‘very very few succeed’ & with a fact Warming up & gets an injury before she goes on stage for All England so she can’t compete – ‘nothing will stand in her way, ‘its worth the sacrifice, ‘you have to follow your dream’ as titles ‘I think I live a pretty normal life, just with some extra ordinary opportunities’ – clips of her in her bedroom showing she is also a normal young girl Build up of a song to her dancing – ending of her in the middle of the dance studio floor doing her passion, not all about results of competition Quotes from newspapers ‘the most gifted dancer from her generation’ e.g. the daily telegraph, the Sunday times
  11. 11. Filming Techniques Drone for overhead footage & establishing shots Fuzzy look from new television videos & reports Slow motion Narrative/voice over correlating to visuals Same dance move but in different locations Cutaways as it’s a trailer so doesn't need to be continuous Tilts and pans from ballet shoes – ideological to body and face Song to background of dance – builds up
  12. 12. Filming The talent will be on summer holiday break so I will be able to film at her dance lessons & rehearsals I will use my iPhone 6S camera, DJI Spark Drone and I will need to borrow a video camera For the interviews I will film in a room set up with props so there is not other sound from people walking around or talking, For the dance scenes, I will add music in the background during the editing stage
  13. 13. Existing Documentaries <iframe width="400" height="500" frameborder="0" src=" Fplaylist%2Fp04nk2f6&title=Dancer%20UK%20trailer&pro duct=iplayer"></iframe>
  14. 14. TV Channel It will be on BBC Films because this organization has an existing fan base of the younger generation and a strong platform to exhibit the film on. The trailer will also be exhibited on YouTube because it will be likely to reach a wider audience