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Generic e reader class


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Generic e reader class

  1. 1. Pick the right e-Reader Topics included: ● Types of e-Readers ● e-Book providers ● Your questions
  2. 2. Two Types of eReaders LCD E-ink● Kindle "Fire" ● Kindle● Nook "Color" ● Nook● iPad ● Sony this picture has been altered for effect
  3. 3. Viewing rich content like magazines, and web sites may look better in color.Most LCD devices can also play video and movies.
  4. 4. Tablet as eReaderLCD touchscreen ismore expensive.Tablets do everythingand make it easy.● Books, News, Magazines.● Also: E-mail, Apps, Games, Movies, Music, Radio, etc.
  5. 5. Classic eBook readerIf you dont want to botherwith all those extras...Non-touchscreens are● light weight,● use less electricity,● most can download books wirelessly.Simple navigationwith a directional padand keyboard.
  6. 6. Can you use it without a computer? LCD 7"YES! Newer Touch TouchscreenScreen e-Readers *Compares to iPad which can be $300-$500are making it easy! Will play movies and audio books● Touchscreens are easier to navigate.● Wireless internet E-ink 6" (Wi-Fi) for easy Touchscreen access to stores and e-Lending. Kindle touch will play audio books.
  7. 7. Content Providers Kindle Nook Kobo Amazon Barnes kobobooks .com & Noble .com .com (Borders)~~free e-books at
  8. 8. Get what you need from your reader!● Pick the e-reader that feels good in your hands since you will hopefully be holding it for hours at a time.● E-ink readers are ideal for books and sufficient for reading periodical newspapers and magazines.● iPads are easy to use, have a bigger screen and they can do a whole lot more (like e-mail, movies and games), but can cost hundreds more.● e-Reader comparison handout:● Read more about this topic:● View this presentation on-line: http://goo. gl/ZwB2Q
  9. 9. Thank you!Bryan