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L6 diary management


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Cambridge Nationals R001 Revision lesson - for more details & resources see

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L6 diary management

  1. 1. Diary Management
  2. 2. Objectives • Be able to identify features of email software • Be able to describe a range of features of Diary Management software • Be able to explain how Image Reflections can use Diary Management & Email Software
  3. 3. From the Scenario: … Customers who would like a set of photographs use the booking form on the Image Reflections website to book a photographic session. Staff at the Head Office then set a date for the session, allocate an available photographer and confirm with the customer via email. … Sean uses Diary Management Software to record each booking for a photographic session. To avoid clashes, he also records personal appointments on the same diary.
  4. 4. Exam Question 1. Sean has been sent notification from the main office that he has a new assignment of a photographic session. (a) Describe how Sean would add this appointment to his diary management software. [2] (b) Sometimes Sean needs to delete an appointment in his diary management software. Describe a reason why Sean might have to do this. [1] (c) Explain how Sean might use diary management software when organising a more complex session that requires an additional photographer. [2] As we go through this lesson we’ll aim to answer this question
  5. 5. Diary Management Software Diary software allows us to have a digital calendar. The major benefit is that it can be accessed on a range of devices by multiple people. The key features are: • Creating appointments / meetings • Invite people to the meetings/appointments • Create a task or to-do lists • Set reminders
  6. 6. Diary Management Software You can: • Be alerted on your computer or mobile • Change appointments dynamically • Share your diary with other people • Change/move appointments quickly • Alert your invited people quickly • Access it anywhere, any time
  7. 7. Email Software • Email software can be linked in to the Diary Management system so that the photographer and the customer are notified instantly • Any changes will be sent through to both people • Complex sessions might have more than one photographer; both can be added to the event in the calendar
  8. 8. Task 1 • Fill in the Student Task powerpoint form the VLE • You’ll need to say step-by-step how Image Reflections would use different features of Diary Management and Email software
  9. 9. Sharing Calendars • It’s useful to Image Reflections to share all the photographers’ calendars so they can see who’s busy on what days • This helps them pick a photographer when a new session is booked and avoid clashes • If calendars aren’t up to date then this will cause problems so it’s vital that everything is put on the calendar
  10. 10. Task 2 • Finish answering the Exam Question • We’ll be peer marking in a few minutes!
  11. 11. Mark Scheme Question Answer Marks Guidance 1a TWO marks for a full explanation: e.g.: • He would find the correct date and time(1), then type in the name of the customer(1) • He would enter the details of the booking(1) including date, time, location and customer name 2 Must have at least two items of data entered to be awarded full marks 1b ONE mark for any appropriate reason e.g.: • A customer cancels the appointment (1) • A different photographer is assigned the session (1) • Sean has to cancel the session (plus reason) (1) 1
  12. 12. Mark Scheme Question Answer Marks Guidance 1c TWO marks for a full explanation: e.g.: • In the ‘participants’ box, (1) Sean would add the email address of the other photographer (1) • Sean would find the contact details of the other photographer (1) and add them to the ‘participants’ of the event on the diary management software (1) 2 Do not accept ‘email the details to the other photographer’ Do not allow simply ‘add the email address’ without where in the software it should be added
  13. 13. Exam Technique • I’ve kept reminding you but it’s VITAL that you get this: to get 2 marks out of 2 you have to make a second point that builds on the first thing you said – else there’s only 1 mark for you! • Don’t forget: you need over 50% to get a ‘Pass’ grade – a ‘C’ equivalent