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Your guide to education in japan


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Published in: Education
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Your guide to education in japan

  1. 1. YOUR GUIDE TO EDUCATION IN JAPAN Center Of Language Culture and Human Capital Training
  2. 2. Fascinating Study in Japan Well- developed Scholarship System Fascinating Culture Affordable tuition fee High Quality Educational Institution Many Different Places to Study and Offered English Program
  3. 3. Types Of Institutions of Higher Learning Colleges of Technology Specialised Training Colleges Junior Colleges Undergraduate Graduate (Master and Doctorate)
  5. 5. Application  First semester : April – Sept  Second semester : Oct – March Vacations • Summer Vacation : late July – early Sept • Winter Vacation : late Dec – early Jan • Spring Vacation : Feb - March
  6. 6. Tuition Fee National-U around US$6,800 Local public-U around US$7,000 Private-U around US$7,500 ~15,000 (reference)USA around US$3,700~30,000$(9months) UK around US$19,000(yearly) Average cost of first year of education. For the second year onward, students pay approximately 70% of these figures, as they pay the admission fee in the first year only. Reduction of Tuition Fee Available !!
  7. 7. Scholarships Rate of students receiving scholarships 44.4% of college student visa holders(average amount 65,000 yen) Types Stipend per month Number of grantees Inquiry Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students 48,000 yen > 12,000 Your school (in Japan) Local government scholarships, etc 28,000 yen (average) - Each organization or your school(in Japan) Private foundation scholarships 80,000 yen (average) - 〃 The general process is to apply for scholarships through one’s school after arriving to Japan
  8. 8. LIVING COST 111,000 YEN 127,000 YEN 121,000 YEN 119,000 YEN 110,000 YEN 134,000 YEN 110,000 YEN 151,000 YEN RATA-RATA 138,000 YEN
  9. 9. Part-time Employment 28 hrs/week for university students Various legal restrictions (reference) US$8 per hour ⇒US $ 224 in one week ⇒US$ 896 in one month
  10. 10. Japan awaits you We Warmly Welcome You To Study In Japan The Japanese government regards the promotion of student exchange policy as one of Japan’s most important national policies and is proceeding with various comprehensive programmes to meet the goal Contact : Vera Email : Mobile: 0815 870 2795