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Open hackeu introductionb

Introduction to Yahoo! Open Hack EU in Romania, May 2011.

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Open hackeu introductionb

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Objectives• What is a Hack[er]?• What is Open Hack?• What’s going to happen in the next 34 hours?• How to get the most out of this experience?
  3. 3. Hacker != Cracker
  4. 4. Wear the Hacker Badge with Pride!
  5. 5. Wear the Hacker Badge with Pride!
  6. 6. What is a Hack?• A Hack is a solution to a real world problem; a solution that has been devised and implemented in a time or resource starved situation. ... like say, in 24 hours.
  7. 7. An Egyptian Revolution Hack
  8. 8. A Cuban Embargo Hack
  9. 9. Text
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Scratch your own itch! Eric Raymond’s The Cathedral and the Bazaar: • Every good work of software starts by scratching a developer’s personal itch. • To solve an interesting problem, start by finding a problem that is interesting to you.
  12. 12. What is Open Hack?
  13. 13. Chad Dickerson Simple Rules • Take something from idea to prototype in a day • Demo it at the end of the day, in two minutes or less (usually less) Photo by @plasticbag
  14. 14. Open Hack creates an environmentwhere creativity can thrive.
  15. 15. We add key ingredients such as data from Yahoo! APIs and across the Web
  16. 16. “Raw Data Now”
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Text
  19. 19. Station Locations • TfL Pier Locations • Live Traffic Cameras • Oyster Ticket Stop Locations Static files on GLA servers • Cycle Hire Locations • London Underground Signals Passed at Danger • Riverboat Timetables
  20. 20. We add the finest web development tools...
  21. 21. Experts in the use of these tools...
  22. 22. Finally, we add creative individuals like YOU!
  23. 23. Open Hack EU 3• What’s going to happen in the next 34 hours?
  24. 24. Info.•• twitter • @openhackday - detailed event info • #openhackeu - add to all tweets• flickr - #openhackeu11
  25. 25. Main Room 2nd Track Games Quiet Area Sleeping & Dining Room Press VIP lounge
  26. 26. Saturday Talks Time Track 1 Track 2 10am YQL: Select * for Hackers by Jonathan LeBlanc 11am Introduction to YUI 3 by Luke Smith Accessibility Innovations & Challenges by Ted Drake11:30am Achieving greatness with node.js by Reid Introduction to Yahoo! Search BOSS Burke by Rahul Hampole 12pm Introduction to Yahoo! Messenger API by Vivek Aggarwal12:30pm Server Sidedness by Douglas Crockford 1pm Enthusiast Sessions by Murray Rowan & Session Leaders 1:20 Hacking Kickoff by Todd Hay, and a few words by Varujan Pembuccian6:30pm The JSON Saga by Douglas Crockford
  27. 27. Jonathan LeBlanc 10amSelect * for HackersOpen Hack Veteran. photo by superfluity
  28. 28. 11am Luke Smith Intro to YUI 3 photo by superfluity
  29. 29. 11am - Track 2 Ted Drake - Accessibility Innovations and challengesphoto by ted drake
  30. 30. 11:30am Achieving greatness with node.js by Reid Burke JavaScript out of the Browser..
  31. 31. Introduction to Yahoo! Search 11:30 - Track 2BOSS by Rahul Hampole
  32. 32. 12:00 Introduction toYahoo! Messenger API by Vivek Aggarwal
  33. 33. 12:30: Server Sidedness19:30: The JSON Saga
  34. 34. Enthusiast Sessions
  35. 35. Hardware Enthusiasts Viorel Spinu Robofun Aruino chips Motors Sensors
  36. 36. History Enthusiasts Matt Patterson - History Hack Day Dan Pett - British Museum Jo Pugh - National
  37. 37. Civil Society Enthusiasts Ruxandra Popa - Tech Soup Romania Liana Buzea -Lets do it, Romania!Madalina Mocan - RatiuCenter for Democracy
  38. 38. Mixed EnthusiastsLaurentiu Caramete -Astrophysisist -Institute of SpaceScienceDragos Muresan -ARCA SpaceNick Dima - MusicEnthusiast
  39. 39. Coffee & SnacksLunch at 1:30pmDinner at 7pmPizza at 10pm & 2amBreakfast & Lunch onSundayBeer on Sunday beforepresentations
  40. 40. AlgoRythmicsYouTube Hit
  41. 41. Presenting
  42. 42. Judging Criteria• Working Prototype• Solves a real problem• At least one Y! Tech• Creative / X Factor• Great UX• Unique• Realistic that it was built in 24 hours
  43. 43. Mr Raymie Stata
  44. 44. Mr Varujan PambuccianChairperson of the Committee forIT&C in Romanias Chamber of
  45. 45. Mr Ebbe AltbergSVP, Yahoo! Media
  46. 46. Mr Todd Hay
  47. 47. Mr Douglas Crockford Worlds Foremost living authority on JavaScript Author of “JavaScript, the good parts” Discovered the JSON data format
  48. 48. Mr Alexandru LapusanCEO at Zitek
  49. 49. When it’s all over...• Publish your code on GitHub• Tell us when you’re hacks progress further• Stay in touch with other hackers•• @ydn on twitter
  50. 50. How to get the most out of this event?• Get the right skills in your team • Plenty developers, but designers are very handy.• Practice your pitch: 1 drive & 1 pitch• Find a subject matter expert? • Enthusiast Sessions, Yahoo! Crew, Other Hackers• Take breaks - Play, Get a Tattoo• Network / Community• Have Fun

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Introduction to Yahoo! Open Hack EU in Romania, May 2011.


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