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Staying Afloat with Praise

Character building

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Staying Afloat with Praise

  1. 1. Staying Afloat Through Praise Dwell on the positive, then negative thoughts won’t be able to sink you. Being positive and praiseful will keep you afloat, whereas negative thoughts are like weights that could drag you down to the bottom of the ocean. Today there may be distances that you wish to reach, but it won’t be easy to get there from the bottom of the ocean. Determine to stay afloat by keeping your eyes on Me, and praise in your heart and on your lips. Then I will do My part: I’ll guide and move you forward with the current of My Spirit, and My strength and power. A message from Jesus S&S link: Character Building: Values and Virtues: Gratitude-2c Contributed by R. A. Watterson. Illustrated by Mercy. Colored and designed by Roy Evans. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2021 by The Family International