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PR 4.0: The changing PR landscape


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Presentation of CeBIT2015 by Mynewsdesk Germany CEO Jürgen Kopelke

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PR 4.0: The changing PR landscape

  1. 1. #Mynewsdesk PR-Tech 4.0 Rethinking Communication
  2. 2. #Mynewsdesk Mynewsdesk at a glance: 2014 15Mynewsdesk babies born Signups from 84countries 12Newsrooms opened in Kenya 7New tattoos 1In-house houseband 3New offices opened 44%More customers in 2014
  3. 3. #Mynewsdesk Mynewsdesk at a glance: Facts & figures #Mynewsdesk Mynewsdesk is an all-in-one brand newsroom and multimedia PR platform, where companies can setup newsrooms to publish and distribute their content, simultaneously publishing it on social media or embed the newsroom to their own site. Sweden FinlandDenmarkNorway UK Germany Singapore Part of NHST Media Group, Oslo Founded 2003 in Sweden Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden Revenue Growth EBIT Number of Employees Retention Rate LTV to CAC Ratio € 15.1 M 27% € -1.4 M 163 94% 10.4 2014
  4. 4. #Mynewsdesk Mega trends in media consumption
  5. 5. #Mynewsdesk fully-employed journalists of German journalists use PR releases as a source for information Within 1 Minute on the internet 48h video content gets uploaded to Youtube 3,000 photo-uploads to Flickr 685,000 Facebook content shares 100,000 new Tweets 2+ Mio. search requests in Google In Germany there are more than 80,000 Communications today: Facts & figures 80% people worldwide use social media Over of German internet users use social media networks 1.9BILLION 78% of the largest brands in Germany actively use social media. 39% Twitter 37% YouTube 28% Facebook 12% Corporate Blogs 60% ofbrandsuse
  6. 6. #Mynewsdesk The communication landscape is changing fast 2015 of CEOs think content marketing is the strategy of the future Brands evolve into media houses ➜ 72% of Twitter users: very likely that will buy from a company after they follow it Give the control to “super users” and let them speak for the brand ➜ 82% of Twitter users would recommend an SME that they follow to friends Social media is getting ephemeral Video is gaining an uptake in popularity CMS and personalized content ➜ 85% of Twitter users feel more connected to an SME when they follow them Increasing diversity of devices User-friendly format for different devices – mobile traffic will increase sevenfold by 2017 More videos, pictures, infographics, Slideshare Think in pictures (shareability)! Only 5% of the 100 biggest German companies serve Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & corp. blogs simultaneously 51% plan to increase their marketing- spend on data and analytics 57% for social media marketing 51% for email marketing “1 like is worth 1000 words” - Bigdata of German internet users use social media the largest German brands actively use social media: Bot-oriented content; Writing for search engines not users; generation of backlinks Static company websites Articles Pictures/photos Press-releases Videos Very important! ➜ Tweets with pictures are shared 2x more often Every second DAX company has their own blog Website content Infographics CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT CHANNELS CHANNELS CHANNELS STRATEGIES STRATEGIES STRATEGIES 78% 70% 39% 37% 28% 12% 58% 91% 76% i 78% 60% Corporate blogs Exabyte Exabyte 2013 2017 1,6 11,2 2009 2013 • Social media is developing at a high speed - 2015: ephemeral social media channels (e.g. Snapchat, Meerkat) • Users are becoming more engaged with brands, raising the importance of content marketing
  7. 7. #Mynewsdesk PR-tech today: Companies work with multiple suppliers PUBLISH Corporations ANALYZE NETWORK EXPLORE Social media Photos Print ads ClippingsSocial media monitoring Medien media monitoring Magazines Events Influencer relations Trend monitoring Direct interaction Manage contacts e.g. Excel lists Up to 549€/month for max. 10 users e.g. Bluereport Sprout Social up to 99€/month per user 2-5€/clipping Distribution in Germany 360€ Office 365: 15€/month per user Press releases • Currently corporations have to use the products of various suppliers for their communications work • The diversity of services makes managing corporate communication very complex
  9. 9. #Mynewsdesk PR-tech tomorrow: Workflow-oriented seamless solution Corporations Distribution of press releases, news, blog, images videos Integrate Newsroom in social media channels Categories tags to increase SEO Build your own media library (videos, images, logos, etc.) Content creation Storytelling Editorial planning Content collaboration Headline “prototyping” Conversations about company, brand, industry competition Identify influencers and relevant multipliers Direct interaction and strengthen personal network Efficient contact management system Integrate own contacts Increase own distribution list through new “followers” Find the influencers important for your brand Blogger relations User behavior, email open-/click rates, location Integration of Google Analytics Media monitoring Communication work runs over an all-in-one workflow platform with responsive design and therefore becomes more efficient and process-optimized. PublishCREATE Network Explore Analyze Communication work runs over an all-in-one workflow platform with responsive design and therefore becomes more efficient and process-optimized. WORKFLOW WORKFLOW
  10. 10. #Mynewsdesk Key areas of success
  11. 11. #Mynewsdesk While traditional media sources are declining the time people spend on social media channels keeps increasing • PR professionals need to move their communication into channels where they reach the biggest audience where their audience talks about them! Source: Pew Research Center (2013), (2014) 1| Reach: Facts figures 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% PERCENTAGEOFRESPONDENTS WHOGOTNEWS“YESTERDAY” FROMEACHPLATFORM 1991 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 DIGITAL GROWS AGAIN AS A SOURCE FOR NEWS TV Radio Online Any Digital News Newspaper PERCENT OF U.S. ADULTS WHO USE EACH SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE PERCENT OF U.S. ADULTS WHO GET NEWS FROM EACH SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE Note: The percent of U.S. adults who get news on Pinterest and Vine each amount to less than one percent Facebook Linkedin Pinterest Instagram Tumblr reddit YouTube Twitter Google+ Myspace Vine 64% 19 16 51 14 3 5 15 12 4 3 30% 1 1 1 2 3 8 10 4 USE SITE GET NEWS ON SITE Shared or reposted news stories, images or videos Discussed a news issue or event Posted photos they took of a news event Posted videos they took of a news event PERCENT OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE USERS WHO HAVE… 50% 46% 14% 12%
  12. 12. #Mynewsdesk 1| Reach: Companies’ budgets shifted from paid to owned earned media Source: Digital PR Challenge Survey UK (2014) Marketing through classic channels: Print, TV, radio, online e.g. classifieds, banners, AdWords, media- cooperations, sponsoring, etc. SERVICE COMPANIES CUSTOMERS INFLUENCERS Websites, SEO, Email Widgets/ Apps, Social media sites communities, content SEO, Facebook, YouTube, Comments, Twitter, Flickr, Vine, Google+, Blogs, Forums, Email Target groups strengthen the personal image of the company through social media channels, generate trust, create loyalty and support the customer retention. PAID OWNED EARNED From Push ➜ Interaction = active interaction with the target group: Journalists, investors, institutions, lobbyists, opinion leaders, bloggers, customers Generate positive marketing through word-of-mouth • Companies are shifting their PR budgets from paid content to owned earned content because these types are much more efficient in reaching the desired audiences.
  13. 13. #Mynewsdesk 1| Reach: Newsroom use case • Content can be distributed with one click over various channels in real time. TEXT IMAGE VIDEO Network (Email) Newsroom Social MediA Distribution services Journalists Influencers Bloggers Stakeholders Website Mobile Web distribution Dow Jones news wire MECOM news wire RSS feeds Subject mailing list Video distribution Journalist contact list Facebook Youtube Linkedin Twitter Instagram XING Pinterest Content “State-of-the-art” Newsroom
  14. 14. #Mynewsdesk Engagement Analysis Mentions - Views - Share of Voice - Referral Traffic 2 | Influencer relations: Challenge of managing them across social networks Influencers are found especially among… How to measure influence… Government officials - Analysts - Think tanks Researchers - Academics - Reporters - Bloggers 2,863 followers 763 friends 3,755 followers 334 Connections
  15. 15. #Mynewsdesk 2 | Influencer relations: Facts figures Over 1 in 3 pay influencers, less than 2% do so all the time 63% communicators regard the reach of the publication they write for as a useful measure of influence 73% of organizations involved in influencer relations fail to report on influencer engagement, despite 59% saying that senior management define their influencer strategy 56% marcomms professionals fail to achieve a positive result with their influencers most of the time 55% of work with influencers is unpaid Com p anies Indivi duals Agen cies Media houses Bloggers Influencers Community Government Key accounts Trade unions Consumers Journalists Investors Audience PR Ecosystem Commun ications
  16. 16. #Mynewsdesk 2 | Influencer relations: Building your audience with influencers • To address the right influencers in their respective fields PR professionals need to find the people who have the biggest impact with their opinions. • Influencer relations across all social networks • Connect to a list of 540,000 journalists globally • Find influencers in 42 countries and 27 languages
  17. 17. #Mynewsdesk 3 | Analyze: The importance of measurements is increasing • Measuring the impact of a company’s communication instruments is a crucial part of implementing a successful communication strategy. Source: Digital PR Challenge Survey UK (2014) WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING METRICS DO YOU USE TO MEASURE YOUR DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVITIES? Content views and visitors Online/social mentions Media ‘pick up’ or coverage Shares/retweets New subscribers/followers Search engine rankings Customer engagement Community engagement Brand sentiment Customer satisfaction Sales leads generated Financial return on investment Other 88% 85% 80% 74% 64% 45% 41% 40% 34% 31% 22% 21% 3%
  18. 18. #Mynewsdesk 3 | Analyze: 58% of companies focus on impact of owned earned media • Following the budget shift from paid media to owned earned media companies also need to adapt their communication metrics to measure the success of modern communication instruments. Source: Digital PR Challenge Survey UK (2014) Gross reach Net reach Cost per click Advertorial # Unique visitors # Blog visits # Website visits E-Mail marketing # Content downloads # Webinar participants Media impact analysis Web performance Social shares Word of mouth/ Recommendation/ Net promoter score Engagement rate # Clippings per month # Unique visitors Paid Reach Owned Reach Earned Reach
  19. 19. #Mynewsdesk 3 | Analyze: Newsroom use case Twitter Linkedin ORIGIN You are most successful in Berlin, Germany but Munich, Germany doesn’t lag far behind LOCATION OF VISITORS SOURCE OF TRAFFIC Referral Organic Direct Email RSS Others Computer/Laptop Tablet Smartphone DEVICES 75.7% 4.71% 19.59% Gast-Blogbeitrag: Wie verkaufsorientiert darf Content sein? Nachhaltiges Influencer Relationship Management. Gast-Blogbeitrag: Content-Strategie ClueCamp - Rock the Blog 2015: Influencer Relations Gast-Blogbeitrag: KPIs - so kann man den Erfolg in Content-Mar… Die Zukunft des Networking: Influencer Relations Wind of Change - den Wandel als Chance begreiten Jobzutriedenheit, wo biste? Umblättern mit der Maus - Medientrends mit Folgen Tschüss, Alpha-Tier. Hallo, Mensch. 704 216 185 164 105 89 77 70 68 52 Blog entry Blog entry Blog entry Event Blog entry Press release Press release Blog entry Press release Blog entry MOST READ PUBLICATIONS 600 400 200 0 VIEWS DAYS 16.Feb 18.Feb 20.Feb 22.Feb 24.Feb 26.Feb 28.Feb 2.Mar 4.Mar 6.Mar 8.Mar 10.Mar 12.Mar 14.Mar 16.Mar Number of visitors in your newsroom over a set time period 4172 Average length of stay in your newsroom over a set time period 02:22 Average number of visited sites in your newsroom over a set time period 1.81 NEWSROOM STATISTICS Newsroom statistics
  20. 20. #Mynewsdesk 4 | Use case: How communication could work Recent Newsroom example (March, 17th 2015) Content curation Kystverket Newsroom Content source Referenced back to Newsroom powered by MND
  21. 21. #Mynewsdesk The future of PR tech
  22. 22. #Mynewsdesk Future of PR tech: Virality is a key factor of success for tech companies 10 M 8 M 6 M 4 M 2 M 0 JUNE 2008 JUNE 2009 5 MILLION JANUARY 26, 2012 MILLION NIGHTS BOOKED JANUARY 26, 201210 JUNE 2010 JUNE 2011 JUNE 2012 GUEST NIGHTS BOOKED • The tech industry has shown enormous growth rates across various verticals in recent year — one of the main reasons for this is their capability of making their services go viral Using formula for success of sharing economy in pr tech: virality Source: (2013)
  23. 23. #Mynewsdesk Future of PR-tech: Enterprise SaaS is moving from B2B to B2C2B Traditional approach SALES APPROACH BUYING CENTRE VALUE PROPOSITION USER EXPERIENCE Non-traditional approach Employer-centric Corporate interest Tailored functionality Solves different problems Bring value through expertise Individual Customisation then use Dependent on organisation Complex for the user May require training Employee-centric Self interest Standard functionality Solves the same problem Bring value through User Expertise Social Use then customisation Independent, DIY Simple for the user No instruction manual needed Autocratic Sales one-by-one Sell on ROI Top-down Democratic Referral / viral Sell on common sense Bottom-up Engage corporate buyer Focus on budget holder Involve IT, Procurement, CFO Circumvent corporate buyer Focus on foothold workers Ignore IT, Procurement, CFO THEN THE WHOLE COMPANY MOBILE APPS OPEN SOURCE SELF SIGN UP THEN TEAMS ACQUIRE INDIVIDUALS NEW CUSTOMER ACQUISITION CHANNELS B2C2B COMPANIES A new trend in the enterprise SaaS industry is changing the way they approach enterprise software sales. The B2C2B model focuses on the eventual users of a software solution and acquires a whole company step-by-step. Source: Tomasz Tunguz, Redpoint Ventures (
  24. 24. #Mynewsdesk Future of PR tech: B2C2B has shown explosive growth in enterprise SaaS 2,000,000 1,500,000 1,000,000 500,000 0 1 5 10 15 20 25 29 USERS MONTHS GROWTH TO 2 MILLION USERS Dropbox HootSuite Yammer Evernote • Concept has been proven successful by SaaS companies selling to enterprises such as Dropbox, Yammer, Evernote and HootSuite • By focusing on the user and giving them a (free) tool a natural need for the product within the company is created Source: (2012)
  25. 25. #Mynewsdesk “Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories.” Laurie Anderson (U.S. Performance Artist) CeBIT ’15 - PR-Tech 4.0 - Jürgen Kopelke (March, 19th 2015)