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Bacterial nematode interactiion

Interaction of nematodes with the bacterial plant pathogens. this will give the idea how the bacteria and nematode symbiotically interact each other and causes diseases in plant system.

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Bacterial nematode interactiion

  1. 1. Submitted by Nishanth S
  2. 2. TYPES OF INTERACTION 1. Expression of different kind of disease syndrome in a host other than the disease caused by either pathogen alone. 2. Nematode predisposing the plants to bacterial disease or inhibiting the development of bacterial diseases 3. The nematode and bacterium together results in the production of a toxin.
  3. 3. CROP NAME OF THE DISEASE NEMATODE BACTERIUM ROLE OF DISEASE Wheat Tundu Anguina tritici Corynebacterium tritici Essential Tobacco Vascular wilt Meloidogyne incognita Pseudomonas solanacearum Assists Tomato Vascular wilt M. hapla, M. incognita P. solanacearum Assists Vascular wilt Helicotylenchus nannus P. solanacearum Assists Canker M. incognita C. michiganens var. michiganens Assists Potato Vascular wilt Meloidogyne spp. P. solanacearum Assists
  4. 4. CROP NAME OF THE DISEASE NEMATODE BACTERIUM ROLE OF NEMATODE Lucerne Crown buds (vascular wilt) Ditylenchus dipsaci Corophium insidiosum Essential & Assists Raspberry Crown gall M. hapla A. tumefacians Assists Strawberry Cauliflower disease Aphelenchodies ritzemobosi Rodococcus faciens Essential Peach Crown gall M. javanica A. tumefacians Assists Peach, Plum Canker Criconemella xenoplex Pseudomonas syringae Assists
  5. 5. CROP NAME OF THE DISEASE NEMATODE BACTERIUM ROLE OF NEMATODE Begonia Leaf spot Aphelenchoides fragariae Xanthomonas begoniae Assists Carnation Root (Vascular wilt) Meloidogyne spp. Pseudomonas caryophylli Assists Rose Hairy root Pratylenchus vulnus Agrobacterium rhizogenes Assists Gladiolus Scab M. javanica Pseudomonas marginata Assists
  6. 6. Reference  Hand Book of Economic Nematology by K. N. Pathak and R. P. Nath pg : 244 to 251  Fundamentals of Plant Nematology by E.I.Jonathan, S.Kumar, K.Devrajan, G.Rajendran pg : 141 