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Restaurant mobile app presentation


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NPSAPPS began in 2012 and is part of a larger organization that has been in business since 2001. The NPSAPPS team is focused on your business. We have put together a program that will take your business to the next level. Digital marketing, digital advertising and branding are the future – and the future is here today! Everyone has a smartphone. iPhone, Android and other smart phones make up 70% of the cell phone market today – and that number is growing. Apps for businesses is something innovative and should be a part of your digital footprint.

NPSAPPS is not only going to design your app, we are going to assist you in marketing your app so you can get your business in your customers smartphones! Our apps are are affordable, feature rich and innovative! An app will help you build loyalty, brand your business and much more!

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Restaurant mobile app presentation

  1. 1. 1500 W. Cypress Creek Rd. Ste. 503 • Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Local: 954.368.1640 • Toll-Free: 844.677.2777 • Fax: 866.406.5029 •
  2. 2. Mobile devices are the fastest growing form of advertising & customer engagement tool! Social Media? Coupons? Ads? Email? Put on phone And in the palm of ! Eye catching custom designs Push notifications, loyalty, coupons & more Eliminates going to a website or computer Mobile phones are within arms reach 24/7 Link all your social media Mobile Shopping, Reservations, and Food Ordering are the most requested features!
  3. 3. Everything Is Going Mobile! Your customers want you to have an app!  A recent study by Website magazine showed consumers prefer using apps over using mobile websites.  Apps on smartphones and tablets have more functionality then mobile websites.  Apps enable you to interact, deliver, and put your menu and locations directly into your customers hands! represent 75% of the smart phone market
  4. 4. Mobile shopping is changing everything.  Customers who shop using a tablet or mobile application spend more than a shopper using the web on a traditional computer.  Mobile shopping has increased by 20% this past year alone.  Apps are the quickest and most direct way to stay in touch with your customer, present your menu and so much more..  Electronic coupons, redeeming coupons, loyalty rewards, food ordering, and making reservations from your smartphone or smart device is the fastest growing service. 79% of smart phone users use their phones to shop 300% QR code scans increased since 2011
  5. 5. Mobile Websites (HTML) Mobile Website Get your restaurant in the app store! Apple App Stores Android Phones & Tablets (including Kindle & Nook)
  6. 6. The location tab gives users all the information they need to contact and locate your store. • One-touch calling • Map view with street address • Turn by turn directions • Integrate email • Website direct link • Hours of operation
  7. 7. Integrate a mailing list sign-up feature into your app. You can download the users information directly from the client panel or integrate it with your existing email marketing account.
  8. 8. List all your events in one place. The Events Tab allows users to: • Add any events to their device’s calendar • Indicate whether or not they will be attending • Write comments about the event • Post photos from events • And so much more!
  9. 9. With YOUR app users connect to all your social media pages all in one place! Integrate popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and so many others.
  10. 10. Have your YouTube Channel directly imported in your app. Add a new video to your YouTube account it will automatically update within the app. Customers can view: • Events • Commercials • Testimonials • Cooking demonstrations • And more Who needs a Facebook Wall when you can have your own Fan Wall right inside your app! Users can write on your Fan Wall about: • Why they love your restaurant • Product reviews • Recommendations to other users • Contests you’re running with prizes Now customers can see what everyone else is saying about your restaurant on Yelp and other websites. No need to post the same information twice. All of it will appear in your app for all your customers to view. • News feeds • Your website blog
  11. 11. The Share tab allows users to promote your app to their friends and encourages them to download it. • Send the app’s download link via email • Write posts on Facebook or Twitter • Send a text message to their contacts Have customer’s share photos of your products, events, and services; and send them directly to you. • Have a photo submission contest with a prize • Collect email addresses A helpful tool for the customer who can never find their car. With a GPS location pin they can now find where they parked their car and more. • Tag your car’s location • Take a photo of location • Set up a meter replenishing reminder
  12. 12. Use Push Notifications to instantly send alerts to your customers about special events & promotions anytime, anywhere! • Geo-target allows you to send messages to specific areas • Choose from a variety of template photos • Post to Facebook & Twitter at the same time The Message tab feature displays previously sent push notifications.
  13. 13. Write your message & choose to post to Facebook and/or Twitter.
  14. 14. Choose to message all users or only specific ones. Direct traffic to one location or a general message for ALL your locations. Push Notification / Geo-Targeting Geo-Fencing
  15. 15. Choose to send a web link, link to an app tab or a picture message.
  16. 16. Choose to send your message now or at a specific date in the future.
  17. 17. Your Gallery tab allows you to add photos of your: • Events • Featured menu items • Beautiful, elegant décor • Even your newly arrived merchandise for sale on your M-Commerce tab in your app Have all your images imported into the app from any of these Social Media Programs.
  18. 18. QR enabled coupons are a fun way to get customers excited about redeeming deals at your restaurant. Create GPS coupons that are activated once a customer is within your location. Go Green! No cards to print, no cards to punch; customers don’t have to carry cards! Customers can hand their phone to you and a code is punched in. Easy for customers because they always have their phone within reach.
  19. 19. Consumers shopping from their mobile devices is the fastest growing market. Link your existing shopping cart or the NPSAPPS cart and sell your products directly through the app. • Hats • Shirts • Gift cards The Tip Calculator tab is extremely useful for restaurants, dining or food service delivery. It allows customers to: • Calculate appropriate tips • Choose the percentage, and splitting of a check Create a custom email form for your users to fill out & send you specific information that you request. • Event registration • Catering and group dining • Contact • Concierge • Reservations
  20. 20. Using our Website feature you can link any page of any website directly to your app. Use it to link: • Reservations • Links • Menus
  21. 21. Give users the convenience of ordering food from your restaurant within your own app. • Place an order for pick up or delivery • Write special cooking instructions • Receive a confirmation email of the order • Integrate into any existing ordering system you are using online presently • Remote printer set up option available Integrate popular restaurant reservation systems into your app, or create a customized system specifically for your needs.
  22. 22. Display your menu directly in your app. It can viewed as a PDF or in a detailed format with pictures. This makes it convenient for customers to see your menu with either their phone or tablet devices.
  23. 23. Besides managing your app the old fashioned way, with just your computer, you can now manage your app from your smartphone anytime, anywhere! • Send out and schedule push notifications • Post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time • Check your app’s analytics • Download the free “Manager App” from iTunes and Google Play Stores.
  24. 24. The Dashboard allows you to make changes or updates to the app’s content, background images and color scheme.
  25. 25. Track and measure your marketing progress and learn how your customers interact with your app through your analytics reports. Understand your customers: • What tabs draw the most interest • Learn the times of day your app is used • Find out which mobile platform is the most popular • Learn how many times your app has been downloaded Also Track: • Track all the Reservations & Orders that were placed • Track money spent on food & product orders to help with inventory • M-Commerce results
  26. 26. Don’t have time to update your app with new events, photos and information? We can help! Application Updates: • Events • Photo galleries • Customer forms • Food menu & service reservation • Changes & additions • Push Notifications UPDATES • Send us a list of messages with their posting dates & times • We’ll also post to your Facebook & Twitter accounts • Help with new and creative marketing ideas
  27. 27. How will an app help my restaurant? The idea behind having an app for your restaurant is to build loyalty, keep customers informed, and attract new clients. We mix all trending technologies into your app, to allow for amazing marketing. • Push notifications, sent directly to your customers. • Allow your clients to post check ins and coupon usage on Facebook, Twitter, and all types of Social Media. • Keep all of your events right at your client's fingertips. • Reward loyalty with GPS Coupons, QR Coupons and Virtual Loyalty Punch Cards. • Customers have their phones with them 24/7. How easy is it to manage my Mobile app? NPSAPPS will provide you with back-end access to your app through our easy to use portal. The process is completely streamlined and easy to use. Manage, edit, and send coupons & push notifications. We are always available for your questions, to point you to the right resources, manage solutions, & training available. All the answers to all your questions.
  28. 28.  We make the process of building an app simple and pain free.  We handle everything from start to finish.  We are the mobile experts.  Affordable and innovative.  Our designers work with you to build your app.  Most of all, we care about your business and want to help provide you with new and fresh marketing ideas to make your business a SUCCESS! Here are some key facts as to why you should choose NPSAPPS.
  29. 29. 1500 W. Cypress Creek Rd. Ste. 503 • Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Local: 954.368.1640 • Toll-Free: 844.677.2777 • Fax: 866.406.5029 •