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How to choose the right domain name

How to choose the right domain name with proper domain naming tools! this slide show will show you how to pick the right and best domain name using domain name generator tool.

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How to choose the right domain name

  1. 1. How to Choose the Right Domain Name Pick The Domain Name Prepared by http://www.namestall.comDomain Name Generator, Suggestions & Ideas Tools
  2. 2. How to Choose the Right Domain?
  3. 3. Domain Name!!!• If you want to sell online you need to have a domain name. In fact, you need a domain name for just about any website or blog that you pout online. A domain name is an essential part of your site online and there are many reasons why you need a domain name. Here are some of those reasons and how to choose the right one for you.
  4. 4. Get Recognized as a Real Company
  5. 5. • Have you ever visited a website and saw one huge long name at the top of the page? This long name looks like the page was designed by an amateur and free sites are just not the way to go if you want to be recognized as a legitimate business. Many people may think your site is some sort of scam if you use a free site and don’t get a domain name.
  6. 6. Keywords
  7. 7. • A domain name allows you to place keywords directly into the domain name. You may want to do this instead of your company name to generate traffic to your website. Make sure the keywords are a part of your business for maximum results.
  8. 8. Make it Unique
  9. 9. • Make sure your site name is unique conduct some research and make sure your domain name isn’t similar to some other site or you may get mistaken for the other site. This can save you a lot of headaches and misguided traffic that you dont want. A unique name will help you stand out from the many websites and domain names already online. If you live in a specific country go with an extension if it’s available such as .CA for Canada or.UK for the United Kingdom. If you are in the United States then you want a .com address but these are getting harder to find.
  10. 10. Easy to Remember Name
  11. 11. • Make sure your domain name isn’t to long or hard to spell. You want an easy to read domain name that people will remember. If the name is too long then it will probably get misspelled a lot of the time and you’ll lose traffic because of it. Make sure the name is also very easy to type for people.
  12. 12. Make Your Name Descriptive
  13. 13. • Your domain name should match your content and make sure that you have enough content on your website before you go live. Once people find you they will expect to find great content on your site. Dont launch with "coming soon" or "under construction" on your website. This was fine in the early days of the internet but no one wants to see this now.
  14. 14. Check for Copyright
  15. 15. • Make sure that your domain name isnt infringing on someone else. You will have to check the domain name and make sure there arent other companies with that name online or offline somewhere. One site that makes this easy is
  16. 16. Your Domain Name Matters
  17. 17. • Spend some time and get the right domain name ideas. If you are on a free site, many of them have the options for paying for a domain name. It does cost you for the name but it’s the single best investment you can do for your website or blog. Get your domain name now.
  18. 18.
  19. 19. • Whenever you think you run out of domain name ideas. Just visit Our domain naming tools never run out of great domain names. Just use domain generator and with a few clicks and you will end up with some amazing domain names for your website, blog or company.•• Thank you.