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#Happiness - Live what you love

When Passion and Purpose Change your Life.

If there is one thing we all are it’s “time poor”. (and I know that even more now being a part of the team for Channel Ten’s 2015 Shark Tank Australia). Time is our most precious asset – we are all given only 24 hours a day. Though how you choose to spend those precious seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks will ultimately determine your sense of well being, or success.

I know your pain, as it is mine too. The hardest thing I have had to do — ever — is to make the choice on where I spend my time. So many choices: education, reading, events, socialising, let alone work, family, friends and fitness. And there’s so little time.

And now I am presenting you with a new book to read… if you buy it will you read it? I have written it to inspire you to choose it over the others on the pile next to your bed. This is what I do know, if you choose to spend some of your precious time investing in reading this book, you will be far better equipped to make great choices for your life and your future. If you give your time to discovery you will reap the reward, whatever that reward may be. It might be simply flourishing, or career guidance; perhaps some insights on starting a business, or you might find the inspiration you need to succeed on your academic journey. My new book will make a difference towards living a life you love.

I know if you take the time, contemplate the words, make them your own and do the exercises I have included your experience of life will shift – and you will have a few laughs along the way.

You will discover your passion, understand the power of persistence, know the difference that comes from being positive and ultimately experience a life filled with purpose.

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Or have a print copy here.

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