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This is a digital content marketing strategy flow: the strategy & different steps to a successful implementation of a digital roadmap into your company. - user based digital content marketing strategy flow

  1. 1. Content RoadMap Version: 1.0project: Content Strategy Creator: Yves Ferket Copyright: Nascom page 2 / 4Version: 1.0 | Modified: Thu Mar 21 2013 Steps Discovery Design Delivery Deploy Drive Traffic & Measure Flow Goals & Audience: Customer Map content Content Channel Content Briefing Digital Objectives Personas Content on Site Templates Inventory Marketing of Journey Content who what when Partners Search Meta Info Goal 1 Goal 2 Goal 3 Goal 4 Goal 5 Ads Goal Match Social E-mail Content resources Persona Match Content Plan Nascom Digital Store Marketing Wheel Content Purpose Content Analysis Tone of Voice Budget Content People Team Member CMS/DAM DB with API Content Content Content Gap Content Measure Inventory Ideation Analysis Keywords Content Calendar 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Version/ Google Facebook Social Localize Analytics Insights stats Content Content Budget Team Measurement feedback loop ▪ Goals & Objectives: Why are whe doing this; What ▪ Map Content on Site: Create a site map where you will ▪ Channel Inventory: What are your online ▪ Content Briefing: ▪ Digital Marketing of Content: Now that we put would be the outcome assign content catégories channels ▪ Who: assign a person... all the effort in creating the content, lets drive ▪ Audience Personas: What are our different customer ▪ Content Templates: Define content templates which ▪ Facebook: one or more (global) pages ▪ What: to create content traffic to it types explain: ▪ Twitter: accounts in different languages? ▪ When : by a certain deadline ▪ Nascom Digital Marketing Wheel: Nascoms Explained ▪ Customer Journey: What questions are we trying to ▪ Meta info: Short descriptive description of the what ▪ Linked In : Linked In company pages ▪ Store Content: framework of promoting your content answer in the buying process ▪ Goal Match: To which goals will this content contribute ▪ Youtube: or other video channnels ▪ CMS: in a content management system ▪ Measure: Measure the consummation, reach, ▪ Content analysis: What content do we have, would be ▪ Persona Match: to which customer types will this appeal ▪ Content Plan: ▪ DB with API: a Database which can be sharing and engagement across your different good to have, …and is missing. What keywords? ▪ Purpose : What are we trying to achieve e.g. subscribe, ▪ Budget: which budget for which content accessed by an API channels ▪ Content Budget: Whats the budget we can spend on a … ▪ Content: Prioritizing content to the budget ▪ Version Localize: Rework and localize content ▪ Measurement feedback loop: Learn from regular basis ▪ Tone of voice: informal, eductional, corperate,… ▪ People: External /Internal people if needed measurement and adapt where necessary. ▪ Content Team: Who will be creating, gathering, ▪ Team Member: Whos responsible ▪ Content Calendar: what-where-when Conduct A/B tests where needed approving, submitting… the content

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This is a digital content marketing strategy flow: the strategy & different steps to a successful implementation of a digital roadmap into your company.


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