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Rethink transformation with total organization coaching (TOC)

Rethink transformation with total organization coaching (TOC) is a unique and new concept of a coaching applicable for large complex organization, where you can accommodate more than two people to as many as possible, and you are confident to facilitate. It is a powerful tool if applied precisely.

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Rethink transformation with total organization coaching (TOC)

  1. 1. Rethink Transformation with Total Organization Coaching (TOC) Presented by: Nasima Shafiul Founder and Director-Adrita Group Founder and Organizer-Agile Leaders @nasima.jolly
  2. 2. Rethink Transformation with Total Organization Coaching (TOC) Brought to you by: Coaching Kata Hosted By: Savita Pahuja & Mariete Sequera Hernandez
  4. 4. Why TOC? TO BOOST UP THE TRANSFORMATION WHERE WE ARE NOW Have we reach yet where we wanted to be TO WHERE WE WANT TO BE Have we set our strategic goal yet? Are we ready? Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020
  5. 5. :: TOC :: Total Organization Coaching:: Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020 To assure the successful Transformation throughout the organization not only, one-on-one' or team-coaching is necessary but also 'total organization coaching' is crucial.
  6. 6. KEY ELIMENTS HEAD Focused, Flexible, Productive Agile, Effecive, Responsive HEART Authentic, Empowering, Trusted, Passionate, Collaborative, Connected GUT Innovative, Dynamic, Courageous, Inspiring Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020
  7. 7. 3 Trigger Points INTENSION INTUITION IMPLEMENTATION Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020
  8. 8. Questions Q1. Look at your daily habit and ask yourself if they are causing you to evolve and revolve? Q2. Are you moving forward or moving in a circle? Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020
  9. 9. How TOC Model Works DESIRE VS CAPABILITY TOC works when we know how to create a balance between desire and capability Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020
  10. 10. How TOC Model Works DESIRE VS CAPABILITY Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020
  11. 11. How TOC Model Works DESIRE VS CAPABILITY Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020
  12. 12. Skills and abilities Be curious Gather Data/Information Identify Stakeholders Collaboration Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020
  13. 13. Enterprise Level Agile Coach Extensive Fearless Facilitator Collaborative approach (with 'Be present' and 'Open' mindset) Must-Have Requirements for Ultimate Success Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020
  14. 14. 7. POWERFUL QUESTIONS 2. FACILITATOR 3. PARTICIPANTS ONE PROBLEM 9. AGREEMENT/CONCLUSION Tool: Total Organization Coaching System 4. VEGAS RULES Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020 8. GROUP COACHING CONVERSATION 5. GROUND RULES Enterprise Coach 1. 6. One hour~ One Business-day
  15. 15. Tool: Total Organization Coaching System ONE COACH/ONE DAY One enterprise level coach and coaching may take one hour to one whole business day based on the complexity ONE PROBLEM Only one problem/issue to be identified and discussed, the entire team and/or department can be present POWERFUL QUESTIONS Questions are welcome from 360 degree angle NOTHING PERSONAL Religiously stay focused to that identified one problem VEGAS RULES the rule says that whatever is said in the meeting must be kept private to the people who were in the room and should never be repeated to othersCopy Rights@Adrita Group2020
  16. 16. Be impeccable with your words Do not take anything personally Do not make an assumption Just do your best Integrity is really important for one to fulfill TOC's purpose with decorum and dignity! Few agreements in TOC practice: Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020
  17. 17. KPIs & Impact of TOC at the Enterprise level Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020 Organizational Transformation Success Emotional Cycle of Success
  18. 18. Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020 Organizational Transformation Success Crossfunctional operation efficiency Gross transformation targets fulfillment Return on Investment (ROI) Integral Agile Health Little gains that rolled up to big wins
  19. 19. It is important to be aware that you will experience these stages in your journey. Acknowledging them will help you ease the pain of Informed Pessimism and Valley of Despair and push through those phases faster. At the end you will see a breakthrough! Be patient my friends, and trust the process! It will all work out if you keep up the motivation and keep your eye on the prize! Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020
  20. 20. Abandonment Feel 'left out' Being left Threatens to Leave Demotivate to be emotionally available Guilt Feels 'sorry' and 'bad Does not like to ask Questions Use guilt to manipulate Is afraid to set boundaries Make collaborator feel guilty Trust Afraid to be hurt Doesn't trust themselves Find ways not to trust people Feels insecure and look for external validation Does not feel Safe Chaos Struggle to let go Self-worth/Self-steam Gets angry easily Struggle to say no/yes Represses emotions Fear of being Vulnerable Does not feel appreciated Negative Impact on Participants::Negative Impact on Participants:: If TOC System has not followed preciselyIf TOC System has not followed precisely Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020 !!Warning!!
  21. 21. Benefits Realization of TOC for Leaders, Agile Coaches, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Team Members Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020
  22. 22. TOC PRACTICE IN BREAKOUT ROOM 10 min Minimum 3 people Max 5 People (for today's practise session only) Copy Rights@Adrita Group2020
  24. 24. Let's Transform Together EMAIL TEXT/WHATSAPP LINKEDIN