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How to Have a Stellar 2014 in Life and Business

If you want to make sure 2014 is different and that you actually achieve what you set out to do then this is for you.

Here’s what you'll learn:

How to get really clear on your ideal day
Why having a clear vision is critical and how to create yours
Creating your 1 Page Biz plan
The 5 Pillars you need to succeed in business and life
The key to forming habits that stick
What types of habits you should be building
Tools to help you clear the way for greatness in 2014

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How to Have a Stellar 2014 in Life and Business

  1. 1. Here’s  what  you’ll  learn:     ü  How  to  get  really  clear  on  your  ideal  day     ü  Why  having  a  clear  vision  is  cri7cal  and  how   to  create  yours     ü  Crea7ng  your  1  Page  Biz  plan   ü  The  5  Pillars  you  need  to  succeed  in  business   and  life     ü  The  key  to  forming  habits  that  s7ck     ü  What  types  of  habits  you  should  be  building    
  2. 2. To  connect  and  learn  more:     Watch  this  Slideshare  as  a  video  presenta7on  at     Use  the  hashtag  #stellar2014  on  TwiLer  and   tweet  ques7ons  or  comments  to  @nataliesisson     Post  your  ques7ons  or  feedback  on     Grab  your  free  Suitcase  Starter  Kit  valued  at  $77  
  3. 3. Step 1:! Have a clear vision of what your perfect day looks like.
  4. 4. How  to  create   habits  that  s7ck  
  5. 5. Say  YES  to  become  a  VIP   Highflyer  Club  Member    
  6. 6. What  is  the  Highflyer  Club?   The  Highflyer  Club  is  designed  for  established   entrepreneurs  who  have  been  in  business  for  at  least   a  year  or  have  run  successful  businesses  in  the  past   and  consistent  revenue.     It’s  an  exclusive  applica7on  only  club,    limited  to  just   100  members  who  are  looking  to  make  more  money,   have  more  7me  and  create  more  freedom  in  their  life.    
  7. 7. What  is  the  Club  made  up  of?   Mastermind  –  the  power  of  a  like-­‐minded  community  alone  can  add   thousands  to  your  bo7om  line,  your  mindset,  your  confidence  and  your  ability   to  create  opportuni:es,  joint  ventures  and  make  the  right  introduc:ons  to   influencers  .       The  mastermind  takes  place  within  the  3  Lounge  dedicated  to  Mastering  your   Mindset  |  Growing  Your  Business  |  Crea7ng  a  Freedom  Lifestyle  |        
  8. 8. What  is  the  Club  made  up  of?   Mentoring  –  once  a  month  we  jump  on  a  group  coaching  call  where  I  will   answer  all  your  ques:ons.  This  is  where  the  magic  happens  as  oEen  people   have  the  same  important  ques:ons  as  you  do  and  can  focus  on  taking  the   answers  and  puFng  them  into  ac:on.         From  :me  to  :me  we  do  a  live  member  case  study  by  focusing  on  your  key   challenges  or  sharing  results  from  comple:ng  a  mission,  so  everyone  can  learn.  
  9. 9. What  is  the  Club  made  up  of?   The  missions  are  focused  on  specific  learning  and  implementa:on  and  are   mindset,  business  or  lifestyle-­‐based.  Think  Mission  Impossible  –  “Your  mission   Highflyer,  should  you  choose  to  accept  it  is  to….”  one  to  two  :mes  per  month.     They’re  designed  to  make  you  more  money,  save  you  :me,  or  giving  you  more   freedom  and  take  1-­‐3  hours  to  complete  through  video  or  audio  learning.     You’ll  be  accessing  my  inner  circle  of  experts  -­‐  my  mentors,  advisors  and  friends   who  are  crushing  it  in  their  own  arena.      
  10. 10. What  is  the  Club  made  up  of?   The  micro  economy  really  comes  from  the  fact  that  with  the  level  and   quality  of  membership  capped  at  100,  there  are  an  abundance  of   opportuni:es  to  refer  each  other,  make  the  right  introduc:ons,  do  business   with  each  other  and  even  form  joint  ventures  that  align.     This  type  of  networking  and  connec:ng  is  invaluable  and  will  ensure  you  get   a  high  return  on  investment.  
  11. 11. What  is  the  Club  made  up  of?   The  Highflyer  Club  rewards  program  is  where  you  can  earn  miles  for   comple:ng  the  missions,  being  engaged  in  the  club  lounge  or  in  the   Facebook  group,  and  for  showing  up  and  doing  the  work  for  yourself  and   helping  others.     Each  quarter  you’ll  get  to  redeem  those  points  and  you’ll  be  able  to  apply   them  to  your  membership  investment  or  on  products  and  services  that  will   help  you  and  your  business.  
  12. 12.  
  13. 13. This  is  my  Six  Step  System  full  day  workshop  designed  to   get  you  results  where  you’ll  learn  how  to:     ü  ü  ü  ü  ü  ü  Define  and  a7ract  your  ideal  customer  and  charge  what  you’re  worth   Build  your  brand  through  social  media,  blogging  and  your  website   Streamline  your  business  to  create  more  effec:ve  systems  that  work   Tap  into  the  power  of  outsourcing  to  free  up  your  valuable  :me   Create  a  lucra:ve  sales  funnel  that  generates  consistent  leads  and  sales   CraE  all  of  this  new  found  knowledge  into  your  1  Page  Business  Plan  to   ensure  you  have  a  plan  of  ac:on  to  achieve  success.