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How to Create Freedom in Business

I'm on a mission to inspire people to create freedom in business and adventure in life.

This is my vision (and painted picture) for the Suitcase Entrepreneur and how I'm going to achieve that by the end of 2015.

By sharing it with you, it becomes closer to reality and ensures I achieve what I set out to do.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

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How to Create Freedom in Business

  1. Choose
  2. The following is a detailed vision for whatmy company, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, will look,feel like, and act like by December 31, 2015.
  3. Sharing it with you helps it become a reality, especially as you are a part of it too, just by reading it.This painted picture alsodepicts the life I will beleading and, in many respects,wish for you as well.
  4. What I Do
  6. This is why I do what I do. I inspire people to create freedom in business and adventure in lifeso that they love what they do and live with purpose
  7. I WORK WITH THOSE PEOPLE WHO KNOW THERES A BETTER LIFE OUT THERE FOR THEM,where they dictate their own terms for work, love, and life.
  8. I work with real go-getters who are prepared to go against the trends, to challenge the status quo
  9. and rebel against what everyone elsestands for in order to achieve their ideal lifestyle.
  10. How I do this is by showing them exactly how to use online tools, technology, social media, and world-sourcing
  11. to streamline their business and save time and money, so they can truly live life on their own terms.
  12. I SPEAK AT EVENTS AROUND THE WORLD like TEDx to spread this message,and show people just whats possiblein this new way of working and whythey can make their dreams a reality.
  13. As a strategic business coach I work with thebest red-carpet clientswho value my why and appreciate my straight up speak, tough loveapproach and real world business smarts and sass.
  14. I TEACH MY MOTIVATED CUSTOMERS THE REAL WORLD SKILLS THEY NEEDto set up their own profitable business and a location independent lifestyle, through my core flagship program BYOB club, and my digital products that complement this.
  15. I give away a veritable wealth of FREE STRATEGIES,ADVICE AND STEP-BY- STEP LEARNING through my blog, podcast, videos and webinars, as well as my free guides and books.
  16. I FEEL HONOURED WHENmy clients and customers tell how my work, and my best seller bookThe Suitcase Entrepreneur, helped them to achieve their dreams.
  17. They show me the results of what they have launched,completed, achievedor done in business,travel, and life on a weekly basis.
  18. More and more people are telling their friends about mebecause of thework that I doand the resultsthat I provide.
  19. People want to work with mebecause they know that I get it. I make it fun, real, and completely doable.
  20. I AM HIGHLYPERCEPTIVE, INTUITIVE AND AWARE OF MY KEY STRENGTHSI play to these daily to focus on providing my best self in all my interactions.
  21. It shows as my businesscontinues to grow daily, and the Suitcase Entrepreneur becomes the go-to brand synonymous with creating freedom in business and adventure in life.
  22. I MAKE SURE TO WALK THE TALK and take regular digital sabbaticals, play sports Ilove, like Ultimate Frisbee,and spend quality time in the presence of movers and shakers.
  23. How I Feel How I feel
  24. I feel absolutely on purposeAS I AM TRULY LIVING MY DREAM.There is no better feeling than sharing the gift of freedom with yet another person who gets it and realises that they can create their ideal lifestyle on their own terms.
  25. I TURNED PRO AND HAVE NEVER LOOKED BACK. I have achieved a level offocus in my life and business that others can only dream of.
  26. As a result, I am fullypresent each and everyday, and I see beautyin the world and auniverse of opportunityahead of me.
  27. PEOPLE TELL ME THAT I LOOK YOUNG, VIBRANT, AND ALIVE.They see that I am in the best shape of my life both physically and mentally. They want to learn mysecret, and I tell them the secret is to love what you do and only do what you love.
  28. Everyday I start with my power hour designed TO FOCUS ON BEING IN THE ABSOLUTE BEST FRAME OF MIND to approach the day with ..
  29. An abundance of energy, gratitude, and desire.My body is my temple of strength, my mind is my wiset ally, and mymindset proves anything is possible.
  30. I STAY TRUE TO THE SYSTEMS THAT I HAVECREATED IN MY BUSINESS tMy core work and main priorities are completed first thing, so that I can afford myself the time to do what I wish during the day.
  32. My team appreciates my values of freedom and adventure and how I apply it to all we do.They are continually growing into their own power as a result.
  33. Every area of my life benefits from the ruthless focus and discipline I’ve applied to achieve this lifestyleI feel like the luckiest person on earth and in exactly the right place.
  34. My Global Offerings
  35. My Suitcase Entrepreneur Executive Club is my flagship offering, regularly cited as: the online training program for entrepreneurs who want to build a profitable online business and life they love.
  36. It wins annual awards in excellence and new members join daily to achieve real results that change their lives. Affiliates love to promote it, and this has led to live events and workshops to take the training truly global.
  37. My coaching is strictlylimited to working with just a handful of people each month, who I love working with, and love working with me.
  38. We make tangible progress every session and both feel energized by our work together. Clients regularly sing my praises and are proud when I share their excellent results as case studies on my blog for others to learn from.
  39. My digital guides are selling likehotcakes. More than that they aremaking a real difference inpeople’s lives. They make the complex seem easy, And the impossible more than possible.
  40. My webinars are always a hit with hundreds registering to hear thevaluable information and knowledge I provide.
  41. They soak up the knowledge and lessonsI share freely and generously. This leads people to want to be a part of my community and club, which leads to further growth of my business… and ultimately theirs, as Im able to invest more into them.
  42. Culture and Spirit
  43. I LOVE TO LEAD FROM A POSITION OF STUDENT FIRST, teacher second.I work with clients who share this attitude, and together we create magic. We match each others’ commitment to putting in the effort where it counts most and applying strategic focus.
  44. When it comes to partnerships, I only alignmyself with companies that represent whatthe Suitcase Entrepreneur brand stands forand are willing to create lasting and fruitfulrelationships, which benefits both parties.
  45. Brand and Image
  46. The Suitcase Entrepreneur brand REPRESENTS THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM in a traditional world, uniqueness and success on your own terms.
  47. PEOPLE RELATE to the fact that fun andprofit can go hand in hand, and that if you workhard, you play hard too.People want to work with that crazy, cool NatalieSisson and become their own version of theSuitcase Entrepreneur.
  48. Sponsors
  49. Companies contact me weekly to see how we can work together to showcase their latest tool, product, or service.We only work with the best, that help those I serve save time and money, become more efficient, productive and happier, and ultimately more successful.
  50. As a result, we attractTOP SPONSORSHIP RATES that compensate the time, effort, and thoroughness I put in to provide the most reliable reviews and opinions for my community.
  51. Leadership
  52. lead by example and do as you say.’ This is my leadership style, that isproven again and again in the resultsI give my clients, and companies that I work with.
  53. They love how I show them the best way to achieve what they want in business and life, and that I practice it in my own life too. They happily provide raving testimonials about how much Ive increased their personal and business wealth - be it mindset, knowledge, money, time or freedom.
  54. Communication
  55. I’m known for SAYING EXACTLY WHAT I THINK.Being a straight-talking Kiwi, I tell people to get realwhen they most need to hear it. I also know whento encourage, motivate, and inspire to get the mostout of people.
  56. I AM DOWN TO EARTHand specialize in making complex speakplain and simple. This is what people loveabout me and my offerings. And I am cheeky too because life is too short to be serious.
  57. Customer Service
  58. WE PROVIDE THE BESTPOSSIBLE OFFERINGSand continually update them to make sure they stay relevant and provide real results to those who have invested in them. As a result, we get close to zero refund requests or complaints.
  59. WE ACT PROMPTLY to solveanyones concerns and to give them thebest possible answer and outcome so theyremain happy, even delighted, and refer usto their friends for years to come.
  60. Systems
  61. BEING A HUGE ADVOCATE for using the right tools and technology to run your business from anywhere, our companys systems are second to none andare continually being refined and optimized to make us incredibly efficient, productive and in control.
  62. Having written the book on how to create a lucrative sales funnel, we walk thetalk and have ours set up to work to the best effect.
  63. OUR TEAM AND CLIENT COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS WORK SEAMLESSLY, and allow us to manage projectsmeticulously, across time zones and languages, as well as scheduling, follow up and tracking.
  64. Team
  65. I AM SO GRATEFULfor my global virtual team and their array of talents and skills that continue to drive the Suitcase Entrepreneur into being a multiple six-figure business.
  66. TOGETHER WE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS and make anything possible.We strive for excellence and hold each other to thisstandard weekly. As a result, more people are dying to work with us to help change the world into one where freedom reigns supreme.
  67. We attract a WORLD-CLASS culture where each team memberü Feels personally responsible for the companys success and their ownü Upholds their highest standards in their work and conduct alwaysü Treats everyone with respect – most importantly themselvesü Values and encourages honesty and integrity above all else
  68. Media
  69. I am a media darling and go-to person for everything related to building an online businessincluding tools, social media, andoutsourcing, as well as doing this from anywhere.
  70. IM REGULARLY FEATUREDas a columnist on Forbes,Visa Business Network,Entrepreneur magazine andInc, as well as on popularsites like Lifehacker,Huffington Post, Wired,Engadget, and Mashable.
  71. I am interviewedregularly on popularpodcasts and radioshows, as well as localTV, but am most effectiveat live speaking events.
  72. Profitability
  73. As more and more people tap into THE SUITCASE ENTREPRENEUR LIFESTYLEand how to get closer to having it, the business continues to grow through…
  74. an increase in customers investing acrossthe companys offerings, and as a result ofcontinued media, referrals, joint ventures, and affiliates.
  75. With the annual profits increasing 25% year on year… I am able to become an angel investor in startups that align with my values and share in their entrepreneurial journey and success by 2016 and onwards.
  76. Wellness and Balance
  77. AS A RESULT OF TURNING PROI made a commitment to myselfto fuel my body, mind, and soul on a daily basis, in order to fulfill my dreams.
  78. I also regularly play ultimate frisbee tournaments around the world and enjoy the competition, camaraderie and party spirit every time. I play other sports and attend sporting events as often as possible like the major Grand Slam Tennis Opens.
  79. I SCHEDULE TIME OFF at the start of each calendar year forvacations, retreats, and masterminds,to ensure I continue to grow and become a better person, friend, entrepreneur, mentor, and leader.
  80. Mentors
  81. I regularly surround myself with influencers, experts, and mentorswho are operating on a higher level,so that I too can aim to their status in my own time.
  82. THROUGH THEIR KNOWLEDGE SHARING via our one-on-one sessions, at our mastermind events and retreats. I have developed powerful mindset techniques and key connections. I continue to raise my own bar higher,and in turn pass it on to all those who come within contact with me.
  83. Family and Friends
  84. I SURROUND MYSELF with my wonderful family through regular quality time, holidays and special occasions. I am fortunate to have amazing friends around the world who love and challenge me, and wehang out regularly on planned holidays, retreats and tournaments that are scheduled into my year on purpose.
  85. WE HAVE ADVENTURES,laughs, and tons of fun when we are together and are there for each other no matter what.
  86. Thank you for reading my vision.Create your own by starting’m Natalie Sisson, founderof the Suitcase Entrepreneurand I’m on a mission toensure you create freedomin business and adventurein life.