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Production Log


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Production Log

  1. 1. 1 St. Paul’s Catholic College Center Number: 64770 Candidate Number: 6763 Candidate Name: Natalie Warren A2 Media Studies Unit G324: Advanced Portfolio in Media – Production Log Evidence of Planning & Research
  2. 2. 2 Aims and Objectives  AO2 – Assess candidates’ application of knowledge and understanding in evaluating their own work, showing how meanings and responses are created.  AO3 – Assess candidates’ ability to plan and construct media products using appropriate technical and creative skills.  AO4 – Assess candidates’ ability to undertake, apply and present appropriate research. Brief Chosen A 45 second – 1 minute 30 second trailer for a NEW Soap Opera that will be exhibited on at 8:30pm (after Eastenders) that will appeal to a Male and Female audience. YOU SHOULD research when Eastenders is scheduled (Day – Time)
  3. 3. 3 Contents Textual Analysis  Eastenders - Soap Opera Codes & Conventions - Multi Strand Narrative  Coronation Street “..the home, the family, domestic tribulations and the strong woman, and as such, it has long been said to appeal to the female viewer” ‘Masculinity and Popular television’ – Rebecca Feasey (2007) - Is this evident and how is this presented to the audience? Research  Purpose of a Trailer  Multi-Platform promotion  Textual Analysis – Coronation Street and Hollyoaks Deadlines – Production Work Filming Dates: Edited Trailer – Complete: Promotional Poster – Complete: Promotional Magazine Cover – Complete: Evaluation– Complete: Production Work  Director – Roles & Responsibilities?  Producer – Roles & Responsibilities?  Institution research – BBC Two
  4. 4. 4 SoapOpera Codes & Conventions – Lesson2 1) What are some of the Codes & Conventions of this genre? YOU MUST demonstrate what you already know by completing a “Spider Diagram” ofwhat you know about OR expect from this genre:
  5. 5. 5 2) Codes & Conventions of the SoapOpera Genre The Soap Operagenre can be categorizedby the ‘repeated’ (Steve Neale) elements of: 1. Love 2. Conflict 3. Secrets 4. Betrayal 5. Death/Murder Eastenders (1985 – Present) Key informationregarding this text:  Shown on BBC1 – Availableon demand throughBBC iPlayer.  On the show’s 30th anniversary, itaveraged over 20 million viewers.  Appliesto the ‘kitchen sink drama’theory because it depicts the domestic situations of workingclass Britons. Textual Analysis Task -
  6. 6. 6 YOU MUST complete the Table below whilst watching the TWO promotional trailers for the BBC Soap Opera EastEnders. YOU SHOULDaim to identify key examples(Verbal, Non-Verbal, Technical) from each trailer that demonstratesyour understanding. Extension- YOU COULD apply relevantaudiencetheory to explain what impact these key examples would haveon the target demographic. In your opinion, accordingto Hartley’s Seven Subjectivities, whatis the target audiencefor EastEnders? Age Teenagers/Young adults (16-24 year olds) Gender Female Nationality British Trailer 1) What is the Focus of this trailer? The Week of Revelations – EastEnders 2015 Trailer BBC1 Code & Convention Evidence (Verbal, Non-Verbal, Technical) Impact on the Audience (Katz, Maslow, Hartley) Romance N/A There didn’t seem to be any elements of romance in the trailer due to the fact that their aim was to focus on a horror and mystery theme. Family relationships and/or conflict Technical: A long-shot at the end of the trailer is used which places all characters within family units. According to Hartley, this would therefore appeal to a family audience. Also ‘survivors’ (Maslow) would want to know what will happen to the characters and whether they are going to be ok. Focus on working class communities Technical: Series of jump cuts from different locations. Audience can ‘personally identify’ (Katz) with the text as the British audience may recognise the areas as ones they would like to visit.
  7. 7. 7 “Multi-Stranded Narrative” Technical: Jump cuts between multiple characters Non-verbal: in different settings Technical: Final long shot of all of the characters coming together. Audience have built a ‘personal relationship’ (Katz) with these characters especially if they have been watching the show for a long time and so have a close bond with them, therefore they’ll want to know what happens next. ‘Disequilibrium’ (Todorov) Non-verbal: Dark lighting/setting along with build-up in pitch of background music e.g. baby crying and the gate banging. This code increases dramatic tension so ‘survivors’ (Maslow) are left in suspense and feel anxious to know what happens next and whether the characters are going to be safe. Trailer 2) What is the Focus of this trailer? Hollyoaks Autumn 2014 Trailer: Featuring #Hollyoaksendoftheline Code & Convention Evidence (Verbal, Non-Verbal, Technical) Impact on the Audience (Katz, Maslow, Hartley) Romance Verbal: dialogue - “I’m going to ask him to marry me.” Non-verbal: The kiss. Audience can experience a ‘diversion’ (Katz) from this as they can escape from reality into the drama of the character’s love lives. Family relationships and/or conflict Verbal: dialogue - “He loves us and we’re going to start a new life together.” This may appeal to young adults (Hartley) who are starting new lives or starting families as they can ‘personally identify’ (Katz) with what the characters are going through. Focus on working class communities Technical: Jump shots between various families and characters. Audience may be able to ‘personally identify’ (Katz) with the character’s lives or the situations they find themselves in. “Multi-Stranded Narrative” Technical: Fast-paced cuts and close-ups of multiple character’s faces. Audience can build a ‘personal relationship’ (Katz) with the characters so they’ll want to know more about their backgrounds. ‘Disequilibrium’ (Todorov) Non-verbal: Bride and groom decorations on fire. Technical: Close-up shot. ‘Survivors’ (Maslow) will want to know the mystery behind what appears to be a disastrous wedding and how the characters are going to reach an ‘equilibrium’ (Todorov).
  8. 8. 8 Multi-stranded narrative A Multi-stranded narrative can be defined as….. Several narratives running at the same time with multiple characters and locations. YOU MUST deconstruct the 10-minute extract from EastEnders and identify where the following elements are presented to the audience:  Multi-stranded narrative  Family relationships and/or conflict  Focus on working class communities  ‘Disequilibrium’ (Todorov)  Romance YOU SHOULD write down x1-2 examples for EACH of the elements above that are presented. EastEnders 11th June 2013 Full Episode Code & Convention Evidence Impact on the audience  Multi-stranded narrative Technical: Multiple cuts between different character’s storylines. Audience is able to build a ‘personal relationship’ (Katz) with the characters, as they may be able to relate to them or their families.  Family relationships and/or conflict Verbal: dialogue - “You’re uncle Max is having a hard time.” Verbal: dialogue - “I thought you were my friend.” ‘Survivors’ (Maslow) may feel sympathetic to the character of uncle Max. Audience may be able to ‘personally identify’ (Katz) with the theme of betrayal.  Focus on working class communities Non-verbal: Closing of the local surgery. This code may ‘inform and educate’ (Katz) the audience of social issues.  Disequilibrium’ (Todorov) Non-verbal: Phil giving Shirley a lot of money. ‘Survivors’ (Maslow) may assume that the money is for something dangerous, perhaps illegal, and want to know what he has asked her to do.  Romance
  9. 9. 9 SoapOpera Codes & Conventions continued – Lesson3 Textual Analysis According to Rebecca Feasey in ‘Masculinity and Popular television’ (2007), the Soap Opera genre tends to focus on: “…the home, the family, domestic tribulations and the strong woman, and as such, it has long been said to appeal to the female viewer.” 1) – Do you agree? (First 5 minutes) Next Page - YOU MUST deconstruct the opening 5 minutes of a sequence from the popular ITV Soap Opera Coronation Street (1960 – Present) to identify examples of where this ideology is presented to the target audience. YOU SHOULD also try and identify, to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the genre, any Codes & Conventions associated to the Soap Opera genre.  Home: Ending of the scene with two men entering the house. Carla apologizing for burning down the flat.  Family: Multi-stranded narrative focused on the loss of family/break-up of family. Family unity when Jason showed support for his mother and her friend.  Domestic tribulations: Carla & Leanne arguing in the street. Simon bearing the bad news and running to the others. Carla telling Norris to say what he wants.  Strong women: Carla telling Roy that they need to leave after he takes a sip of his drink. Women are always the ones to break the news to other characters.
  10. 10. 10 Code & Convention Evidence Impact on the audience Rebecca Feasey (2007) Ideology: 1. Home Verbal: Carla apologising for burning the flat down. ‘Caregivers’ (Maslow) may sympathise with her situation and hope that the situation gets resolved. 2. Family Technical: Jump cuts between the multi-stranded narrative, of the break-up of a family. ‘Survivors’ (Maslow) will be interested in the conflict of the characters and whether it will be resolved or not. 3. Domestic tribulations Verbal: Carla and Leanne arguing in the streets. Since the show is aimed towards families and young adults (Hartley), the audience may be able to ‘personally identify’ (Katz) with the theme of family arguments. 4. Strong woman Verbal: Carla telling Roy that they’re leaving after he’s had only a sip of his drink. Appeals to a female (Hartley) audience as they are presented with representations of various strong women.  “Multi-Stranded Narrative”  Family relationships and/or conflict  Focus on working class communities  ‘Disequilibrium’ (Todorov)  Romance  Other Themes & Issues represented:
  11. 11. 11 SoapOpera Codes & Conventions continued – Lesson4 Textual Analysis 1) What is the purpose of a trailer? The purpose of a trailer is to give viewers a preview of a programme or film that is going to be released in the future to then encourage them to watch it. 2) What are the benefits of Multi-Platform promotion of a media text?  It encourages creative branding solutions  Integrated content across various platforms Ultimately, some form of Convergence is important when promoting a text to the target audience. 3) Textual Analysis – Next Page - YOU MUST make notes on the following areas when deconstructing this sequence from Coronation Street:  Multi-stranded narrative  Character dilemmas  ‘Personal Identification’ (Katz)
  12. 12. 12 The above link will take you to some of the latest episodes of Hollyoaks. 1. What are the connotations of the ident for the popular Channel Four Teen Soap Opera Hollyoaks (1995 – Present)? The symbols for males and females are included in the ident. This could connote that the aimed for target audience is for both genders and teenagers and young adults through the use of the colour scheme. Next Page - Hollyoaks – “White Wedding Trailer” - 2. YOU MUST make notes on the following areas when deconstructing this sequence from Hollyoaks:  Binary opposition of the non-diegetic music  Symbolism of the non-verbal code of the tear  Representation of Pregnancy  Any other examples that would impact the audience
  13. 13. 13 Binary opposition of the non-diegetic music The non-synchronous sound of the background music contrasts with the non-verbal code of the prominent colour black as it is an upbeat tune with a voiceover saying “white wedding”. Symbolism of the non-verbal code of the tear The black tear could symbolise destruction and sadness, which illustrates that even though a wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion, in reality it appears to be the opposite. Representation of Pregnancy Near the beginning of the trailer, there is a close-up shot of her bump, which could connote that perhaps, the only reason this wedding is happening is because she is pregnant which may have caused the “disequilibrium” (Todorov) in the text. Other examples that would impact the audience The non-verbal code of the other character’s facial expressions illustrates their disapproval towards the bride and the wedding. Production Work 1) What is the role of a Producer? To oversee all aspects of the production across three stages: pre-production, production and post-production, to manage everyone involved and ensure everything is in place in order for the text to look fit for purpose. 2) What is the role of a Director? Oversee the creative aspects of the production and to direct people in front and behind of the camera.