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Final presentation

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Final presentation

  1. 1. Entertainment Tonight By: Natasa Stolevski
  2. 2. Entertainment Tonight• Daily tabloid television news show that airs throughout the United States, Canada and many other countries around the world.• “The most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world”• Longest-running entertainment news program, with its first broadcast in 1981.• Regular segments include: • “The Latest News” • “Story from Studio 4” • “Real or Rumor”
  3. 3. Challenges and Goals• ET has very stiff competition from Access Hollywood, Extra, TMZ, Showbiz Tonight, The Insider, Inside Edition and E! News.• Need to appeal to the younger target audience that E! News has been taking.• Need a new and improved marketing plan to gain more viewers and a overall higher rating.• Goal is to maximize brand brand through internet marketing and social media to become the #1 viewed entertainment news program.
  4. 4. Marketing Plan Outline• Targeting women 18-40 • Women that are enamored by pop culture and gossip news stories.• Overall, ET needs to better interact with viewing customers.• Need to work on: • Social Media Presence • Internet Marketing • Mobile Marketing
  5. 5. Social Media Plan • Need to improve existing social media Already Use: • Consistency • Update more often • Interact with viewers ET E! News • Request feedback from viewers 95,000 930,000 • Use hash-tags when tweeting Twitter followers followers • Implement contests and give-aways 426,000 600,000Facebook likes • What ET needs: likes • Blog - breaking and up-to-date news • YouTube page - show clips of the show or other celebrity news
  6. 6. Internet Marketing• Internet marketing can attract more people to your website, increase customers for your business, and enhance branding of your company and products.• Already have an effective web site and web design, ET just needs to get their name out.• To effectively use internet marketing ET needs to market effectively, and dominate their niche with affiliate and associate programs.• Most importantly, ET needs to interact with their customers and give them exactly what they are looking for.
  7. 7. Google Adwords• One way to be seen is to get ranked at the top of a major search engine.• Making the website more prominent on Google search engine pages is the main goal.• Adwords allows ET to be the first company seen on a Google search when certain keywords are searched. • In other words, it will increase the Google page rank of ET • Example: Celebrity News and Gossip Giving you celebrity news as it breaks The most watched entertainment program in the world! Entertainment Tonight
  8. 8. Mobile Marketing• Entertainment Tonight needs to develop an application that viewers can download onto their smartphone.• The app should provide all information on the show, the website and on their social media.• Include the following features: ET news, Videos, Photos, Most Viewed and a list of recent news.• Include a way for customers to post their favorite mobile article onto their Facebook.
  9. 9. Metrics of Success• It is important to measure effectiveness after a strategy has been put intact.• One of the best ways to measure the campaigns effectiveness is to use Google Analytics.• The tool offered by Google offers companies information and data related to the websites traffic and marketing effectiveness.• Using this tool will offer insight into exactly who is looking at your website and what they are looking for.
  10. 10. Budget• $500,000 approx.• Google Adwords - $75,000• App development - $75,000• Marketing team - $200,000• Internet Advertising - $50,000• Social Media - $50,000• Misc. - $50,000