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Career Development: Networking Like a Pro


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Presentation from Retail’s BIG Show, January 15-17, 2017.

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Career Development: Networking Like a Pro

  1. 1. Networking Like a Pro Matt Meuleners
  2. 2. US Labor Department : 70% of all jobs found through networking!
  3. 3. MAKE A PLAN •What is your goal? •Who can help? •Where are they? INTRODUCTION •Rehearse •First impression •Why are we talking?
  4. 4. FOLLOW UP •Within a week •Remind me •Set up the future STAY VISIBLE •Research •React •Reach out
  5. 5. COLLABORATE •Do a favor •Ask a favor •Work together GRATITUDE •Timely •Genuine •Specific
  6. 6. •Mooch •Fire and Forget •Under-deliver •Wallflower NETWORKING FAILS