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NeoLibre for Public Library


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Published in: Education
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NeoLibre for Public Library

  1. 1. NeoLibre’s Solution Ideju Forums Public Library } A Brief Overview of the Case Study
  2. 2. Client Profile Ideju Forums – a Non-Profit Organization • FOUNDED: in 2008 by private philanthropists • STATUS: privately owned
  3. 3. Client Profile The Mission To digitize cultural materials created by content partners and make them online accessible
  4. 4. Client Needs The Vision To make all types of digital objects – audio, visual, and textual – publicly available for various social groups
  5. 5. NeoLibre Solutions Implementation of a three-phase project Initial Step Analysis of Client’s Needs 1 Content 2 Data 3 Web Production Processing Integration Time: 18 months
  6. 6. Phase 1 - Content Production Need Text digitization Solution A unit of 40 off-site workstations was set up to scan books, other printed media, and rare artifacts with a capacity of 7,000 books per month
  7. 7. Phase 1 - Content Production Need Digitized images, sheet music, and other visual art Solution A special mobile team was organized to perform captures of images and objects of art at partner libraries, museums, archives, and private collections
  8. 8. Phase 1 - Content Production Need Digitized audio books Solution Established an off-site sound studio for • audio book recording done by a team of professional narrators • digitizing old audio records, such as tape and vinyl recordings
  9. 9. Phase 1 - Content Production Need Digitized video Solution A video team was organized to • film theater plays in theaters during the actual play • convert various types of old video recordings, such as VHS and BETA tapes, into digital formats
  10. 10. Phase 2 - Data Processing Need Full search and metadata information for every digital object Solution • Providing full indexing and metadata input according to the Dublin Core standard • Generation of content-related links between works
  11. 11. Phase 3 - Web Integration Need An integrated web platform Solution Implemented a web platform in compliance with Universal Design Requirements and Web Accessibility Guidelines
  12. 12. Phase 3 - Web Integration Need A copyright management tool Solution Developed an administration module that serves management functions for work placement and access rights
  13. 13. Phase 3 - Web Integration Need A copyright management tool Solution Developed an author’s module that allows copyright owners to track their works’ performances and revenue generated
  14. 14. Phase 3 - Web Integration Need A management tool for paid advertising Solution Installed an advertising module to • manage banners, text ads, and loaders and track their performance • facilitate advertising campaigns targeted at a particular customer segment based on customer profiles
  15. 15. NeoLibre Solutions The Result Established a public digital library that enables individuals from any social group to access a wide variety of valuable digital objects
  16. 16. NeoLibre Solutions User Benefits • Unlimited access to 20,000 digitized cultural objects • Modern and user-friendly navigation • Access for people with sight and hearing impairments
  17. 17. NeoLibre Solutions Benefits for the organization • A web platform that natively supports any type of digital object • The right to publish copyrighted objects supported by a copyright management module +
  18. 18. NeoLibre Solutions Benefits for the organization • The opportunity to add an unlimited number of further works • The chance to generate additional commercial revenue through advertising