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Slideshow presentation: The Connected Car

This is a slideshow presentation outlining the features of the connected car.

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Slideshow presentation: The Connected Car

  1. 1. The Connected Car
  2. 2. The Connected Car Today Tomorrow Engine Engine: M2M connectivity sends real- time vehicle diagnostics information for driver and service facilities to help create a better driving and maintenance experience. Vehicle to Vehicle Vehicle to Vehicle connectivity may be able to send alerts from one to another when they're headed for an accident
  3. 3. The Connected Car Today Tomorrow Connectivity Infotainment systems use the mobile internet to provide services like internet radio, web search, traffic, weather and navigation. Embedded global wireless module A single SIM offers access to cell phone companies worldwide platform and internet service in more than 200 countries.
  4. 4. The Connected Car Today Tomorrow Traffic Network services have the potential to predict traffic patterns by gathering data from connected cars Vehicle-to- infrastructure Vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity exchanges safety and operational data between vehicles and highway infrastructure intended to help avoid accidents and improved traffic flow
  5. 5. The Connected Car Today Tomorrow Family Tracking Teenaged drivers in your family? Monitor their driving habits and receive alerts when they’re going above the speed limit Sound system Because your car is connected, you can purchase and download songs, Audiobooks and area guidebooks while stopped. Personal cloud services provide easy user friendly access to content.
  6. 6. The Connected Car Today Tomorrow Car Door Locked out? Wireless signals can open doors In-Vehicle Item Monitoring Programs and alerts keep track of belongings such as laptops, briefcases and mobile phones in the car. If someone is left behind, the car will notify the driver
  7. 7. The Connected Car Today Tomorrow Airbags Safety first. When airbags deploy, connected cars can send out automatic alerts to emergency personnel. Rear seat Infotainment Both WI-FI hot spot and 4G connectivity services available for drivers and passengers
  8. 8. The Connected Car Today Tomorrow Smartphones Mobile applications interact with the connected car, allowing users to remotely start their car or locate and reserve charging stations for electric vehicles on their smartphones Remote Updates The connected car gives users the ability to update firmware and software remotely.
  9. 9. The Connected Car Today Construction Ahead Construction won’t slow you down if your connected car can intelligently inform you of road work in progress so you can navigate around it. According to research, the percentage of new vehicles with factory- installed telematics globally will increase from around 10% in 2011 to 53% in 2016.
  10. 10. The Connected Car Brought to you by New Car Sell Off