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Mother's Day eCommerce Infographic


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Mother's Day Spending, Mother's Day Online Shopping, Moms and eCommerce, Moms and ecommerce, Moms and online shopping

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Mother's Day eCommerce Infographic

  1. 1. mom's are the key decision makers for important purchases for their families 85%of all consumer purchases for their family moms make many moms shop online to save time and money things moms shop for online 35% 50% 29% 23% clothes toys music e-books 70%of mothers use smartphones or tablets to shop of moms say the devices account for nearly half of their shopping time or more 1/3 most important factors when making a purchase decision shopping for the holidays coupons the online store 47.4% 24% 16.7% reviews from other moms convenience promotions/ discounts of mothers say they are responsible for making of all holiday gift purchases75% 71% 1/3 60% of mothers plan on doing of their holiday shopping online &eCommerce moms the online shopping habits of the most powerful consumer group of moms indicated that if they saw a discount from a favorite online retailer, they would make a purchase they may not have otherwise made93% 25% of the moms surveyed indicated they would visit the same online retailer 6 times or more before making a purchase Sources: @nextopia & #1 GlobalProviderofeCommerce SiteSearch NavigationSolutions