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Turning Interview Failure into a Job Offer: 10 Tips

If landing interviews, but not the offer is where you’re getting tripped up, it’s time to hit the pause button, take a step back and embrace your failure as a huge learning opportunity before moving on to one more interview.

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Turning Interview Failure into a Job Offer: 10 Tips

  1. 1. Turn Interview Failure into a Job Offer
  2. 2. So you landed another job interview… CONTRATS!
  3. 3. Understand Red Flags (and how to explain them) Boooooo. …but you don’t seem to be very good at getting an offer.
  4. 4. All this interview failure is really starting to get you down…
  5. 5. …and you suspect your inner frown has something to do with why you continue to fail at interviews. (p.s. It does).
  6. 6. It’s time you stopped this vicious cycle. No Job Bummed 
 Out Sabotage Next 
  7. 7. If you’re leaving a trail of failed interviews behind you…
  8. 8. it’s time to hit pause.
  9. 9. Failed Interviews are a HUGEopportunity!
  10. 10. Here’s Why Ace the Next
 Interview! Failed Interview Reflect, Learn & Improve
  11. 11. Here’s How (You’ll want to do this before your next interview)
  12. 12. Don’t Overthink 
 It. 1
  13. 13. Rejection is Embarrassing (it happens)
  14. 14. “When it comes to the job interview there’s no use in crying over spilled milk!”
  15. 15. So stop wondering: “Was it something I said?”
  16. 16. So stop wondering: “Was my handshake awkward?”
  17. 17. So stop wondering: “Was I wearing too much perfume?”
  18. 18. So stop wondering: “Too little deodorant?”
  19. 19. What’s done is done. Focus on the big picture.
  20. 20. Do Ask for Feedback 2
  21. 21. This will help you avoid overthinking it too much.
  22. 22. It will also give you some idea of where you’re messing up.
  23. 23. Once you know where you’re messing up focus on improvement.
  24. 24. Don’t Read Between the Lines 3
  25. 25. Trust the hiring manager’s feedback.
  26. 26. (They’re not all out to get you).
  27. 27. If they tell you: “We found someone more qualified.”
  28. 28. …they probably did.
  29. 29. Trust that the interviewer knows the company and role well enough to make this decision.
  30. 30. And be glad they had your best interest in mind.
  31. 31. (You don’t want to work where you aren’t a fit).
  32. 32. Don’t Ignore Positive Feedback 4
  33. 33. Indulge in it. (You deserve it)!
  34. 34. Hone in on your positive traits and play them up in your next interview.
  35. 35. If one interviewer liked these things, there’s a good chance another one will too!
  36. 36. You’ll start to feel better
  37. 37. Don’t Ignore Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication 5
  38. 38. What You say & How You Say It
  39. 39. Sends a message to the interviewer about you.
  40. 40. 93%of what we say is non-verbal
  41. 41. You might be sending all sorts of messages without knowing it!
  42. 42. Record yourself delivering some common interview answers.
  43. 43. Don’t forget to listen back.
  44. 44. Look out for a lot of “ummms” or shaky tone.
  45. 45. Do Regain Your Confidence 6
  46. 46. Go to a lot of networking events.
  47. 47. Talk about your area of expertise.
  48. 48. You’ll start to feel more comfortable talking about this stuff.
  49. 49. Comfortable Talking = Confidence Booster
  50. 50. You’ll also benefit from the networking.
  51. 51. It’s a win win situation.
  52. 52. Do Work on Your Nerves 7
  53. 53. Practice getting in the zone…
  54. 54. …before you’re in the zone.
  55. 55. Pause Breathe Visualize SUCCESS
  56. 56. Do Practice Practice Practice 8
  57. 57. Practice Makes Perfect
  58. 58. Do it every day.
  59. 59. Spend extra time on the tricky questions.
  60. 60. Know Your Interviewer 9
  61. 61. You might be getting spooked by interacting with someone you’ve just met.
  62. 62. Do your homework & get to know them in advance.
  63. 63. Anonymous Snooping Recommended
  64. 64. Do Reward Your Progress 10
  65. 65. NEWSFLASH Just because you didn’t get the job, doesn’t make you a failure.
  66. 66. It’s probably not the right job for you.
  67. 67. Something better awaits.
  68. 68. Give yourself a pat on the back and keep moving forward.