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Health Insurance for the Elderly


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Senior citizens we work with have legitimate concerns about how they can afford health insurance. Many retired individuals have grown concerned about the high costs of medical treatment. What’s even more worrisome is limitations to their existing coverage. And these are perfectly good reasons to start looking for affordable alternatives.

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Health Insurance for the Elderly

  1. 1. When you reach 65 years old, you immediately become eligible for health coverage through Medicare. An exception to this rule is when seniors have certain medical conditions – they too will then qualify for coverage. However, Medicare isn’t actually enough to pay for the high costs of medical treatment today. There are a handful of cases where such coverage doesn’t cover prescription drugs or certain medical services. Thus, getting additional insurance is considered.
  2. 2. Most seniors get Medigap insurance to cover medical services that aren’t covered by Medicare. Private insurers offer this supplemental coverage. Its cost varies depending on the particulars of coverage, as well as the insurer. Different types of coverage include: • Plan A: This provides the most basic health coverage. It is often also the most affordable plan. • Plan L: It offers low premium payments, but high deductibles. Therefore, you’ll get higher out-of-pocket expenses. • Plan N: It requires co-payments every time you visit a doctor.
  3. 3. The federal government regulates the benefits of the plans offered to senior citizens. They require every insurer offering Medigap policies to provide the same benefit coverage from one state to another. Thus, regardless of where they decide to live, seniors will be receiving the same kind of benefits depending on their policy.
  4. 4. Only you can determine the best Medigap plan that will cover your future needs. Since this can be a very confusing process, most insurers offer a free consultation to seniors to help them understand the options available and decide which coverage suits their needs. Finding affordable health insurance is important, especially for the retired individuals. While Medicare is affordable, it may not be the answer to all your health needs. Thus, finding a reliable supplemental coverage is vital to ensure that you’ll get the quality care you are paying for.
  5. 5. NorthWest Benefits Solutions is an independent agency that is dedicated to providing affordable health insurance solutions to senior citizens throughout Oregon. Get a free quote here and discuss your options with us! Call us at (888) 780-7762 or visit us today!​