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BEYOND SOLO: Female Entrepreneurs Who Scale Successfully

A four-step program for scaling your business past the solo entrepreneur stage, developed especially for women. Created by Bruce Kasanoff and Laura Novak

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BEYOND SOLO: Female Entrepreneurs Who Scale Successfully

  1. Bruce Kasanoff & Laura Novak BEYOND SOLO Female Entrepreneurs Who Scale Successfully
  2. On average, female-owned businesses don’t grow as large as male-owned businesses
  3. Female-owned firms are smaller than all others
  4. If anything, they are shrinking
  5. But some women aim big. How can they blast past “average” performance while staying true to themselves?
  6. I hate how I acted at
 the $1M+ organization meetings. It was mostly guys, and I felt like 
 I had to change myself
 to fit in.” Laura Novak and Her Family “
  7. INSTEAD OF BEING THE COMPANY build one around your unique set of values Images: Noun Project
  8. I’ve taken two maternity leaves during the course of growing our retail business, and those were some of the best months of the company.” MAGAZINE “
  9. Be Confident Be Competent Be Social Be Yourself BEYOND SOLO Female Entrepreneurs Who Scale Successfully
  10. • Take your business seriously • Trust it as a solid investment • Never apologize for your
 dedication and discipline Be Confident
  11. • Master the numbers • Learn to hire, nurture and grow talent • Seek out and delight customers • Become a lifelong student Be Competent
  12. • Network with other confident and competent female entrepreneurs • Look for women determined to
 scale their business • Stay far away from the solo entrepreneur mindset Be Social
  13. • Don’t “act like a man” to fit in with male entrepreneurs • Vest your company with your values: you CAN grow a kind, collaborative, and effective organization • Trust your gut Be Yourself
  14. Source: A LOVE NOTE TO FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS Do your best work. Touch one person. Make a difference to a handful. Build a legacy, not just an empire. Keep your value front and centre. Launch ideas from the heart. See the world as it isn’t. Make passion your master. Allow possibility to feed your soul.
  15. Oh, yeah… expect the unexpected
  16. Your Plan REALITY
  17. Be an example to your family by doing what you love for a living.
  18. In those quiet moments, you have to believe you are building a great business.
  20. Kapor Capital So Gal Ventures Female Founders Fund 37 Angels 500 startups Astia Women’s Venture Fund Golden Seeds Belle Capital Women’s Venture Capital Fund Texas Women Venture Fund Intel Capital: $125M Diversity Fund Valor Ventures Isabella Capital Women Venture Venture Firms Who Target Female Entrepreneurs Excerpted from Girl Meets Money: 50+ Resources for the Female Entrepreneur
  21. act like you
  22. Be Confident Be Competent Be Social Be Yourself