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OCCIware, an extensible, standard-based XaaS consumer platform to manage everything in the Clouds, Paris Open Source Summit 2016


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The OCCIware project aims at managing in a unified manner all layers and domains of the Cloud (XaaS), by building on the Open Cloud Computing (OCCI) standard. OCCIware Metamodel formally specifies the main OCCI concepts. Today a first EMF metamodel is defined that adds to OCCI new concepts such as Extension, Configuration, and EDataType, addressing some limitations of OCCI.
This session highlights OCCIware platform two main components:
– The OCCIware Studio Factory, allowing to produce visually customizable diagram editors for any Cloud configuration business domain modeled in OCCI using the OCCI Extension Studio, such as the flagship Docker Studio ;
– The OCCIware Runtime, based on OW2 erocci project, including the tools for deployment, supervision and administration, and allowing to federate multiple XaaS Cloud runtimes, such as the Roboconf PaaS server and the ActiveEon Cloud Automation multi-IaaS connector.
This talk includes a demonstration of the Docker connector and of how to use the OCCIware Cloud Designer to configure a real life Cloud application (a Java API server on top of a MongoDB cluster)’s business, platform and infrastructure layers seamlessly on both VirtualBox and OpenStack infrastructure.

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OCCIware, an extensible, standard-based XaaS consumer platform to manage everything in the Clouds, Paris Open Source Summit 2016

  1. 1. OCCIware An extensible, standard-based XaaS Cloud consumer platform to manage everything in the Clouds Marc Dutoo, Smile
  2. 2. Overview Speaker – Marc Dutoo, R&D projects lead at Smile ● OCCIware coordinator, Data / API / Cloud expert Schedule – OCCI(ware) introduction – Smart City use case – Big Linked Open Data analytics – Quick demo – Docker Studio, custom Linked Data extension, runtime and Playground – What's coming up next
  3. 3. OCCI(ware) Introduction
  4. 4. A quick question... Who uses multi cloud today ?
  5. 5. A quick question... Who uses multi cloud today ? … everybody ● Docker in devops, and Kubernetes in production ● AWS, except when its Service – Task model of scalability is not fine enough ● National clouds to ensure data jurisdiction ● … as soon as appears in your application a new need that calls for a cheaper / faster / more robust / more scalable / ... Cloud
  6. 6. Cloud Computing – the problem
  7. 7. Why OCCI ? • So this makes for partitioning, lock-in... • And a lot of technical glue, therefore making it all hard to maintain • The OCCI standard advocates a unified, uniform architectural approach - to separate this glue (connectors) - from business logic consuming them through the standard, generic OCCI REST HTTP API • ... the rise of the Cloud consumer platform
  8. 8. OCCIware Product OCCIware Studio Design, Verify, Simulate & Develop Everything as a Service OCCIware Runtime Deploy, Execute & Manage Everything as a Service OCCI specifications
  9. 9. OCCI 101 OCCI Core (metamodel) Network Container Environment Compute - memory - started - start() Database Application Storage Router Deployable NetworkLink DatabaseLink EnvironmentLink Everything is Resource or Link, be it at … Platform level Infrastructure level Application level OCCI Extensions (models)
  10. 10. OCCIware Objective Managing Everything as a Service in the clouds Software as a Service (SaaS) Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) Linked Data as a Service (LDaaS) Platform as a Service (PaaS) Container as a Service (CaaS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) DataCenter as a Service (DCaaS) Network as a Service (NaaS)
  11. 11. OCCIware Factsheet • 72 man year, 5,6m€ budget, sponsored by French ministry of Industry over 2015-2018 • 3 academics, 5 companies, 2 associations • To lower Cloud Computing adoption costs and break up barriers between its various implementations, layers, domains - Especially Data Center, deployment, Big Data, Linked Data • By bringing to OGF's Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) the power of formal languages and model driven engineering (MDE)
  12. 12. OCCIware Studio Factory
  13. 13. OCCIware runtime end-to-end OCCI API call chain Studio XML- based Extensio n Cloud Manager OCCI Reque sts
  14. 14. Use case : Big Linked Open Data Analytics – monitoring energy consumption
  15. 15. Monitor energy consumption • Not only per user, or per utility provider company, • but per city, region, country, - and per activity, usage, number of children, amount of hair on feet would most probably help also. Multi-point of view data... that calls for an open world approach of data – that's Linked Data.
  16. 16. Linked Data Primer • Linked Open Data ? That's Open Data sets that can be cross-queried because they have been semantically reconciled together • Enter Ozwillo Datacore : - it holds data that is shared between applications of the Ozwillo app store : geographical elements, organizations, reusable app business data… - it stores it in a shardable replicated MongoDB and is built in Apache CXF / Spring & Java - it provides it through a REST API that is both web- friendly and semantic web-compatible thanks to JSON-LD, and helps developers with a Playground.
  17. 17. Linked Data, as a Service
  18. 18. Linked Data as a Service (LDaaS) But not your dad's Linked Data. If you want it to save the world, it has to scale up the whole way : • at Infrastructure level - that's IaaS : provision enough CPU & storage, for each city • at Platform level - that's PaaS : deploy java code and mongo replicated cluster shards on each of them • at Software level - that's SaaS : configure Linked Data governance i.e. models and kinds of use : - high write, non-robust data collection (home energy consumption sensor notifications) - read/query-heavy data analysis (aggregation per energy consumer, provider, city, region, country)
  19. 19. Linked Data – 3 target scenarii 3.2.1.
  20. 20. Quick demo – Docker Studio, custom Linked Data extension
  21. 21. Cloud Studio, with Docker
  22. 22. Custom Studio for LdaaS (Linked Data as a Service)
  23. 23. Docker Studio IaaS - Virtual Box machine
  24. 24. Docker Studio IaaS - Open Stack machine
  25. 25. Docker Studio … started !
  26. 26. Linked Data Studio SaaS - Linked Data with dedicated analytics entry point
  27. 27. Linked Data Studio … using a specific mongodb replica within its cluster !
  28. 28. Allowing to not hamper data collaboration performance when aggregating energy consumption - results shown here : consumer his city
  29. 29. From Studio to Runtime • We've just seen how OCCI extension connectors can be deployed embedded in the OCCIware Studio, for extension developers, quick prototyping and devops. - Connectors for Docker, VMWare, OpenStack, but also Roboconf, Datacore… • But the same connectors can also be made available to any OCCI HTTP API client in production-ready deployments - either in the full Java MART server (Model@RunTime) - or behind the scalable, erlang-based erocci server • In which case, they are ready to be discovered, introspected, tested and managed using the « OCCInterface » OCCI web playground - works with any OCCI API implementation – try it with yours !
  30. 30. OCCI web Playground
  31. 31. Ongoing in OCCIware - Studio : more & improved generators & connectors, integrate simulator, decision-making tool… - Complete Java HTTP bridge, so that Studio-generated connectors can be deployed embedded within the Studio, standalone in the HTTP MART Server or behind erocci indiscriminately - Runtime : complete end-to-end, SaaS-to-PaaS-to-IaaS OCCI call chain with OCCIfication of ActiveEon's OW2 ProActive Multi-IaaS connector and Linagora's OW2 Roboconf PaaS manager - OCCI administration console's live functional testing Playground – - Develop specified OCCI monitoring solution using OCCIware's Java OCCI monitoring framework (Tinom) - Further use cases : Datacenter, Big Data, Deployment, Linked Data - … and contribute back to OCCI 2.0 standard and !
  32. 32. Any questions ? Thanks for your attention ! Contact : - marc.dutoo at Source : Partners : Sponsors : DGE (PIA) & System@tic, SCS, Images & Réseaux, PICOM, Minalogic clusters