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Educating Entrepreneurs Cross-Disciplinary Innovation at Work

by Professor Tuula Teeri, President, Aalto University
Global Education Industry Summit Oct 19-20, 2015

Most countries define education as a public good and a prime responsibility of public policy. But at the same time an education industry is developing, often at a global scale, offering various kinds of products and services to schools. This is most markedly the case in educational technology, but also in the field of educational resources, textbooks, and various kinds of support services. Moreover, global education industry leaders often express their views on the future of education and stress the need for 21st century skills and pedagogy.

The time is ripe to establish a dialogue between ministers of education and the global education industry. To that end, the OECD, the European Commission and host country Finland invite ministers of education and industry leaders to the Global education Industry Summit in Helsinki.

This summit will be a platform to bring together ministers of education, innovators and leaders of the private sector industries to discuss and engage in issues about education and strategies for innovation. It will enable the exploration of opportunities offered by innovation in teaching and learning, in order to leverage quality and equity of educational outcomes. The idea is to foster an innovation ecosystem in education, to explore the opportunities offered by innovation in teaching and learning, and to discuss the framework conditions for innovation in education which would leverage quality and equity of education’s outcomes.

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Educating Entrepreneurs Cross-Disciplinary Innovation at Work

  1. 1. Educating Entrepreneurs? - Cross-disciplinary Innovation at Work Professor Tuula Teeri, President, Aalto University Global Education Industry Summit Oct 19-20, 2015
  2. 2. University education Current trends • Research-based – impact on society • Massification – access to higher education • Globalization – student mobility, competition • Digitalization – MOOCs/blended learning • Working life relevance - employment • Generic skills: leadership, multicultural/teamwork, communication and language skills • Life-long learning – no longer one career • Entrepreneurial spirit 22.10.2015 2
  3. 3. Aalto – The Innovation University Where Science and Art meet Technology and Business • First class research, art and education • Multidisciplinary collaboration • Entrepreneurship • Tangible societal impact – industrial renewal
  4. 4. Our Co-creative Innovation Ecosystem Promoting entrepreneurship and business renewal … where Science and Art meet Technology and Business Open innovation and co-location with strategic partners Co-creative education of game changers
  5. 5. World's best product developers? Photo Aalto University Material Bank Riga New York
  6. 6. The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of Aalto University Education Programs Acceleration Programs Co-working Environments Internship Programs Tech transfer Commercialization Commercialization Financing Open Innovation House (Master of Science) (MBA)
  7. 7. Introduction • Changemakers • Opportunity Prototyping • Introduction to IT Business and Venturing Project Courses • Growth and Inter- nationalization of Technology SMEs • Collaborative Innovation Management • Global Team-based Design Innovation • Product Development Project • Internship Innovation Project • High Growth Entrepreneurship with varying content Core Curriculum • Entrepreneurial Finance • Entrepreneurial Leadership • Entrepreneurial Marketing • Design and Innovation in Context • Managing Innovative Sales • Strategies for Growth and Renewal • Management of a Software • Venture • Seminar on ICT-law ,"Exploitation of IPR" • Shaping Entrepreneurial Thinking
  8. 8. Students as co-creators and leaders • World-class event organised by Aalto students • 1 500 growth companies and 14 000 participants (2014) • CEOs of more than 100 listed companies present SLUSH in Beijing October 2015
  9. 9.