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Investment and inclusive growth in the midst of crisis: lessons learned & ways forward


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J. Musharbash, JEDCO, 11 May 2016, Regional conference: Investment and inclusive growth in the midst of crisis, Beirut

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Investment and inclusive growth in the midst of crisis: lessons learned & ways forward

  1. 1. Investment and inclusive growth in the midst of crisis: lessons learned & ways forward
  2. 2. Promoting entrepreneurship and SMEs for inclusion
  3. 3. Jedco Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) is a governmental organization dedicated to supporting the development of emerging businesses and small and medium- sized enterprises in Jordan.
  4. 4. Jedco JEDCO’s mission is to grow viable projects and SMEs in the Kingdom by improving the business environment; offering financial and technical support to entrepreneurial projects and emerging companies; boosting the competitiveness of Jordanian SMEs locally and internationally; and encouraging the use of innovation and new technologies by local enterprises.
  5. 5. Jedco Programs’ Impact on employment Jedco Programs’ Impact (2012-2014) No. of new employment opportunities Average cost. of new employment opportunities Program 865 8,383 Industry Support 1 1193 12,215 2Industry Support 942 11,593 Industry Support 2-ext. 591 17,142 Service Support 1 1166 11,286 Service Support 2 4756Total
  6. 6. SME’s Strategy Jordan has developed “Jordan National Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Growth Strategy 2015-2018” and its associated action plan 2016-2019.
  7. 7. SME’s Strategy Objectives • Increase the rate of new enterprise formation, including among educated young people and women; • Increase the proportion of high-growth and innovative SMMEs; • Increase the number of productive SMEs benefiting from upgrading and quality enhancement programmes to improve their productivity, growth and ability to compete in international markets, both domestically and abroad; • Facilitate access to financing and top quality, comprehensive business development services in all governorates.
  8. 8. SME’s Strategy Pillars • Pillar 1. More conducive legal and regulatory environment for start-ups and SMMEs • Pillar 2. Entrepreneurship awareness and culture-building • Pillar 3. Elevated level of entrepreneurial/ management skills and provision of business development support • Pillar 4. Improved access to credit and equity financing • Pillar 5. Increased innovation capacity and technology adoption/ development • Pillar 6. Broadened market access
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