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Public-private partnerships in development of industrial parks

Presented at the 5th Meeting of the Working Group on Investment Zones in Iraq, MENA-OECD Investment Programme. 28 April 2013, Cairo, Egypt

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Public-private partnerships in development of industrial parks

  1. 1. PPP in Development of Industrial Parks Elif Gürpınar 28th April 2013 - Cairo 2013
  2. 2. Polaris International Industrial Parks The Project Polaris International Industrial Parks is the first initiative of its kind in Egypt , both as a “Private “ industrial park and as a “large scale” joint collaboration between Turkey and Egypt, aiming to enhance the competitive edges of both countries in order to enable them penetrating global markets.
  3. 3. Polaris International Industrial Parks Who are We? Why ? How ? What ? Polaris Parks works for the development of the country together with its industry, in order to adopt and compete in the global economy. Polaris Parks does it by preparing the necessary environment for the industry while aiding investors in their struggles during the start-up and operation phases. In order to do this Polaris Parks develops unutilized areas into industrial compounds with finest infrastructure networks, offering value added facilities and providing professional management systems.
  4. 4. Polaris International Industrial Parks The Project The project was launched in January 2008 by President of Turkey, H.E. Abdullah Gul.
  5. 5. Polaris International Industrial Parks Facts and Figures Project Area 2.000.000 m² Project Investment $ 80.000.000 Manufacturing Facilities 30 facilities Investment of Facilities $ 1.5 billion Annual Trade Volume $ 3.4 billion Employment 21.000 jobs
  6. 6. Polaris International Industrial Parks Facilities and Services • • • • • Infrastructure Management Administrative Office Spaces Cafe&Restaurant Building Services Housing
  7. 7. Polaris International Industrial Parks Facilities and Services • • • • • Medical Center Fire Fighting Station Security Services One-Stop-Shop Standard Factory Buildings
  8. 8. Polaris International Industrial Parks Standard Factory Buildings Buildings designed for manufacturing&warehousi ng with infrastructure and ready facilities Closed areas of 1500 square meters and above
  9. 9. Polaris International Industrial Parks Environment Consciousness
  10. 10. Polaris Al Zamil Industrial Park Project Brief Project Area 1.100.000 m² Project Investment $ 52.000.000 Manufacturing Facilities 85 facilities Investment of Facilities $ 1 billion Annual Trade Volume $ 1.8 billion Employment 14.000 jobs
  11. 11. Polaris Parks Investors
  12. 12. Why EGYPT? Competitive advantages of Egypt. – – – – Population Local Market Low production costs Access to major markets
  13. 13. Public Private Partnership Indispensable Cooperation Core of industrial land development is the investors. Public Sector Investor Developer Private developers such as Polaris, prepares the necessary grounds for their manufacturing or expansion plans. Both the developer and the investor are private sector entities. They require the support of the public sector in order to brace the structure
  14. 14. Public Private Partnership Indispensable Cooperation Public Sector Role Private Sector Role I Creating structure for establishment required business environment 1 Possesses the necessary technical and practical know-how for the task II Providing the model for sustainable development, warrant investments 2 Able to provide new source of investment capital for infrastructure requirements III Monitoring development in macro level and interfering if necessary 3 Competent to adopt changing circumstances 4 Features higher quality through international expertise and business focus IV Ability to adopt the legal administrative framework and rapidly
  15. 15. Public Private Partnership The Partners • Industrial Development Authority IDA is the supervisory body monitoring the establishment of private industrial parks • General Authority for Free Zones & Investment GAFI acts as the principal regulatory authority for investments and the prime investment promotion agency for Egypt.
  16. 16. Thank You