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4 Questions About that Every Marketer Must Ask

4 Questions About that Every Marketer Should Ask

By Sean Muzzy, CEO, NA, Neo@Ogilvy via Ogilvydo

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4 Questions About that Every Marketer Must Ask

  1. 1. by SEAN MUZZY THE MEGA-RETAILER IS NOT ONLY SELLING, IT’S ALSO BECOME CONSUMERS’ FAVORITE SEARCH ENGINE. ARE YOU PREPARED TO MAKE THE MOST OF IT? Customers aren’t just buying on Amazon—they’re also searching for reviews on the site and “showrooming,” too (viewing a product in store while looking for deals online). Meanwhile, IBM recently reported that 17% of Cyber Monday transactions occurred through a mobile device—a 55% spike over last year. Here’s what marketers and sellers should be asking themselves in the face of all this. WN ZON O AMA ED ON is. S E N CE RE ne else , someo S MY P ? n I WED Amazo BORRO g your products on te products OR llin ima rd legit e not se ct . If you’r er towa onsum ing effe wroom e your c e sho Guid e on th apitaliz a nd c UT MY ? N ABO CUSTOMERS intent, AR u m e rs ' I LE ns TIAL CAN ur your co s of yo POTEN WHAT tion on ND rma review e info NT A nd. Min alth of CURRE comme e a we to re ws ar an . ie ty uc n's rev opensi hat yo a nd pr Amazo earn w to l nce experie od u c t s or 's pr usage tit compe wn and o I CI N G C T MY N IMPA PR EGY? STRAT es alleng ctly ch ire it. price d gy. r toolk OW DO to you ce and r strate H y ien you deliver onven s into el of c enient tor thi d onv fac n's mo cing— , a nd c Amazo ations tail pri l re end ha n n e comm omnic ing, re TO heck MAZON RODUCTS? price c Add I USE A YP AZO E S AM D SHOUL SE OR SELL M ertising I nd adv T ia a ness. ADVER its med ta busi e da ge oved r a ly in th as imp o lever . ow firm azon h , look t Am groups site d is n on the affinity ties, an g li t t sellin capabi t targe u’re no ms tha yo gra Even if un pro ds or r ta produc fN erica, o rth Am cer, No tive Offi f Execu the Chie uzzy is Sean M ilv eo@Og y.