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Open Science and the European Commission

Pointers on open science and open access following a keynote speech delivered at EUNIS 2016 Annual Conference

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Open Science and the European Commission

  1. 1. Open Science and the European Commission Jean-François Dechamp, Pharm.D European Commission, Directorate General Research & Innovation Pointers following a keynote speech at #EUNIS16 8-10 June 2016, Thessaloniki, Greece
  2. 2. Introduction Aaron Schwartz • Fellowship from the Blinken Open Society Archives in Hungary (link) Alexandra Elbakyan • Article about @Sci-Hub (link) EC Consultation on Open Science (Science 2.0) • Final report (link) • Four main drivers: Big data, digitisation of research, global science community and public demand
  3. 3. Commissioner Carlos Moedas (link) Open innovation Open science (link) Open to the world
  4. 4. Pointers Open access • Example of the European Bioinformatics Institute of EMBL (link) • All you ever wanted to know about open access and the European Commission... (link) A few EU-financed projects • OpenAIRE, MedOANet, RECODE, FOSTER, FutureTDM, OpenMinTeD Communication on the European Open Science Cloud (link) Council Conclusions on Open Science (link) • Watch the debate – you can select your country (link) Open Science Policy Platform (link)
  5. 5. Thank you! We want to give European researchers and innovators the best conditions to do their job. Twitter: @OpenAccessEC Mail: Web: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License