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How to Write a Cover Letter That Gets Read

Hi there! We know cover letter writing can be difficult, can get lost in the swarm of e-mails, and can seem like a waste of time. But with the right content and tactics, there's no reason your cover letter shouldn't get you the interview for your dream job.

In this presentation we'll show you:
-3 things to keep in mind before starting a cover letter
-Breakdown of writing a winning introduction
-How to build your body
-Writing a closing that gets you a response

For more examples and a deeper dive into cover writing letter, check out the full article here:

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How to Write a Cover Letter That Gets Read

  1. ‘ HOW TO WRITE A COVER LETTER 1 - THAT GETS READ f V’ 1 _; ~ ‘ f ‘ . «a~£-E‘ OPP
  2. ; xs. » BEFORE YOU START KEEP IN MIND THE FOLLOWING T T’ _a _; ‘ ‘fir . . ~3- &_" ‘T. -I: OPP
  3. O Covet tetters are about what you can do. Cover letters are notjust about you — it's about you in relation to the company's needs
  4. DPP‘ Find hiring decision-makers, and send your cover Letter to them. Many employers put their contact information in thejob description. Searches on Linkedln can get you the name of the recruiter or manager responsible for the hiring.
  5. OPP Put yourself in the employers shoes. Employers have hundreds or so applications to read. Make their lives easier by ensuring the cover letter you send is concise, relevant and straight—forward.
  6. ; . INTRODUCTION COVER LETTER BREAKDOWN T T’ _i _; ‘ f‘ :3: ‘§ --W :4‘-‘= OPP
  7. Within 3-4 sentences, your intro should cover: a The position you're applying for ~° How you found their contact «I» Why you're interested 6 A reason for them to read on J ‘1 roee"
  8. A reason for them to read on include: e 2-3 Things you'd do upon hiring "This position will be a great opportunity for me to begin a comprehensive social audit. double engagement through paid media amplification. and source strategic partners for commercial opportunities. " a Pitch a new idea ''It'd be awesome to see a new feed back system on your app that includes bug reporting — something I'm very familiar with building. " 6 Solutions to company pains o My previous company experienced the same rapid growth of users and found difficulties in community management. I'd love to share my expertise and offer quick—fix solutions here. " OPP"
  9. i I BODY COVER LETTER BREAKDOWN VT Q Q . at I 3- 5. ,4-.2: OPP
  10. If your intro said 2-3 things you'd do, your body: a Can be built as a bullet point list to increase readability -2- With each point explaining the thing you'd do/ create/ change if hired
  11. Ifyour intro pitched a new idea, your body: 6 Should break down process, resources needed, and its impact 6 Make it clear only YOU with your kind of expertise can lead this project . { ‘I 1 IL . ~«_ _ ’”' ‘Qpp’ / ‘
  12. Ifyour intro pointed out company pains, your body: 0 Should explain how you relate through previousjob experiences 0 Suggest a solution you and the D company can move forward with
  13. : . ,. CLOSING COVER LETTER BREAKDOWN T T’ _a _; ‘ ‘fir . . ~3- &_" ‘T. -I: OPP
  14. Provide the employer with a reason and way to respond. Your closing statement can: 0 State how you 0 Ask to pick 0 Ask for look forward to their brain in a feedback on further discussing one—on—one your ideas your skillset for chat this position OPPN
  15. OPPN
  16. i ' OPPINCO NO BS. — JUST STUFF THAT WORKS T T’ _a _; ‘ ‘fir . . ~3- &_" ‘T. -I: OPP