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The 4 Critical Areas for Successful Conversion Optimisation - Paul Rouke at IRX2015


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In this talk Paul Rouke, Founder & Director of Optimisation at full service conversion optimisation agency PRWD, explains what are the 4 critical areas to get right for businesses to truly be able to grow through having a data driven culture of continuous testing and learning.

It provides insights based around experiences delivering conversion optimisation programmes for brands like Trend Micro, The North Face, The Student Room, Schuh, Vans and Speedo

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The 4 Critical Areas for Successful Conversion Optimisation - Paul Rouke at IRX2015

  1. 1. @paulrouke #IRX15 THE 4 CRITICAL AREAS FOR SUCCESSFUL CRO PAUL ROUKE Founder & Director of Optimisation at PRWD @paulrouke
  2. 2. @paulrouke #IRX15 Optimisation is not “a project”. Optimisation is the biggest growth lever available for businesses.
  3. 3. @paulrouke #IRX15 1. CUSTOMER UNDERSTANDING You may know your customer’s but do you truly understand them?
  4. 4. @paulrouke #IRX15 1. Conduct on-going user research at different stages of the customer journey… including post conversion 2. Consistently speak to your front line staff – recognise the nuggets of customer insight they can provide 3. Carry out competitor analysis as part of understanding user behaviour around your brand 4. Gain customer feedback through testing an idea before you put it into full development WHERE TO START…
  5. 5. @paulrouke #IRX15 2. OPEN-MINDED COMPANY CULTURE Be agile, embrace change, rip up your development roadmap
  6. 6. @paulrouke #IRX15 1. Get the right people involved from the very start 2. Identify a senior, influential champion and advocate 3. Provide visibility of impact & wider business learnings 4. Iterate, then innovate WHERE TO START…
  8. 8. @paulrouke #IRX15 RETHINK YOUR REDESIGN Stop the redesign cycle and test your way to conversion growth
  9. 9. @paulrouke #IRX15 3. OPTIMISATION METHODOLOGY Without one is like having a car with no engine
  10. 10. @paulrouke #IRX15
  12. 12. @paulrouke #IRX15 1. Develop & prioritise hypotheses based on multiple inputs – particularly consumer research 2. Learn something valuable and transferable from every test 3. Develop an easy to access library of testing insights and business learnings – and use it WHERE TO START…
  13. 13. @paulrouke #IRX15 4. DIVERSE, EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE From UX and copy, to technical and psychology, expertise should underpin what you test and how it’s delivered
  14. 14. @paulrouke #IRX15
  15. 15. @paulrouke #IRX15 1. Develop hypotheses and test concepts using the experience and brains of a variety of people 2. Pay close attention to the small details like copywriting for conversion 3. Enrich your test designs through a genuine understanding of the importance of the persuasive layer WHERE TO START…
  16. 16. @paulrouke #IRX15 In-depth, genuine, continuous understanding of your visitors and customers An open-minded business culture that embraces change and works with agility A methodology and process which delivers continuous results, learnings and that ultimately affects your whole business strategy A multi-disciplinary and highly experienced team of specialists working together THE 4 CRITICAL AREAS FOR LONG TERM GROWTH THROUGH CRO
  17. 17. @paulrouke #IRX15 CONTROL YOUR OWN DESTINY Focus on these four foundational layers… then exploit the opportunity to out-grow your competition
  18. 18. @paulrouke #IRX15 THANK YOU FOR LISTENING & HERE IS 6 YEARS OF CRO RESOURCES PAUL ROUKE Founder & Director of Optimisation @paulrouke