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PSFK's Future of Retail Report 2010

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In 2010, leading trends and innovation company PSFK has published its forecast of the retail business in PSFK’s Future of Retail Report. After a detailed study that included interviews with executives at companies like Ace Hotel, Starbucks and Target, <a>PSFK’s Consulting team</a> identified 10 major trends of which anyone involved in retail, product development and marketing should be aware.

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PSFK's Future of Retail Report 2010

  1. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL a report Co n s u lti n g
  2. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g The Time has come To re-imagine InTROdUcTIOn The fuTure of shopping. Let’s think less about real estate, staff, footfall and online stores and retail outlets need to evolve to create experiences that drive and start thinking about the entire world as a store; one in which sales both in-store and within online social networks. we can easily make instant purchases regardless of time and place. Driven by technology, the web, community and the search Meanwhile, the traditional physical store remains as important as for ever-richer experiences, the world of shopping is undergoing ever, providing the environment in which a retailer can provide a sweeping transformation. this report seeks to understand the an unparalleled experience. through the dynamic use of space, forces of change and provide a framework in which we can the most successful store owners are pushing the boundaries of envision this new future. storytelling, product testing and education - aspects of evolved services that lead to loyalty and repeat sales. Beyond an evolving the decentralized shopping experience, retailers must begin to contemplate the impact of digital media and the effects it is having on purchase decisions. Connected devices, whether a mobile phone or a web-enabled in-store kiosk, are making what was once a solitary trip to the store a socially connected event. as shoppers go through the process of discovering new products, testing them, and reflecting on their purchases, they are sharing these thoughts with their social networks and influencing perception amongst their peer group. retailers must embrace and facilitate this sharing of information, WWW.PSFK.COM 2
  3. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g how will we shop InTROdUcTIOn Tomorrow? where will we buy and whaT service will we expecT To receive? In the next 80 pages, pSFK will this report marks the first of GOALS provide an analysis of the several upcoming ‘Future of’ • Identify the key trends driving change ABOUT PSFK in retailing pSFK is the go-to source for new ideas and Future of retail. We will reports, in which pSFK will • Inspire creative business to react with inspiration. the New York City based trends explore this future from the contemplate emerging trends engaging retail solutions and innovation company publishes a daily news site, provides research and business perspective of brands, as they pertain to culture, consultancy, manages a network of experts PSFK PROcESS shoppers, retailers, and business and society. By and hosts idea-generating events. pSFK aims pSFK conducted a research cycle during to inspire readers, clients and guests to make communities, highlighting how identifying change, we hope to which they searched for signs of change things better—whether that’s better products, and spoke to opinion leaders about shifts in technology and our senses play provide a framework within better services, better lives or a better world. the marketplace. our researchers gathered a role in the retail experience which readers can contemplate several hundred pieces of data that provided both literal and lateral inspiration supporting both in and out of the store. how present and future trends impacting the retail experience. cOnTAcT FOR mORE the trends identified within this innovation might affect their at the end of the research period, pSFK’s InFORmATIOn document and the examples businesses, their suppliers and team conducted pattern recognition to Jeff Weiner identify trends, the strongest of which are used to bring them to life are their customers. featured in this document. inspired by innovation from For copies of this report visit: around the globe. WWW.PSFK.COM 3
  4. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g KEy LEARnInGS Increased access to the mobile web is freeing the retail experience The introduction of connected technologies into retail environments is from the confines of the physical and traditional online environment, changing the ways that stores are able to provide customer service. allowing shopping to take place virtually anywhere. Introducing likeminded products and services into standalone Creating a flexible in-store environment through design, product retail environments shows customers that a brand offerings and promotions, ensures that each visit will feel is confident in their core offering and looking to further enhance like a brand new experience. the in-store experience. Leveraging collaborations based on aspects such as locale or cultural Physical stores still provide the best means to communicate touchstones, maintains a brand’s relevancy in the eyes of the customer. with customers and offer a brand experience. In the new customer-centric approach to retail, stores need to Whether physically or through connected technologies, shopping is still continually find ways to lower barriers to purchase and be prepared to best experienced socially. make a sale whenever and wherever a customer is ready. In a connected world where access to information is fluid and Empower customers by providing them with all of the tools needed to transparency is the expectation, brands must actively take part in the make an informed purchase decision. conversation, otherwise their customers will do so without them. WWW.PSFK.COM 4
  5. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g mAjOR TREndS 1. World As retAil experienCe 2. pre-vieW shopping 3. tAblet enAbled serviCe 4. selling the ideAl 5. every store As FlAgship 6. ComplementAry CurAtion 7. revolving deCors 8. tAking the store to the Customer 9. instAnt shoW & tell 10. group Clout WWW.PSFK.COM 5
  6. WORLd AS RETAIL ExPERIEncE Buy anything, anytime, anywhere photos by Catalina Kulczar-Marin ©2010
  7. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g WORLd AS RETAIL ExPERIEncE summAry Mobile payment systems and product identification technologies are enabling users to interact with and purchase virtually any product they come across in the world, regardless of whether or not it is found in a traditional retail environment. the ability of an individual to buy almost anything they see, shortens the path to purchase immediAte produCt reseArCh, sAmpling App trAnsForms iphone into Credit store-Free shopping viA text by transforming any encounter into an And buying CArd mAChine opportunity to make a sale. impliCAtions • Now that the potential for a sale exists anywhere, retailers and brands will need to be smarter about crafting products and services that can serve as standalone experiences • as more shoppers can access background information on their mobile devices. Brands will have to take the lead in how they tell the story about their product entire World As displAy in-App purChAsing For Augmented mobile Coupons oFFer opportunity For and service reAlity Content retAilers to reWArd shoppers • retailers will need to find ways to lower the barriers to completing transactions, ensuring the process is easy and secure “Everywhere will be a store, everything will be available • retailers can augment their in-store to buy and everyone will be involved in the sale. With the experience by allowing shoppers to access tailored content on their mobile technology available to us, I can snap a picture on my devices such as product information and camera phone of a friend’s shoes and get them shipped for limited-time promotions when visiting arrival when I wake up the next day.” physical locations – piers Fawkes, president, pSFK WWW.PSFK.COM 7
  8. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g ImmEdIATE PROdUcT RESEARch, SAmPLInG And BUyInG WORLd AS RETAIL Mobile applications like Stripey Lines, ShopSavvy and amazon use barcode- scanning or image recognition to enable users to quickly access information to research products, check pricing and availability and make purchases. ExPERIEncE through these applications users are able to do things like scan the barcode of a music album, access it through itunes and listen to a sample instantly. WWW.StrIPEylInES.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 8
  9. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g APP TRAnSFORmS iPhOnE And iPAd InTO cREdIT cARd mAchInE WORLd AS RETAIL Square is a new mobile payment system for the iphone and ipad that enables people to check out from anywhere. a small, plastic card reader fits into the headphone jack, transferring the credit card’s swipe data to the app or details ExPERIEncE can be entered manually without the need to swipe. after an employee enters the amount to charge, the customer confirms by simply entering their signature with their finger and then the receipt is sent to the customer’s email address. WWW.SquarEuP.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 9
  10. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g STORE-FREE ShOPPInG VIA TExT Subports is a retail shopping platform through which customers use text WORLd AS RETAIL messages to purchase items. Merchants tag their products and distribute a designated short code, such that users who have their payment information tied to a Subports account can text the code in to instantly purchase ExPERIEncE merchandise. WWW.SuBPOrtS.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 10
  11. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g EnTIRE WORLd AS dISPLAy Innovation group Frog Design has envisioned a concept scenario called WORLd AS RETAIL thingBook, in which a future where every object is connected to the internet plays a critical role in how we might eventually shop for products. With every visible thing connected as a data point, users will be able to instantly ExPERIEncE research information about items such as clothes they see others wearing in the streets using image recognition systems on their mobile devices and pay for them through mobile systems. this access will enable people to shop and buy from anywhere. WWW.FrOgdESIgn.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 11
  12. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g In-APP PURchASInG FOR AUGmEnTEd REALITy cOnTEnT WORLd AS RETAIL augmented reality technology enables digital information to appear on top of the physical world when viewed through the camera of a mobile device, creating a hybrid browsing experience anywhere. Layar is one such mobile ExPERIEncE app that recently added the ability to purchase exclusive information and content directly within the app. Content partners can now provide special paid content and information-rich layers that help users better navigate new locations, potentially opening the door for a future where users can preview and buy any product they see. WWW.layar.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 12
  13. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g mOBILE cOUPOnS OFFER OPPORTUnITy FOR RETAILERS TO REWARd ShOPPERS WORLd AS RETAIL Deal sites such as Coupon Sherpa and Cellfire already enable consumers to search for discounts from brands and access them on their mobile phones to be presented at checkout. In addition, as location-based social networks ExPERIEncE like Foursquare and Gowalla become more prominent, retailers will have the ability to target shoppers with promotions as they check in to store locations, providing limited time incentives to make purchases during their visits. WWW.COuPOnShErPa.COM WWW.CEllFIrE.COM WWW.FOurSquarE.COM WWW.gOWalla.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 13
  14. PRE-VIEW ShOPPInG Visualize your trip before you go photos by Catalina Kulczar-Marin ©2010
  15. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g PRE-VIEW ShOPPInG summAry Smarter mobile devices and improved GpS technologies are providing shoppers with details about the retail environment, often before they ever visit the store. this information can take the form of interior views or turn-by-turn directions to help customers better navigate the aisles and locate products easier. In addition insider ACCess App oFFers turn-by-turn direCtions groCery AppliCAtion mAkes shopping to providing increased convenience and indoors more eFFiCient efficiency, this technology also allows for real-time information about foot-traffic at retail locations and stands to affect consumer habits such as what time of day they visit a store. impliCAtions • provide customers with real-time information about in-store wait times • present customers with information that enables a better shopping experience, opening the door for repeat business visit the store beFore your trip giFt reCommendAtions guided WebCAms shoW WhiCh loCAtions by loCAtion Are CroWded • Consider the possibility of linking information such as stock with recommendations and discounts • provide customers with relevant “Some people want to do research from their home and information that they can react to others want to do research in the retail environment. including inventory, wait times, shopping lists, in-store maps, and reviews Brands need to be prepared to accommodate both, especially as different products categories require different approaches.” – Laura Cashill, Senior Manager, Guest Insights, target WWW.PSFK.COM 15
  16. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g InSIdER AccESS By overlaying event and venue-specific map data onto Google Maps PRE-VIEW technology, developers are able to build mobile applications with maps of indoor space. Services like point Inside are able to take these foundations and provide merchants with the ability to communicate with shoppers as they ShOPPInG move physically along an indoor map. WWW.POIntInSIdE.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 16
  17. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g APP OFFERS TURn-By-TURn dIREcTIOnS IndOORS PRE-VIEW Fast Mall is a mobile app that provides turn-by-turn directions inside locations such as shopping malls without the need for GpS. Users can sync the app with their social media profiles, add reviews of stores and restaurants, create ShOPPInG shopping lists, set reminders for where they parked and shake their phone for the location of the nearest bathrooms. WWW.FaStMall.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 17
  18. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g GROcERy APPLIcATIOn mAKES ShOPPInG mORE EFFIcIEnT PRE-VIEW Grocery IQ is an iphone application that gives users a simple method for tracking and organizing the groceries they buy. Upon first use, items from a shoppers’s list are automatically sorted to match the rows of the store they ShOPPInG shop. over time the application learns the user’s purchase habits and default items to arrange shopping lists even more efficiently. WWW.grOCEryIq.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 18
  19. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g VISIT ThE STORE BEFORE yOUR TRIP Google has launched an initiative that provides shoppers with an inside view PRE-VIEW of a location’s setting, facilities, ambiance, merchandise, layout, and decor when searching for the right business. Google photographers organize visits with retail business owners, building an interactive tool for customers at the ShOPPInG location’s Google places page. WWW.gOOglE.COM/PlaCES WWW.PSFK.COM 19
  20. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g GIFT REcOmmEndATIOnS GUIdEd By LOcATIOn NearbyNow provides gift recommendations for multiple stores within a PRE-VIEW mall. the application aggregates top gift guides into one location, allowing shoppers to narrow down gifts by descriptions of the recipient and pointing shoppers to nearby retailers that may carry them. ShOPPInG WWW.nEarBynOW.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 20
  21. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g WEBcAmS ShOW WhIch LOcATIOnS ARE cROWdEd PRE-VIEW In an effort to lessen waiting times and prevent overcrowding at Singapore’s health clinics, the country’s Ministry of Health has developed Queue Watch, an online service that provides a real-time ShOPPInG picture of what’s happening at each location. an interactive map reveals not just the number of patients waiting for registration and consultation, but live webcam images show the waiting areas for registration, consultation and pharmacy payment. WWW.hE.ECItIzEn.gOV.Sg WWW.PSFK.COM 21
  22. TABLET EnABLEd SERVIcE Smart devices enable superior customer service photos by Catalina Kulczar-Marin ©2010
  23. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g TABLET EnABLEd SERVIcE summAry the introduction of internet-enabled mobile devices like the iphone and the ipad into store environments is allowing retailers to deliver a higher level of service to their customers. the in-store experience can now provide real-time access to information on the web alongside one-on-one assistance from sales staff to create a personalized shopping experience that helps ensure repeat business. hotels equip Front desk stAFF ipod touCh provides personAlized interACtive nightliFe spACe ConneCts With ipAds shopping experienCe pAtrons And stAFF impliCAtions • Leverage technology within the retail environment to provide customized experiences for shoppers based on their particular needs • By using handheld devices, sales staff are freed from desk positions to interact with customers and help with transactions • provide staff with the tools to easily access information within stores, instilling greater confidence in their ability to provide superior customer service Floor stAFF equipped With hAndheld JApAnese hotels lends pre-loAded CAr deAler to use ipAds on the deviCes iphones to guests shoWroom Floor • offer customers an experience that feels both personal and exclusive by giving staff an easy way to access a their previous shopping data - purchases, “retailers need to empower their staff by providing them preferences etc with real-time information and putting it at their fingertips. • Consider being more transparent by In the right hands, tablets have the power to make a retail letting customers watch transactions on visit a highly personal experience for the shopper.” screen such as inventory searches and checkout. this brings customers into the – piers Fawkes, president, pSFK process and encourages patience and participation WWW.PSFK.COM 23
  24. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g hOTELS EqUIP FROnT dESK STAFF WITh IPAdS In an effort to offer better service to its guests, Intercontinental Hotels & TABLET resorts have announced plans to equip its concierge teams with ipads, enabling them to provide local recommendations, interactive content and EnABLEd SERVIcE turn-by-turn directions and complete transactions such as tour bookings and restaurant reservations all from one handheld device. WWW.IntErCOntInEntal.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 24
  25. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g IPOd TOUch PROVIdES PERSOnALIzEd ShOPPInG ExPERIEncE TABLET When shoppers visit appliance manufacturer Miele’s latest store in Vianen in the Netherlands they are asked to register basic information and in return are EnABLEd SERVIcE given an ipod touch that leads them on a tailored guide for the store. the device also reacts with the information displays and store elements to create an interactive browsing tour. dE lIMIEt 2, 4131 nr VIanEn, nEthErlandS WWW.MIElE.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 25
  26. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g InTERAcTIVE nIGhTLIFE SPAcE cOnnEcTS PATROnS And STAFF TABLET Upon entering the MiBar Martini bar in South africa, patrons log in to a special network that is accessed through touchscreen interfaces throughout EnABLEd SERVIcE the interior, allowing them to interact with other patrons and bar staff. Customers use these Mitables to access the menu and order specialty drinks. 160 Jan SMutS aVE rOSEnBanK, JOhannESBurg, SOuth aFrICa WWW.PSFK.COM 26
  27. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g FLOOR STAFF EqUIPPEd WITh hAndhELd dEVIcES TABLET Home Depot has announced a plan to distribute 10,000 portable devices to its store associates during 2010. the handhelds will assist staff with stocking EnABLEd SERVIcE shelves, locating inventory, communicating both in-store and with other locations and checking out customers throughout the store. In testing the devices, Home Depot found that its stores ran more efficiently and provided a better overall level of service. WWW.hOMEdEPOt.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 27
  28. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g jAPAnESE hOTELS LEndS PRE-LOAdEd IPhOnES TO GUESTS TABLET During the flower viewing season in Kyoto, the Hyatt regency Hotel handed out iphones to its guest to help them better navigate the city and take in EnABLEd SERVIcE the sights. the phones came with pre-installed apps, focusing on the special events taking place, including an events calendar, cultural background, tourist information and GpS navigation to get around. 644-2 SanJuSangEndO-MaWarI, hIgaShIyaMa-Ku KyOtO, JaPan 605-0941 WWW.PSFK.COM 28
  29. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g cAR dEALER TO USE IPAdS On ThE ShOWROOm FLOOR TABLET In an effort to provide better customer service on the showroom floor, Mercedes-Benz Financial will distribute ipads to 40 selected dealers EnABLEd SERVIcE throughout the United States to test the handheld device as a business tool. the company points to the numerous benefits - the tablets will provide salespeople with instant access to marketing programs for specific vehicle models, quicker turn around time on the credit application process, and increased speed and efficiency on the return of lease vehicles. WWW.MBuSa.COM/MErCEdES WWW.PSFK.COM 29
  30. SELLING THE IDEAL Personal service for all photos by Catalina Kulczar-Marin ©2010
  31. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g SELLInG ThE IdEAL summAry Consumers search for products and experiences with an ideal image in their head of how these things should fit within their lives. Businesses are exploring ways to better translate this picture into reality through innovative uses of communication platforms. these are tools that allow consumers to have expectations met earlier in the process, to trAvel Agents bid on Consumers’ use A personAlized shopper Without hAir sAlon oFFers skype ConsultAtions avoid wasting time further down the line. dreAm vACAtions hAving to visit A store impliCAtions • By creating tailored end-to-end experiences from customer service through purchase and beyond, retailers are opening the door for repeat business • enabling the customer to lead the conversation, ensures that they feel more comfortable during the entire purchase path • the retailer can make a personalized restAurAnt CreAtes Customer-FoCused Web-enAbled heAlthCAre provides For offering before, during and after purchase experienCe With teChnology riCher in-oFFiCe visits • the shopper can preview options before setting foot in the store • By providing premium service tailored “In some ways, digital technology allows shoppers to collaborate to individual needs, the customer is with the retailer. Shoppers can show the retailer what they’re empowered to make more informed looking for and enter into a dynamic discussion about finding a decisions about their purchases product or service that fits their needs.” – piers Fawkes, president, pSFK WWW.PSFK.COM 31
  32. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g TRAVEL AGEnTS BId On cOnSUmERS’ dREAm VAcATIOnS SELLInG offerMeatrip is an online site that allows customers to imagine their ideal vacations by describing their desires in terms of location, activities, length of stay and price. a network of approved travel agents can react by offering ThE IdEAL customized trip itineraries around the customer’s parameters. dEV.OFFErMEatrIP.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 32
  33. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g USE A PERSOnALIzEd ShOPPER WIThOUT hAVInG TO VISIT A STORE SELLInG Understanding that not everyone enjoys the experience of shopping for clothing, the founders of trunk Club created a shopping service targeted at men, enabling them to try on clothing from the convenience of their own ThE IdEAL homes. each individual is assigned a style expert who mails them apparel and accessories based on their personal profile and an initial webcam consultation. Customers can then choose to buy or send back any of the selections WWW.trunKCluB.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 33
  34. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g hAIR SALOn OFFERS SKyPE cOnSULTATIOnS realizing that their clients might appreciate speaking with a stylist prior to SELLInG heading to their hairdressers, plan B Salon in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has launched a new service offering 15-minute video consultations. Before their salon visit, customers make a Skype web-video call with the stylist and can ThE IdEAL get an idea of what their options are or how receptive the stylist is to their requests. 99 MOunt auBurn StrEEt, CaMBrIdgE, Ma 02138, uSa WWW.PlanBSalOn.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 34
  35. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g RESTAURAnT cREATES cUSTOmER-FOcUSEd ExPERIEncE WITh TEchnOLOGy SELLInG 4Food is a new organic fast food restaurant which will feature a 240 square foot monitor to stream foursquare check-ins, customer tweets and info from the restaurant. at the store, the staff will take orders on ipads. Diners are ThE IdEAL encouraged to pre-order their food online before visiting, using a number of customization options to design the perfect meal. Customers can even name their personalized creations and market them, receiving $.25 in store credit for every sale. E. 40th StrEEt nEW yOrK, ny 10016, uSa WWW.4FOOd.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 35
  36. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g WEB-EnABLEd hEALThcARE PROVIdES FOR RIchER In-OFFIcE VISITS SELLInG Hello Health is a network of physicians focused on bringing a deep level of transparency, communication, and accessibility to those seeking professional medical help. the service is built on a social network-like platform that allows ThE IdEAL physicians and patients to continually share information relevant to their care prior to and outside of office visits. WWWW.hEllOhEalth.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 36
  37. EVERy STORE AS FLAGShIP ultimate experience at every touchpoint photos by Catalina Kulczar-Marin ©2010
  38. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g EVERy STORE AS FLAGShIP summAry retailers are rethinking the ways that they utilize a store’s real estate, moving away from the idea of simply making a sale and focusing instead on the cultivation of an immersive brand experience. as a result, every branch is being re-imagined as a flagship store, incorporating elements of storytelling and entertainment alongside hands-on product retAil spACe re-imAgined As FAmily bike shop enCourAges A Community supermArket design enCourAges demos and interactive displays. these details entertAinment hub oF riders interACtion And disCovery bring a level of discovery and education to the shopping experience, making every visit feel more like an event than a transaction. impliCAtions • Give customers a reason to visit the store for reasons other than making a purchase • treat customer visits as an opportunity to tell the story of the brand from the moment they walk through the front door • enable shoppers to discover new products Furniture shoWroom promotes retAil ChAin CreAtes immersive shopping librAry re-imAgines displAys For better that they had not previously considered FAmiliArity And surprise experienCe broWsing • Create an environment in which customers are encouraged to try products • treat the physical retail space as an “We have ‘way finding’ signs in our stores that are simple, subtle educational environment, enhancing the signs within our retail environment that serve to tell the story pre and post-purchase experience of our commitment to sustainability and act as a connection to the community. they reiterate values that we share with our consumers.” – tim pfeiffer, Senior Vice president, Store Design, Starbucks WWW.PSFK.COM 38
  39. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g RETAIL SPAcE RE-ImAGInEd AS FAmILy EnTERTAInmEnT hUB EVERy STORE Disney is embarking on a new plan to re-imagine its retail spaces as entertainment hubs that promote interactive play as opposed to environments that merely exhibit merchandise. the goal is to get children AS FLAGShIP excited about going to their stores by providing branded activities and content that encourage families to remain inside the stores longer or visit more often, with the potential to lead to increased sales down the road. WWW.PSFK.COM 39
  40. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g BIKE ShOP EncOURAGES A cOmmUnITy OF RIdERS EVERy STORE Lance armstrong’s austin based bike shop is designed to be a hub for the cycling life, serving the diverse community at every level of interest from casual riding to fitness and training. Beyond selling and servicing bikes, AS FLAGShIP Mellow Jonnny’s features a coffee shop, as well as showers and bike storage to encourage daily commuting, furthering their mission to get more bicycles on the streets. 400 nuECES St., auStIn, tExaS 78701, uSa WWW. MEllOWJOhnnyS.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 40
  41. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g SUPERmARKET dESIGn EncOURAGES InTERAcTIOn And dIScOVERy EVERy STORE traditionally, supermarkets have organized their products by category, but in an effort to add discovery to the shopping experience, New england chain Stew Leonard’s has chosen to organize their stores by occasion, (an AS FLAGShIP example being a barbeque or birthday party). By doing so, they are curating experiences and upselling new products that customers might not consider. the store also provides entertainment and refreshments along the way; animatronic farm animals kids can play with, flat screens showing live feeds of their own dairy cows, and generous sampling stations. WWW.StEWlEOnardS.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 41
  42. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g FURnITURE ShOWROOm PROmOTES FAmILIARITy And SURPRISE EVERy STORE Specifically designed to house the furniture makers Home Collection, the VitraHaus is the latest showroom at the Vitra Campus in Weil am rhein, Germany. the unusual, stacked building is intended to recreate familiar AS FLAGShIP living settings, while at the same time leaving open the potential for spatial surprises that suggest a labyrinth as shoppers wind their way through the connected showrooms. CharlES EaMES-Str. 2, d-79576 WEIlaM rhEIn, gErMany WWW.VItra.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 42
  43. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g STORES SERVE AS ExTEnSIOn OF BRAnd apple has crafted their retail environments to deliver a holistic brand EVERy STORE experience. Cleanly designed interiors focus on developing a deeper connection with customers through hands-on experiences and one- to-one interactions with knowledgeable staff members. to foster and AS FLAGShIP encourage a sense of community, the stores also feature a theater zone to host presentations and workshops that highlight innovation and provide inspiration. WWW.aPPlE.COM/rEtaIl WWW.PSFK.COM 43
  44. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g LIBRARy RE-ImAGInES dISPLAyS FOR BETTER BROWSInG EVERy STORE the main library in almere, the Netherlands, offers a unique experience for visitors by taking its inspiration from bookshops. the library is designed to function as a both an information destination and community hub. the AS FLAGShIP space is organized into zones and uses an open shelving system to display books cover first, promoting easier browsing. Different seating and lighting combinations are integrated into the design to catering to customers intent on spending longer amounts of time with study or research. 101 CIty hall SquarE 1315, xC alMErE, nEthErlandS WWW.PSFK.COM 44
  45. cOmPLEmEnTARy cURATIOn If you like that, try this photos by Catalina Kulczar-Marin ©2010
  46. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g cOmPLEmEnTARy cURATIOn summAry retailers are augmenting their core offerings by bringing other relevant brands and services into their stores. these strategic alignments provide customers with one-stop convenience and curated recommendations, adding value to the shopping experience and enhancing the store’s brand loyalty. Cross-merChAndising inside mensWeAr hotel highlights loCAl FlAvor And CurAtion From print to retAil spACes impliCAtions shop And beyond style through CollAborAtion • When considering a new product line or offering, consider whether you can provide a best-in-class experience. If not, consider partnership • Feature likeminded brands alongside your own to create a more holistic and accurate perception about your brand • Consider introducing complementary services to enhance your customer’s experience and providing additional reasons for them to interact with hotel sells Art Alongside trAvel big box retAiler to oFFer lAundry groCery store pArtners With reAl the brand neCessities serviCe estAte AgenCy “Mixing your products with likeminded brands is a no-brainer. the values of each brand rub off on one another and you are helping the customer make a choice through recommendation.” – piers Fawkes, president, pSFK WWW.PSFK.COM 46
  47. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g cROSS-mERchAndISInG InSIdE mEnSWEAR ShOP And BEyOnd cOmPLEmEnTARy after testing the idea of showcasing a special selection of likeminded brands at its Liquor Store concept retail space in 2008, US fashion retailer J.Crew has extended its curated experience across other stores. Complementary lifestyle cURATIOn products and fashion brands are merchandised beside J.Crew products to provide the shopper greater choice and deeper storytelling. 235 WESt BrOadWay, nEW yOrK, ny 10013 WWW.JCrEW.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 47
  48. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g hOTEL hIGhLIGhTS LOcAL FLAVOR And STyLE ThROUGh cOLLABORATIOn cOmPLEmEnTARy the ace Hotels have become known for their inventive and seamless collaborations with artists, designers and companies specifically chosen to highlight the local flavor at each of their four locations. From one-of-a-kind cURATIOn murals in each of their guest rooms made by local artists to partnerships with merchants such as Stumptown Coffee, Havaianas, opening Ceremony and Converse to develop and sell considered products. each hotel offers a stylized but effortless design scheme that comes together to create a memorable experience. WWW.aCEhOtEl.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 48
  49. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g cURATIOn FROm PRInT TO RETAIL SPAcES With four stores around the globe, Monocle Magazine’s shops reflects the cOmPLEmEnTARy same careful editing found in the printed edition. Driven by international affairs, business, culture and design, Monocle shops offer their customers a curated mix of products, ranging from collaborations with likeminded brands cURATIOn such as Malmsten, BlackBerry, Comme des Garçons, Hackett, oliver Spencer and porter to Monocle’s own creations that sit alongside issues of the magazine. In the words of the magazine, the stores are intended to be “the ideal space for gift shopping or a bit of personal indulgence.” WWW.MOnOClE.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 49
  50. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g hOTEL SELLS ART ALOnGSIdE TRAVEL nEcESSITIES cOmPLEmEnTARy the Standard Hotel in New York City recently opened the doors of its specially curated retail space called the Shop. the store sells an edited selection of items that includes things ranging from everyday necessities and cURATIOn Standard branded items to small gifts and accessories from NYC and around the world. It also features a rotating selection of limited edition works by the Standard’s favorite artists. 848 WaShIngtOn St., nEW yOrK, ny 10014, uSa WWW.StandardhOtElS.COM/nEW-yOrK-CIty WWW.PSFK.COM 50
  51. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g BIG BOx RETAILER TO OFFER LAUndRy SERVIcE Kmart has announced a test program they will be rolling out at one of their cOmPLEmEnTARy locations in Iowa City this June. Shoppers will now be able to do their laundry at an in-store laundromat named K-Wash. While they wait for their laundry to finish, customers can shop online. purchase orders are compiled and made cURATIOn available for pickup an hour after they are placed. there will also be a full- service Kmart register inside, along with drop-off service and free WiFi. WWW.KMart.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 51
  52. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g GROcERy STORE PARTnERS WITh REAL ESTATE AGEncy cOmPLEmEnTARy Stop & Shop plans to incorporate real estate agency re/MaX’s retail spaces into a number of their existing supermarkets. the store-within-a-store will feature a consistent look and feel, cutting down on re/MaX’s build-out cURATIOn costs for franchisees, while offering one-stop-shop advantages for Shop & Stop customers. WWW.rEMax-nEWEngland.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 52
  53. REVOLVInG dEcORS Ever changing scenery to keep stores fresh photos by Catalina Kulczar-Marin ©2010
  54. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g REVOLVInG dEcORS summAry In order to keep stores feeling fresh and relevant, retailers are building their environments with change in mind. Displays and decoration are designed to be moveable and flexible enough to be swapped out so that the retail experience can be easily adapted and updated to keep up with prevailing trends and attitudes. interior on Wheels trAnsForming benChes rotAting pop-up shop next to impliCAtions FlAgship store • treat store fronts and interiors like stage sets, providing the opportunity to continually reinvent the shopping experience • Use store displays as a means of highlighting collaborations that enhance brand perception and allow brands to share a point of view • Consider implementing a flexible interior to allow for the introduction of entertainment experiences into the retail environment retAil Annex ChAnges oFFerings to online And oFFline shop CurAtes promote CollAborAtions rotAting displAy WAlls • retailers that don’t have a flexible retail space can consider an adjunct space in which their customers can test, trial, and be entertained “In my mind, the ideal store would be designed like a stage set. It could change on a frequent basis.” – alex Calderwood, aCe Hotel WWW.PSFK.COM 54
  55. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g InTERIOR On WhEELS the MS Café at the Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz, poland, uses mobile wooden pods to create flexibility within its retail space, while respecting the historic REVOLVInG dEcORS nature of the building. the wheeled boxes present a unique space within the museum that creates new opportunities for social gathering after exhibitions. WIéCKOWSKIEgO 36 90-734 Łódz, POland WWW.PSFK.COM 55
  56. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g TRAnSFORmInG BEnchES Nike’s perma pop-up London retail space 1948 features 12 modular, wheeled units that resemble tiered stadium bleachers. these versatile benches can REVOLVInG dEcORS be used for seating during events or arranged to create multi-level table-top displays for merchandise, enabling the store to easily update its look and feel based on current events such as the World Cup or the olympics. BatEMan’S rOW haCKnEy, lOndOn EC2a 3hh, unItEd KIngdOM WWW.PSFK.COM 56
  57. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g ROTATInG POP-UP ShOP nExT TO FLAGShIP STORE REVOLVInG dEcORS Gap has installed a permanent, rotating pop-up shop next to its flagship retail store in New York to promote collaborations with designers and brands based on seasonal and cultural events. recent concepts have included a Crunch Fitness Lab to encourage healthier lifestyles, while the current campaign features eight ball gowns that were created by up and coming designers and worn by celebrities at a Metroplitan Museum of art gala. 680 FIFth aVEnuE, nEW yOrK, ny 10019, uSa WWW.PSFK.COM 57
  58. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g RETAIL AnnEx chAnGES OFFERInGS TO PROmOTE cOLLABORATIOnS REVOLVInG dEcORS Designer Jeff Staple runs two stores next door to each other in New York’s Lower east Side. reed Space, his main store, contains a mix of fashion and lifestyle products such as magazines and t-shirts. a smaller unit next door on orchard Street changes its offering frequently with collaborations between Staple and other brands, art shows and new brand launches. 151 OrChard St., nEW yOrK, ny 10002 WWW.thErEEdSPaCE.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 58
  59. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g OnLInE And OFFLInE ShOP cURATES ROTATInG dISPLAy WALLS REVOLVInG dEcORS Supermarket Sarah is both a physical store and online shop run out of creator Sarah Bagner’s home that markets its collection of vintage clothing and objects in visually impressive ways. Bagner curates a rotating display of goods that serves as the landing page for her site and also functions as an interactive web catalog. Her displays have become so popular that Supermarket Sarah has been tapped to design walls for retailers and galleries such as Selfridges, Cube and YCN. WWW.SuPErMarKEtSarah.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 59
  60. TAKInG ThE STORE TO ThE cUSTOmER Coming to a location near you photos by Catalina Kulczar-Marin ©2010
  61. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g TAKInG ThE STORE TO ThE cUSTOmER summAry In an effort to better connect with consumers outside of the traditional retail environment, many retailers are traveling to their customers. Whether hitting the streets or visiting people’s homes, brands are creating unique experiences by delivering products and services directly to their audience often in unexpected locations. burger truCk Whets publiC’s Appetite truCk outFitted With home AppliAnCes burger truCk Whets publiC’s Appetite CoFFee shop on tWo-Wheels For neW restAurAnt ChAin tours Countries For neW restAurAnt ChAin Using social networking and offering location relevant services allows brands to create a deeper, more intimate bond with their customers. impliCAtions • Consider what areas of the local community could benefit from a mobile service offering • provide customers with a feeling of excitement and exclusivity by notifying them about new retail locations on a hAir sAlon brings serviCe to the home double-deCker bus oFFers elevAted brAnd oFFers privAte CoCktAil consistent basis dining experienCe pArties in homes • Deliver unique experiences based on a particular location or event • Gain deeper insights and make more “as opposed to a general merchandise environment, a relevant recommendations by engaging temporary retail store can provide a great canvas for a your customers on their turf retailer to express a strong point of view about a specific • Utilize a mobile retail presence as an product or service segment.” extension of your physical space to offer a curated, relevant selection of products – Laura Cashill, Senior Manager, Guest Insights, target and services WWW.PSFK.COM 61
  62. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g BURGER TRUcK WhETS PUBLIc’S APPETITE FOR nEW RESTAURAnT chAIn TAKInG ThE STORE TO the BLt restaurant Group has launched the Go Burger truck on the streets of Manhattan as a means of promoting the food at its soon to open chain of restaurants by the same name. the truck operates around the city seven days ThE cUSTOmER a week, tweeting its location to customers who are fans of haute burgers, hot dogs, fries and shakes. WWW.gOBurgEr.COM WWW.tWIttEr.COM/gOBurgEr WWW.PSFK.COM 62
  63. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g TRUcK OUTFITTEd WITh hOmE APPLIAncES TOURS cOUnTRy TAKInG ThE STORE TO Home appliance brand Haier showcases their range of products inside a traveling van decorated like the inside of a living room, offering guided tours to visitors and showing how a range of products might fit and function within ThE cUSTOmER their homes. WWW.haIEr.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 63
  64. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g cOFFEE ShOP On TWO-WhEELS Kickstand is a mobile pop-up coffee shop in Brooklyn that travels throughout TAKInG ThE STORE TO the borough to parks and community events via bicycle. the bike not only serves as a means of transportation, but also helps to provide a portion of the power used to brew the coffee. ThE cUSTOmER WWW.KICKStandBrOOKlyn.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 64
  65. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g hAIR SALOn BRInGS SERVIcE TO ThE hOmE Hair room Service is a US business created by Michael Dueñas that TAKInG ThE STORE TO brings the salon experience directly to the client, offering in-room appointments in hotel rooms, homes or offices. as an added bonus, stylists are able to provide care tips and advice for the new cuts using ThE cUSTOmER items found within the home. WWW.haIrrOOMSErVICE.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 65
  66. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g dOUBLE-dEcKER BUS OFFERS ELEVATEd dInInG ExPERIEncE TAKInG ThE STORE TO World Fare is billed as the world’s first BUStaurant, a converted double- decker bus that serves cross-cultural food and drinks to the residents of Los angeles. the lower level features a full-fledged kitchen and window ThE cUSTOmER for ordering, while the upstairs offers open-air seating with views of the surroundings that change depending on where the bus opens up shop for the day. WWW.WOrldFarE.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 66
  67. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g LIqUOR BRAnd OFFERS PRIVATE cOcKTAIL PARTIES In hOmES TAKInG ThE STORE TO In an effort to build its presence, gin brand tanqueray is running a special promotion in Spain called the private Cocktail experience. on a microsite, visitors can sign up to host parties in their homes with the help of brand ThE cUSTOmER ambassadors and expert bartenders who will mix specialty cocktails and share information about the liquor. WWW.tanquEray.ES/PrIVatECOCKtaIl WWW.PSFK.COM 67
  68. InSTAnT ShOW And TELL Friendly advice exchanged in real time photos by Catalina Kulczar-Marin ©2010
  69. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g InSTAnT ShOW And TELL summAry Mobile social networks and connected in- store technologies are enabling shoppers to receive real-time feedback from friends and likeminded strangers. the availability of instant opinions and advice from peers is transforming even a solitary shopping trip into a more social experience and helping customers make more informed decisions about what they choose to buy. store CAmerA ConneCts to FACebook Website shoWs only Clothing your Ask Community For outFit AdviCe Friends like impliCAtions • Consider adding wireless internet access to the retail environment, enabling customers to share information with the network of peers that is validating their purchase • Include social networking into your retail site, allowing potential and existing customers to share things with others • provide the tools for consumers to capture and share pictures and experiences in the retail environment CreAting videos to shAre WhAt you buy App AlloWs reAl-time groups to online serviCes For shAring purChAses Form AnyWhere Among netWorks • allow customers to take photos in store “If shopping 1.0 online was about price comparison across hard goods as seen on sites like MySimon and nexttag, and shopping 2.0 was about best of breed customer experiences as seen on sites like zappos and itunes, then surely shopping 3.0 online is about the truly empowered consumer.” – Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Ceo of polyvore WWW.PSFK.COM 69
  70. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g STORE cAmERA cOnnEcTS TO FAcEBOOK Diesel has installed a kiosk in some of their retail locations in Spain. each kiosk InSTAnT ShOW comes equipped with a Diesel Cam that allows shoppers to take pictures as they try on outfits. they can then post them online and ask their network of Facebook friends for their opinions on what styles look best. And TELL WWW.dIESEl.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 70
  71. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g WEBSITE ShOWS OnLy cLOThInG yOUR FRIEndS LIKE InSTAnT ShOW Levis has integrated Facebook functionality into their website, allowing users to “like” specific products and share their shopping decisions within their social network. the site can also be customized to show only those And TELL selections that have been “liked” by your peer group. WWW.StOrE.lEVI.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 71
  72. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g ASK cOmmUnITy FOR OUTFIT AdVIcE GotryIton is an online community that allows users to upload digital photos InSTAnT ShOW of themselves wearing outfits they are considering purchasing. Users have the option to share the images with the entire community, or just their friends. once an image is shared, community members can vote on the outfit by And TELL saying “wear it” or “change it.” WWW.gOtryItOn.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 72
  73. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g cREATInG VIdEOS TO ShARE WhAT yOU BUy Haul videos typically feature young women sitting before a camera, itemizing InSTAnT ShOW their recent clothing and accessory purchases. they also share their opinions and tips on their video blogs, creating an active community of likeminded users where the most watched videos typically generate over 500,000 views And TELL on Youtube. WWW.PSFK.COM 73
  74. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g APP ALLOWS REAL-TImE GROUPS TO FORm AnyWhERE InSTAnT ShOW apple is rumored to be working on a concept called iGroups, an application that would allow for the real-time formation of “groups” within one’s social networks using a shared location such as a store, concert or restaurant as the And TELL basis for privately sharing information. the application could help shoppers quickly discover nearby friends or contacts and solicit their advice on potential purchases or recommendations. WWW.aPPlE.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 74
  75. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g OnLInE SERVIcES FOR ShARInG PURchASES AmOnG nETWORKS InSTAnT ShOW Services like Blippy, Shop and Swipely link with shoppers credit cards to enable them to easily share their recent purchases within their social networks, either automatically or through an opt-in service. as these services And TELL develop, they function as group recommendation engines for particular products. Brands might eventually be able to access this data and offer special promotions to particular users and their friends. WWW.BlIPPy.COM BEta.SWIPEly.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 75
  76. GROUP cLOUT Flexing the power of community photos by Catalina Kulczar-Marin ©2010
  77. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g GROUP cLOUT summAry Customers are using online networks to collaborate on communal purchases that help increase their individual buying power. By connecting with likeminded shoppers en masse, shoppers can take advantage of discounts and wield influence over the product and service offerings made by sellers. at the same time, retailers are welcoming dAily deAls oFFered For group buy-in online group pAyment plAtForm ColleCtively buying solAr poWer the access to a larger audience and the prospect of promoting greater sales and mind share. impliCAtions • Leverage mobile social networks reward and promote additional purchases among consumers who are already visiting your location • as groups band together to make discounted purchases, retailers need to be prepared to ensure that this initial shopping experience is a positive one, both increasing sales in the short-term groups deCide WhiCh Furniture Consumer netWork reWArds ethiCAl businesses leverAge mobile soCiAl and promoting long-term growth is produCed businesses netWorks • Speak with communities to better understand their needs and receive their input on new products. this early “We’re finding that people are tweeting, updating their Facebook involvement can help form instant status and emailing to tell their friends about amazing deals available audiences when a product reaches the marketplace through our service. these individuals are community organizing in real-time and taking part in group purchasing activities in an • encourage customers to interact with unprecedented fashion.” your brand through the offer of group – rob Solomon, president, Groupon discounts and community forums WWW.PSFK.COM 77
  78. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g dAILy dEALS OFFEREd FOR GROUP BUy-In Groupon offers a daily deal in various cities throughout the US and Canada. the deal becomes valid only if a specified number of people commit to the GROUP cLOUT purchase. Groups benefit from discounted prices and businesses receive a guaranteed number of customers. WWW.grOuPOn.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 78
  79. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g OnLInE GROUP PAymEnT PLATFORm Wepay is a payment system that enables groups of users to set up shared financial accounts with varying levels of access, giving them a way to manage GROUP cLOUT group payments and finances. the group accounts are FDIC-insured and can make payments via a Wepay VISa prepaid card, paper checks and electronic transfers WWW.WEPay.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 79
  80. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g cOLLEcTIVELy BUyInG SOLAR POWER San Francisco-based company, 1BoG, offers a service through which communities can gather to pool their collective buying power. the focus of GROUP cLOUT the community is to generate enough buying power to purchase solar energy generators, an item that is too expensive to purchase as an individual. WWW.1BOg.Org WWW.PSFK.COM 80
  81. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g GROUPS dEcIdE WhIch FURnITURE IS PROdUcEd GROUP cLOUT connects customers directly to designers and asks them to vote on which pieces are produced and added to the site’s retail store. after an order is place, customers can keep track of the entire manufacturing process up until it is delivered to their door. WWW.MadE.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 81
  82. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g cOnSUmER nETWORK REWARdS EThIcAL BUSInESSES GROUP cLOUT Carrotmob is a network of consumers that rewards businesses that make socially responsible decisions. rather than boycott goods and services to promote change, members are able to focus their collective buying power and use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior amongst businesses. WWW.CarrOtMOB.Org WWW.PSFK.COM 82
  83. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g BUSInESSES LEVERAGE mOBILE SOcIAL nETWORKS GROUP cLOUT Businesses are beginning to take advantage of the tools provided by mobile social networks like Foursquare and Gowalla, offering deals and promotions to customers that check-in to their shops. one potential outcome of this might be special discounts for large groups of people that all visit the same location simultaneously. WWW.FOurSquarE.COM/BuSInESSES WWW.gOWalla.COM WWW.PSFK.COM 83
  84. PSFK presents FUTURE OF RETAIL Co n s u lti n g cREdITS ABOUT PSFK ThE FUTURE OF RETAIL PROjEcT TEAm pSFK is the go-to source for ideas and inspiration for creative professionals leAd ConsultAnt around the world. We are a New York City based trends research and Francisco Hui innovation company that publishes a daily news site, provides trends research and innovation consultancy, manages a network of freelance experts and hosts idea-generating events. We aim to inspire our readers, our clients and our guests to make things better—whether that’s better products, better proJeCt direCtor & business development retail, better lives or a better world. Jeff Weiner WWW.PSFK.COM 646.520.4665 PSFK cOnSULTInG reseArCh & AnAlysis piers Fawkes Leveraging a global network of scouts & experts, pSFK provides trends Scott Lachut research and innovation consultancy to leading international corporations. Kyle Studstill Since 2005, pSFK has worked with segment leading companies across Brian W. Jones automotive, Food & Beverage, FMCG, Media, retail and technology. Clients Jeff Squires turn to pSFK for its global reach, access to local intelligence and our ability antonio Varas to find lateral inspiration that informs marketing innovation and product development. photogrAphy Catalina Kulczar-Marin CONTACT Jeff Weiner Director, Business Development +1 646.520.4665 Creative Commons 2010 466 Broome St. 2nd Floor attribution Non-Commercial New York, NY 10013 USA No Derivative Works 3.0 International May 2010 v.1 WWW.PSFK.COM 84
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For a copy of the report: In 2010, leading trends and innovation company PSFK has published its forecast of the retail business in PSFK’s Future of Retail Report. After a detailed study that included interviews with executives at companies like Ace Hotel, Starbucks and Target, &lt;a>PSFK’s Consulting team&lt;/a> identified 10 major trends of which anyone involved in retail, product development and marketing should be aware.


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