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Seafood in Houston Texas- PPT

Paella Chef is the Spanish food catering company of Houston TX, Prepared best seafood according to your choice. We are using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. We are Creating event for client's and serve Individual also. We come to your location -- be it home or business. we are specialist of verities of paella like paella Valenciana, paella Marinera, paella Vegetarian, & paella Negra as well as many varieties of Tapas and Salad’s. Book your event at

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Seafood in Houston Texas- PPT

  1. 1. aella hef aterer f _ Free PowerPoint Templates, Diagrams and Charts
  2. 2. About Paella Chef  Paella Chef is a Houston Met ropolitan Area catering servi ce that specializes in various variations of Paella, the natio nal dish of Spain.  Jose Cavaliere, caterer of Ho uston TX has the 25 year exp erience in preparation of Sea Food.
  3. 3. SeaFood Menu of Paella Chef
  4. 4. Salad’s Prepared By Paella Chef
  5. 5. Tapas Varieties By Paella Chef
  6. 6. Assortment of Mostly Spanish Cheeses with Dried Fruits
  7. 7. Menu By Paella Chef
  8. 8. ARGE VENTS, EDDINGS OR AIRS  We have extensive experien ce catering events of all siz es.  We will prepare our Paellas and Tapas fresh on location and your guests will be am azed and impressed.
  9. 9.  we are equally comfort able with any event fro m a Paella Party of 6 to a major corporate even t with 400 guests  We also have tents, tab les, chairs  and everything else tha t you might need for your event
  10. 10. Jose Cavaliere Paella Chef 2010 North Loop West Suite 110 Houston, TX 77018 832 206-6302