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Content Marketing Binge Writing Technique


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Take a break from the content marketing hamster wheel with this "binge writing" technique.

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Content Marketing Binge Writing Technique

  1. 1. BINGE WRITING TECHNIQUE for taking a break from the content marketing hamster wheel
  2. 2. BEFORE YOU BEGIN: PLAN YOUR OUTCOME Some ideas for what to write: ‣ A month’s worth of blog posts ‣ A group of landing pages ‣ An autoresponder sequence
  3. 3. ASK YOURSELF: What writing project would help my business the most right now?
  4. 4. DAY 1: READY, SET, OUTLINE ‣ Grab provisions and reference materials ‣ Eliminate all interruptions ‣ Move a little, then plant yourself in your chair ‣ Create an outline for each piece you’re going to write
  5. 5. PRO TIP: Mindmapping software, sticky notes or index cards will help you create outlines quickly. Get to it. You can do it.
  6. 6. DAY 2: WRITE ‣ Take each outline and fill in the missing pieces ‣ Make sure any marketing materials end with a clear call to action ‣ Add headlines and subheads
  7. 7. REMEMBER: Do not edit. Do not polish. Just write. Don’t stop until you’re done.
  8. 8. DAY 3: EDIT ‣ Go back and look at your writing with fresh eyes ‣ Check spelling and grammar, remove extra words, polish your sentences ‣ Keep a consistent structure across all pieces
  9. 9. KEEP IN MIND: Your writing voice should sound the same throughout. Does it? If not, make adjustments.
  10. 10. DAY 4: DESIGN YOUR WORK ‣ Create your work in its final form: sales page; emails; blog posts, etc. ‣ Add images, and format for readability ‣ Schedule your work to go out into the world
  11. 11. THE FINISHING TOUCH: Double check your work. Take one last look. Then …
  12. 12. … take a break. Unless you’re really smart. Really smart content creators use this time to promote their content. Some ideas are …
  13. 13. ‣ Create complementary materials on other platforms (like this SlideShare) and add them to your blog posts ‣ Create a social media ad campaign for your autoresponder series ‣ Email influencers and ask them to link to your content
  14. 14. Ready to try binge writing?
  15. 15. Click to learn more at