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Welcome Days 2016 (english version)


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Welcome Days 2016 (english version)

  1. 1. IT at UNIGE Patrick Roth
  2. 2. 1. What are the important tools? 2. How to register for my courses and exams? 3. How to manage my password ISIs? 4. What is the « multiservice card »? 5. How can I connect to the Wi-Fi? 6. How can I access the Intranet remotely? 7. How can I obtain softwares free of charge? 8. How can I obtain IT support? Key info for a good start
  3. 3. Your questions 3
  4. 4. 1. Important tools • UNIGE Portal • Webmail • Chamilo and Moodle • Mediaserver (courses and conferences)
  5. 5. Address: Useful for managing: • your multiservice card • your password • your lectures and exams • your printer credits Portal UNIGE
  6. 6. Address: Important to receive information: • Administrative (courses, exams, etc.) • Academic (Chamilo, Moodle, etc.) Official channel of the University to communicate with you Webmail
  7. 7. CHAMILO & MOODLE Address: and Useful for: • accessing your learning materials • submitting your works • conducting online activities (groups, quiz, etc.) Academic platforms
  8. 8. Address: Useful for accessing: • Recorded lectures • Multimedia educational content Mediaserver (courses & conferences)
  9. 9. • Check with your faculty and student secretariat • Check the page «Enseignements» (or étudiants ) of your faculty • Use the web portal 2. How to register to my courses & exams 9 Beware: In most faculties, registering to courses does not imply you are registered for the exam. The two registrations are independant. Every faculty is different: Check with your faculty what you need to do to register for your exams.
  10. 10. 3. ISIs password • You need it to access… – Most of the digital services, software and applications of UNIGE: • The portal • The webmail • Chamilo, Moodle, Mediaserver • Wi-Fi • Etc… • What if I lose it? – You can re-initiate if from the portal 10 Caut: To be able to re-initiate your password, your personal data (private email and mobile phone) need to be up-to-date.
  11. 11. You need it to … • print, copy, scan documents • borrow books at the library • prove your student status (sports, cafeteria, etc.) What if I lose my card? • Block it (via the portal) • Ask for a new card (helpdesk) 4. Multiservice card
  12. 12. • Inside the various buildings of UNIGE: – Tutorial to help you set-up your Wi-Fi • (in French) • Outside of the buildings of UNIGE: – Where ? In other Swiss universities, in public hotspots, (train station, airport): • 12 5. Wi-Fi
  13. 13. • To access: – The e-magazines – Information restricted to UNIGE Community • Download and install the VPN: – 13 6. Remote access to the INTRANET
  14. 14. • As a student of UNIGE, you can obtain softwares free of charge – The MS Office suite for example – Institutional softwares • Check what is available: – 14 7. Free software
  15. 15. 8. IT Support Appointed and trained students are available to help you, in the computer rooms and libraries To locate them:
  16. 16. Wi-Fi VPN Printing Summary: How to install the basics
  17. 17. All the digital services available for students • Charter on the use of digital resources • Tips and tricks for students • Your blog Ciel • For more information