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ProfitWell Report - Support Benchmarks


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HelpScout CEO Nick Francis asked us how customer support affects retention and willingness to pay. We collected data from over half a million consumers to determine benchmarks for subscription companies.

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ProfitWell Report - Support Benchmarks

  1. 1. Brought to you by ProfitWell Report - Support Benchmarks
  2. 2. SUPPORT IMPACT ON WILLINGNESS TO PAY Good Support Drives Higher Willingness to Pay Data suggests that support isn’t as much of a value detractor as it is a value driver, meaning bad support doesn’t take away from willingness to pay as much as good support drives higher WTP WTPRELATIVETOCURRENTPRICE Q3 = 75TH PERCENTILE Q3 = 50TH PERCENTILE (MEDIAN) Q4 = 25TH PERCENTILE SOURCE: 2018 SUPPORT WTP STUDY Brought to you by N 579k PERCEPTION OF PRODUCT’S SUPPORT N = 579.2k consumers
  3. 3. SUPPORT IMPACT ON RETENTION Net Retention Relative to Support Perception Those companies with positive support perceptions have anywhere from 15-30% higher net retention on an absolute basis than companies with negative support perceptions. NETRETENTION 50% 68% 85% 103% 120% Q1 2016 Q2 2016 Q3 2016 Q4 2016 Q1 2017 Q2 2017 Q3 2017 Q4 2017 Negative Perception (-1, -3) Neutral Perception Positive Perception (1, 3) QUARTER MEASUREMENT WAS RECORDED N 33.1k N = 33.1k consumers of subscription products Brought to you bySOURCE: 2018 SUPPORT RETENTION STUDY
  4. 4. -50% -40% -30% -20% -10% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% -0.5 -0.4 -0.3 -0.2 -0.1 0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 Revenue Drivers VALUE OF SUPPORT OVER TIME Value Matrix for Premium Support Over Time Over time, great support is going from being a premium add-on that people are willing to pay to a value driver where folks may still be willing to pay, but more and more consumers are just expecting N 207k N = 207.3k consumers of software Brought to you by MORE IMPORTANTLEAST IMPORTANT HIGH WTP LOW WTP DEVIATIONFROMMEDIANWTP RELATIVE FEATURE PREFERENCE Support, 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 SOURCE: 2018 SUPPORT WTP AND RETENTION STUDY