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ATA MC&E 2015 Brian McLaughlin, PeopleNet


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Future truck telematics

Published in: Technology
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ATA MC&E 2015 Brian McLaughlin, PeopleNet

  1. 1. Brian McLaughlin DRAFT 3 President – PeopleNet
  2. 2. Agenda   •  Current  state  of  telema.cs   •  Future  trends     •  What  does  this  mean  to  you?  
  3. 3. Current  State  Of  Telema/cs
  4. 4. Fleet  Telema-cs;  Adop-on  On  The  Rise   6.7   2017   43.6%   33.5%   26.0%   0.0   0.5   1.0   1.5   2.0   2.5   3.0   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015   2016   2017   Conserva4ve  Scenario   Likely   Op4mis4c   Medium  and  Heavy-­‐Duty  Commercial  Vehicle  Telema-cs:  Subscriber  Penetra-on  Forecasts  (North  America),  2010-­‐2017   (millions  of  vehicles)   Source:  Frost  &  Sullivan   !  Increasing  complex  regula4ons  with  higher  cost  of  non-­‐compliance   !  Higher  levels  of  ROI  (e.g.,  fuel  costs,  driver  produc4vity,  customer  service)   11.5%  16.3%  21.5%   2010  –  2017  CAGR   Proj.  Penetra-on  Rates  
  5. 5. eLD  Mandate  Will  Reshape  Market   5.9   2010   Fleet  Size  /  Distance   0-­‐4   5-­‐20   21-­‐50   51-­‐100   101-­‐499   500-­‐999   1,000+   Total   Long  Haul   (500+  miles)   100,000   220,000   290,000   290,000   320,000   300,000   1,115,000   2,635,000   Regional   (100-­‐500  miles)   130,000   330,000   180,000   140,000   200,000   125,000   550,000   1,655,000   Short  Haul   (<100  miles)   310,000   550,000   255,000   145,000   125,000   75,000   185,000   1,645,000   Total   540,000   1,100,000   725,000   575,000   645,000   500,000   1,850,000   5,935,000   <2%   15-­‐20%   >40%   TelemaMcs  PenetraMon   Levels   Vehicles  in  Service  by  Fleet  Size  and  Distance  Traveled   Sources:  Industry  Research,  Proprietary  Knowledge,  and  Management  Es.mates       15.4%  Adop4on   Point Solutions -  Simple solutions -  Standalone Enterprise Solutions -  Advanced applications -  Integrated
  6. 6. eLD  Mandate  Eminent?  
  7. 7. Telema-cs  Models  Con-nuing  To  Evolve   HYBRID  MODELS   Fleet Managd • Aftermarket •  High reliability •  Corporately owned •  Personally enabled COPE • Truck OEM offered and supported Embedded •  Bring your own •  Outsource support, network, device mgt. to carrier BYOD
  8. 8. Gateways,  Applica-ons  And  Data  Driving   Telema-cs  ROI   Dispatching / Messaging GPS/Location/Navigation Remote Diagnostics Electronic Logs/DVIR Video Hotspot/Web  Browsing V2V/V2I Driver Personal Enablement Electronic  Scale/Bypass/Tolling/ Payments 10-­‐15%   increase  in   produc-vity   10-­‐15%   over-me  reduc-on   20-­‐25%   reduc-on  in  fuel   expenses   5-­‐10%   reduc-on  in  total   miles   20-­‐30  min   driver   savings   15-­‐20%   increase  in  vehicle   u-liza-on   20-­‐30%   reduc-on  in  vehicle   idle  -me   Source:  Frost  &  Sullivan   Fuel Tax Driver Performance Monitoring ETA  enhanced  with  Traffic/Weather
  9. 9. Future  State  Of  Telema/cs
  10. 10. Technology  Is  Changing  Rapidly!!   [Ten  years  ago],  Facebook  didn't  exist;  TwiUer  was  a  sound;  the  cloud  was   in  the  sky;  4G  was  a  parking  place;  LinkedIn  was  a  prison;  applica.ons  were   what  you  sent  to  college;  and  Skype,  for  most  people,  was  a  typo.     -­‐Thomas  Friedman        
  11. 11. Key  Drivers  Changing  The  Telema-cs  Game   •  Connected  Vehicles;  Smart  Trucks     •  Connected  Drivers;  Aps/Mobility   •  Big  Data;  Business  Intelligence   •  Video  Convergence     Factors  such  as  data  privacy,  security,  and  ownership  must  all  be  factored  in  to  key  decisions    
  12. 12. Data  And  Connec-vity  Are  Exploding   13 By  2016,  global  IP     traffic  will  reach  an     annual  run  rate  of     1.3  Zetabytes   per  year.  
  13. 13. Connec-vity  Enabling  IoTT  
  14. 14. Connec-ng  Drivers  To  Many  Things   !  Driver  Health  Device  Integra-on   •  Fitbit/Health  Device  Integra4on   •  Gamifica4on  4ed  to  Driver  Scorecard  /  Incen4ve  Programs   •  Proac4ve  Health  No4fica4ons   !  Facial  Recogni-on   •  Driver  drowsiness  detec4on   •  Cell  phone  detec4on   !  Biometrics   •  Integrated  vehicle  sensors,  upload  to  “Virtual  Doctor”     •  Integra4on  with  Onboard  Medical  devices          
  15. 15. Mobility   Today   Smart  Devices   in  NA    198.5M   5.25M   Smartphones   in  Truckers   hands  today   99%  of   Smartphone   carrying   truckers  use   mobile  apps     #1  app   category   amongst   truckers:   Social  Media     #1  app  used   by  truckers:   Facebook   #1  Industry   based  app   used  by   truckers:   This  trend  will   con4nue!   Mobility  Becoming  The  Norm  In  Trucking   Source:  CTIA  and  CLS  
  16. 16. !  Self  Dispatch   !  Route  management:  Traffic,  weather,  showers,  parking,   favorite  truck  stops  that  are  in  fueling  network  and  out   !  Driver  seglement  automa4on/TruckPay   !  Scanning   !  Virtual  CB   !  XM  Radio   !  In  Cab  Infotainment  –  HBO  Go,  Nejlix,  etc.   !  In  Cab  Training   !  Driver  ra4ngs:  Shipper,  Dispatcher,  Driver  Manager,  etc.   !  Affinity:  NASCAR,  Fishing,  etc.       Mobility  Enables  Connected  Drivers  
  17. 17. Telema-cs  and  Video;  Now  Converging   Safety Liability Surveillance
  18. 18. Business  Intelligence  Evolu-on   Standard   Reports Ad  Hoc   Reports Query  /   Drilldown Alerts Data  Mining Forecasting Predictive   Analytics Optimization Answers:  how  to  do   things  better,  what's  the   best  decision? Statistical   Analysis Advanced  AnalyticsBusiness  Intelligence Answers:  what   happened  &  when. Answers:  How  many,   how  often,  where? Answers:  where  is  the   issue,  &  what  are  the   details? Answers:  what  action   are  needed  now? Answers:  why  is  this   happening,  what   opportunities  missed? Answers:  what   relationships  should  I   care  about? Answers:  What  are  the   trends,  how  much  is   needed  &  when? Answers:  what  will   happen  next,  and  how   will  it  affect  the  biz? BI  Mission   Historical  Trends  &  Pagerns   Alerts  &  Responses   Enhanced  Efficiency   Compe44ve  Advantage     Analy-cs  Mission   Dis4ll  Complexity   Forecasts  &  Predic4ons   Op4mized  Decision  Making   Compe44ve  Transforma4on     Competencies   Precision  Analy4cs  Business  Intelligence  
  19. 19. Ecosystems  Are  Evolving  to  Leverage  Big  Data   Asset  Management   Fleets   Telema-cs  Vendors   Fault  Codes  ECM,  OER   Dealer  Network   OEM  Ecosystem   Analy-cs   Service  Leads   Prescrip4ve  Data   Dealer  Referrals   Service  Warnings   Pareto   Decision  Trees   OEM  Engineering   Design  Updates   No4fica4ons   Loca4on   Driving  History   BI  /  Alerts   Third-­‐Party   Ecosystem   Truck  Stops   Analy-cs  /     Engineering   Maintenance   Socware   TMS   PM  Data   Service  History   PM  Data   Service  History   Service  Leads   Prescrip4ve  Data  Usage  &   Voca4onal  Data   Lifecycle  Mgmt   Prescrip4ve  Data   Service  Alerts   Prescrip4ve  Data  
  20. 20. Factors  and  Trends  To  Embrace   " Get  an  ROI  game  plan;  ask  for  help   " Pick  your  mobility  model   " Start  with  core  set  of  aps;  build  upon  (ROI  focus)   " Select  open  systems   " Don’t  buy  bleeding,  buy  leading   " Demand  self-­‐service  Business  Intelligence  tools    
  21. 21. Thank  You!