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Types of leaders

Thought Leader, Courageous Leader, Inspiring Leader, Servant Leader

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Types of leaders

  1. 1. Types of Leaders Paul B. Thornton
  2. 2. Thought Leader Courageous Leader Inspiring Leader Servant Leader
  3. 3. All leaders have a common goal.
  4. 4. Thought Leader Influence and Inspire us with their ideas!
  5. 5. Courageous Leader Influence and inspire us by their action!
  6. 6. Inspiring Leader Influence and inspire us by their passion!
  7. 7. Servant Leader Influence and inspire us by their help!
  8. 8. What leadership approach do you use?
  9. 9. Ideas Action Passion Help
  10. 10. Personal Development Plan •Identify one leadership approach that you want to improve.  Write down one action you will take to improve.
  11. 11. Paul B. Thornton Author and Speaker