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PK unicorn slayer audio script


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PK unicorn slayer audio script

  1. 1. EXT. MAGICAL LAND. DAY. NARRAIOR (V/ O) Spring. The most beautiful time of a year. Every disheveled witch and tiny fairy are delighted by a morning sun. Today is a very special day. Like every year dwellers of the Magical Land gather together on meadows to spread seeds of Conciliation Flowers and help the flowery garden expand. It makes joy and serenity to stay on the land and prevents mischief among creatures . Peaceful, Cl-IEERFUL MELODY. Birds are SINGING and in the background the LADGHTER can be heard. Someone mounts the brocnn and soars high in the sky with characteristic SWISH sound. Alongside her a bird flaps its wings NARRATOR (V/0) (CONT. ) There she is. Our young, energetic gal MIXKY. She has been given indeed an important task. MIXXY has to deliver a sack with the flowery seeds on meadows . MIXXY Watch out, POITY, I will show you the trick I've been practicing for 5 weeks! POTOO Baa? (Don't tell me you want to fool around while carrying an important delivery! ) MIXXY Fool Around? Me? P0'1'l'Y, nothing will happen, I premise. MIXXY speeds up with LOUD SHISH and spins around on her broom. MIXXY Wheeeee Whooooooah! ! ! Suddenly, key of migrating birds fly right into her with BANG, birds SQUAWK and SCREECH while HIXXY and POIO0 SCREAM. The bag falls down. MIXXY Oh no! The seeds! POTOO Baa BAAAAEE (What did I tell you? You should be more responsible! ) MIXXY Don't shout at me, we nmst collect these seeds! They fly towards the tree. The wind BLOWS hastily.
  2. 2. NERRAIOR (V/0) It appears that the seeds of a Conciliation Flower have been badly damaged. Nothing can save them. FADE OUT: FADE IN: EXT. MAGICAL LAND. LATE AFTERNOON. MIXXY sits under a tree and SOBS. Wind BLCWS gently in the background. Suddenly multiple HOOF BEATS can be heard louder and louder. After a moment they can also hear NEIGHINS of horses. POTOO SQUEAKS. MIXXY stands up quickly. MIXXY What's going on, POTTY? I can sense the bad aura coming from the East. NARRAIOR (V/ O) It appears that the failure in the delivery of seeds caused the mischief to grow in hearts of residents in the Magical Land. One of the first creatures affected are the unicorns. Tall UNICORN appears in front of the witch, BLOWING out of its nostrills and SWINGING with his hoof on the ground. UNICORN You! !! MIXXY AND POTOO Me? Baa? UNICORN (CCNT. ) You are one of the witches. Awareness came to our minds making it clear that for this whole time we served you and the fairies. We have been your slaves. The UNICORN NEIGHTS angrily. POTOO SQUAWKS. MIXXY I have no idea what are you talking about! I never ever forced any creature to serve me! POTOO BAAA? ! (seriously? !) One of the unicorns WHISPERS to the lead UNICORN. UNICORN Oh, I see it's you who helped us restore our blinded minds. Therefore we will leave you for now. But don't expect me to be so gentle next time we meet. MIXXY
  3. 3. Wait, what are you going to do now? Where are you going? What did I do? ! UNICORN You know what you did. Me and my brothers are going to enslave all your friends. The justice will be served. UNICORN LAUGHS MADLY and gives a sign to others. They run. Their HOOF BEATS become quieter until completely dissapear in the background. MIXXY POTIY! We need to do something! Only we can save everyone! Their fate lies in our hands! I believe the Grand Witch has some seeds kept safe in her hideout! Quickly until is not too late! POTOO SQUEAKS. MIXXY HOPS and mounts herself on a broom and soars up the sky with SWISH making tree branches RUSTLE. POTOO flies next to her FLAPPING with his wings. NARRATOR (V/0) And so their are. Realising their mistakes the young gal and her bird began the long venture to restore the prior law and order. MIXXY SHOUTS ‘WI-IEEEE! We can do this! ‘ and POTOO SQUEAKS 'BAA' - it can be heard SUPRESSED in the background. NARRATOR (V/0) (OONT. ) Will they find the seeds? Will they realise their goals on time? Will they repel the evil wave of unicorns? We can only hope. (MUSIC and mentioning about the actors. )
  4. 4. Author: Paulina Karolina Kucharska ’ Copyright: Contact information: