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ABAP T codes


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ABAP T codes

  1. 1. SALE  Define the logical system SCC4  Assign the client to LS SM59  Maintain RFC destination details BD64  Distribution model WE21  Port number WE20  Create partner profile WE02 WE05  Check Idoc BD87  Reprocess the IDOC. BD61  Activate the change pointer technique BD50  Activate message type BD21  Generate as well as dispatch the idoc. BD56  Segment filtering BD53  Reduced Idoc WE31  Create segment WE30  Create Idoc. WE81  Create message type WE82  Link the message type to idoc WE57  Link the message type to function module & idoc BD51  Create the mode of posting WE42  Create Process code & link the process code to function module WE19  Test the custom inbound program XK01 / MK01 / FK01  Create Vendor XD01 / VD01 / FD01  Create Customer MM01  Create Material ME51N  Create Purchase order ME21N  Create Purchase order MB01  Create Material document VA01  Create Sales Order VL01  Create Delivery VF01  Create Billing FI01  Create Bank FB01  Create account KS01  Create Cost Center KE51N  Create Profit Center CS01  Create BOM MSC1N  Create Batch COR1  Create Process Order C201  Create Recipe. SE38  ABAP Editor SE11  Data Base Tables SE37  Function Module SE41  Menu Painter SE93  Transaction Code SE91  Message SE80  MPP, Package
  2. 2. SE51  Screen Painter SE71  SAP – SCRIPT SM35  Update Session Method SMARTFORMS  Smart forms SMARTSTYLES  Smart styles SDMO  All Message types, IDOCs SY-UNAME  Current user name SY-CPROG  Current program SY-LINNO  Last line number SY-LSIND  Current list index number SY-LANGU  Current language SY-SUBRC  To know the condition is true or false SY-LISEL  Select Exact line number SY-LILLI  Select exact line number SY-UCOMM  Function code of selected menu SY-MSGID  Message ID